The Lighter Side


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Just Wonderin"

1. If someone puts on a pair of shoes there's a 50/50 chance of getting them on the correct feet. So why does my preschooler put them on the wrong feet 95% of the time?

2. How come I don't feel the hundreds of red ants crawling on my feet until they are all assembled and give the "all bite" signal?

3. Did the person who invented playdough have carpet?

4. If blinking only takes a fraction of a second, how are the majority of people able to capture someone doing it at least twice
on a 24 picture roll of film?

5. Why do stores put in 25 check-out lanes, and then only open two?

6. How are children able to distinguish and disdain the taste of liver and spinach, but have no problem consuming soap, crayons, paste
and playdough?

7. If we can see the moon during the day, can the people in China see it, since it is nighttime there?

8. Why does my local library only have one copy of Raggedy Ann, which is always in use, but always has 45 copies of various Harry Potter books on the shelves?

9. Why is it so easy for me to fall asleep in front of the television with noise galore, but then be wide awake when I try to go to bed?

10. If my skin is constantly shedding, why won't my various scars and moles fall off?

11. If my windows and doors are closed, where does all the dust come from?

12. Why are men put in charge of ships in an ocean, satellites in outerspace, and tanks in the desert, but they can't seem to
find the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator?

13. Have you noticed that a good haircut grows out twice as fast as a bad one?

14. If spiderwebs are made by spiders, what makes cobwebs? -- cobs?