The Lighter Side
How To Tell


A Letter Home From A Marine.
The Retrosexual Man Code:
From A Kentucky Woman
Finding My Sex Drive
The Side Effects of Viagra
My Mirror
Country Wisdom
My Cyber Lover
Sexy at 60
Poor Dad
A Dieter's Prayer
Stress Diet
Love, Lust, or Marriage?
Life Gets Tedious, Don't it?
The Class Reunion
Senior Lament
Waxing Poetic on Ageing
Abbot and Costello Now
The Stance
Will Rogers On Growing Older
Favorite Things
The Unwritten MAN CODE
Men You Would Meet In A Man's Restroom
If Men Had A Vagina...............
My Pills
Carlin Speaks..............
Creative Writing Class
Marriage From HIS Side Of The Bed
Grandpa Knows Best
Man O Man
Stan Says..............
Senior World
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Mom's Special Dictionary
A Bad Day???
Computerized Dr. Seuss
What Would You Do If you Had A Penis?
Thoughts On Ageing
Buttons Worn on the Blouse of a Savvy Woman
What's a BITCH?
My Men
Andy Rooney on Women Over 40
A True Friend
WHAT Kind of Sex?
T-Shirts for Fab Fifties
The First Mammogram
My Mother's Penis
The Stranger In My House
Signs That You Are Growing Old
Mom and Dad
If Men Ruled The World
Bumper Stickers JUST For Women
A Woman's Life
The Secret Of A Happy Marriage
The OTHER Differences Between Men and Women
Love Poems
You Know It's A Bad Day When......................
When I'm An Old Lady
Thirty Years
The ABCs of Aging
Southern Etiquette
How To Tell
A Prayer For Those Getting Older

If You Are A REAL Southener:
All REAL Southeners know........................
The difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit.
Pretty much how many fish make up a mess.
What general direction cattywumpus is.
That "gimme sugar" don't mean pass the sugar.
When somebody's "fixin" to do something, it won't be long.
The difference between Yankee's and damn Yankee's.
How good a cold grape Nehi and cheese crackers are at a country store.
Knows what, "Well I Suwannee !!" means.
Ain't nobody's biscuits like Grandma's biscuits !!
A good dog is worth its weight in gold.
Real gravy don't come from the store.
The War of Northern Aggression was over state rights, not slavery.
When "by and by" is.
How to handle their "pot likker".
The difference between "pert' near" and "a right far piece".
The differences between a redneck, a good ol' boy, and trailer trash.
Never to go snipe hunting twice.
At one point learned what happens when you swallow tobacco juice.
Never to assume that the other car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.
You may wear long sleeves, but you should always roll 'em up past the elbows.
You should never loan your tools, pick-up, or gun to nobody.
A belt serves a greater purpose than holding Daddy's pants up.
Rocking chairs and swings are guaranteed stress relievers.
Rocking chairs and swings with an old person in them are history lessons.