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The ABCs of Aging

The ABCs of aging:


A is for arthritis,


 B is for bad back,


C is for the chest pains. Corned beef? Cardiac?


D is for dental decay and decline,


E is for eyesight--can't read that top line.


F is for fissures and fluid retention.


G is for gas

(which I'd rather not mention and not to forget other

gastrointestinal glitches).


H is high blood pressure


I is for itches, and lots of incisions.


J is for joints, that now fail to flex.


L is for libido--what happened to sex? Wait! I forgot

about K!


 K is for my knees that crack all the time (But forgive me, I get a few lapses in my M-memory from time

to time).


N is for nerve (pinched) and neck (stiff) and neurosis.


O is for osteo-for all the bones that crack


P is for prescriptions, that cost a small fortune.


Q is for queasiness. Fatal or just the flu? Give me

another pill and I'll be good as new!


R is for reflux--one meal turns into two.


S is for sleepless nights, counting my fears on how to

pay my increasing medical bills!


T is for tinnitus--I hear bells in my ears and the word "terminal" also rings too near.


U is for urinary and the difficulties that flow (or not)


V is for vertigo, as life spins by


W is worry, for pains yet found


X is for X ray--and what one might find.


Y is for year (another one I'm still alive) so,


Z is for zest for surviving the symptoms my body's deployed,

and keeping twenty-six doctors gainfully employed.