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I was standing on a corner
When I saw a man pass by
He looked so fine and handsome
In a dashing suit and tie...

Oh my!  And I sighed.....


I was walking down a busy street
When I passed a building site
So many men! So big and strong!
Building things that were just right...

Oh my!  And I sighed....


I was shopping in Home Depot
For some flowers and some seeds
When a handsome salesman asked me
Can I help you fill your needs?

Oh my!  And I sighed....


(and yes, Home Depot salesmen
really do look like this, but they
cover up with those orange aprons.)

Why is it that when men fall asleep
on the sofa and you change the channel
they suddenly wake up and scream..
"I was watching that!" when he was
actually snoring with his mouth wide open!

Why do men have to control the remote control?

When men take out the trash why do
they give the impression that they've
 just cleaned the whole house?

Isn't the part of a woman's work
that never gets done the stuff
she asked her husband to do?

Is it true that the reason men like
blonde jokes is because they
understand them?

Why is it that that sometimes the
best way to convince a man he's
wrong is to let him have his own way!

How many roads must a man go
down before he stops and asks for

        Have you noticed that whenever a
man refers to a game as silly
and childish it's because his
wife can beat him at it?

But yes indeedy, men are our
wonderful knights in shining armor!