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Hair Styles For Women over Forty
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Lynne Chapman


Hairstyles For Women Over Forty

Doesn’t it sometimes seem that all cute, stylish looks are made for the young?
Leafing through most hairstyle books and magazines, you will notice that almost all of the trendy styles are pictured on models who seem to be under twenty-five.
While it is true that the young are able to wear many different styles fairly easily, you, as a more mature woman, need not be limited to dated hairstyles reserved for the over-forty woman.

Hairstyles designed to flatter the more mature face can be as attractive and trendy as any style you may find in the style books.
Follow these suggestions to create a style that is not age-related.
  1. Length – With a few exceptions, shorter hair is more flattering to the woman over forty. However, be warned that it is not wise to go extremely short. While overly long hair has the appearance of drawing down already sagging skin, making the face appear older and drawn, extremely short hair can be harsh and too masculine for many mature faces. Soft, fringy lines work better for older skin than severely cropped lines.
  2. A short style doesn’t have to look old fashioned. The reason young girls can wear short hair styles and still look very fashionable is mostly because they will use up to date styling techniques and the latest in styling products.. Study the styles that attract you in magazines or hairstyle books. Incororate some of the outstanding features of the style into your look.

    • First go to a reliable hairstylist to get the cut. For today’s styles, all the hair will have to be texturized so that it does not appear heavy. Thick hair will require a lot of texturizing. The styles are full toward the top (not bouffant) and close toward the bottom.
    • Next, don’t over style it! Don’t curl every hair because the styles of today show less curl. Achieve slight fullness in the crown by using a larger curling iron and a little back-combing. The trick is to stop styling your hair before it is perfect, before every hair is in place. The look to go for is a little messy. (Not extremely messy. Leave that to the models and rock stars.)
    • Use more gel or mousse for fullness and for control instead of a lot of hairspray. As the last additive to the style, use spray wax or hair crème to scrunch into your hair, to separate the ends for a piecey , slightly wind-blown effect. If your hair is fine in texture, try using a spray shine, designed for fine hair, to scrunch into it. Find an excellent Spray Shine here.

  3. Rich, shiny color is very important to youthful looking hair. It is wise to stay with a natural looking color, two or three shades lighter than your original hair color. I think it is often a poor choice to go blonde unless you were very blonde in your youth. Choose a hair color that brings out the natural glow of your skin. A visit to a professional hair colorist is the best way to insure flattering hair color and shiny hair.

So take heart, women over forty! With a little planning and styling effort, your hairstyle can be as stylish as any young model.

Beautiful hair begins with hair in good condition. Healthy hair can make the difference between fabulous hair and an ordinary 'do'.

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