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Why would you date a woman more than twice your age? Her sell by date is due and her biological clock is ticking away but that is not a deterrent to you. An older woman comes with a wealth of experience. She has seen it all and been through it all therefore do not wonder why men prefer women over 40.
She understands what a young man wants. His needs, desires and goals in life. She is old enough to be your mother and might even have children close to your age. She understands their frustrations in life that is why she also understands you. That is what you are looking for. A person that will understand you; your frustrations and shortcomings. A person who will take you for whom you are. She knows how to make you happy because your problems are minor compared to her experience. She knows what is troubling you by merely looking at you; as a young man you really feel this is the person who has been missing in your life.

Men prefer women over 40 not because there is a scarcity of young girls; no. Young women always look for commitment in a relationship. Their goal in a relationship with a man is long term with a vision of marriage in their mind. A young man shys away from such a commitment. Either he is not ready for a commitment or he does not want it. The young man opts for an older woman who is already settled and not looking forward anymore to commitments. She has achieved what is to be achieved in life. She only wants her sexual needs to be met which is not a tall order and the arrangement suits many men. This means that there is no risk of obligation and responsibility which men run away from.

Mid-life crisis bites hardest in this age group for women. A woman is in a dilemma and does not really know what she wants to do with her life at this juncture. It is her most vulnerable moment in life. Even a fling with a young bumpkin somewhere is just all right with her. Women over 40 actually search for the youth and the much sought after youth offer no resistance. They actually give in readily to the advances and sexual overtures from these women. They fall into this trap mainly because of money.
Men prefer women over 40 because they are financially stable and in possession of a fat wallet that easily entices men to start dating them. The allure of a good life without having to sweat it out is enough reason for many men to start dating women who are over 40.

There is nothing as good as curiosity. It can make a man even to venture into dark and deep crevices in a bid to see what they are hiding. What would it feel like to date an older woman, a woman who is over 40? It won’t hurt a fly after all, they assure themselves. A man who is constantly being frustrated by young ladies finds solace in dating an older woman. You would wonder aloud why men prefer women over 40 for dating but it is frustration that is driving them in the arms of the old ducks.

Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Men prefer women over 40 Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Men prefer women over 40

According to this author younger men are for the most part only seeking the older woman's money and the lack of committment that he thinks she offers.  I don't think that this opinion is always true.  But for a woman thinking of dating a man young enough to be her son I would suggest the old caveat "Let the buyer beware"
Christina Rhys

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