Rejoice! You're A Fab Forty Woman!

Dare To Dream
Phenomenal Woman
Ageing Gracefully
Confidence Boosters
The Woman In Me - And In You
Over Forty And Fabulous
In Praise Of Older Women
Encourage One Another
Get In Touch With Yourself
Dare To Dream
Twenty Five On The Inside
Hateful Things Women Do To Each Other
Women Over 40 Earn Second Look
A Woman Should Have
Attitude is Everything
It Takes Guts To Grow Old
Dating Again
Mid-Life Dating Blues?
Over 40 And Looking For A Relationship?
Have Fun With Dating
Be Cautious with those Younger Men
If You Find YourSelf Alone
Keeping Romance In Your Life
Hair Styles For Women over Forty
Weight Loss In Women Over 40
Skin Care Tips For Women over 40
Make-Up Tips For The Fab Fifty Woman
Bad Habits That Age You
MakeUp Can Make You Look Older
Exercise! Exercise!
Single, FemaleAnd Over 40
Tips On Remaining Youthful
Help Yourself To A Better You
Subtle ways to be sexy
Blossoming After 40
Fashion Tips After 40
Mid- Life Woman
Spunky Old Broads


Dare to dream and let that dream pull you after it. Let it rouse you out of bed in the morning, excited and ready to meet each new day. Let that dream fill you with enthusiasm and energy.
Let it inspire you to get through whatever you must, emerging stronger and even more positively committed than before.
What is the most positive, fulfilling, joyful situation you can imagine?
 Know that it is possible, and it is possible for you. Although it may seem a million miles away, it is possible. And you can begin moving steadily toward it with each step you take.

Is it selfish or irresponsible to follow your dream when there is so much trouble and turmoil in the world?
Absolutely not.
 For in the process of achieving the best you can imagine, you will be giving to life the very best you have to give.

~~Ralph Marston~~

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When I meet a woman whose life is clearly filled with the fruit of kindness, I see a beautiful person regardless of her outward appearance.  The kindness she shows to the world is really the Holy Spirit at work making the world a more beautiful place, showing forth the presence of God.
~~Harriet Crosby~~
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