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As you get older, your looks change, so you need to rethink your make-up. Caro Verster has a few tips on how to enhance your best features.

You may have noticed the gradual changes over the years shy; a few more crow's feet (I mean laugh lines), a few more imperfections, perhaps even dark circles under the eyes. When you were in your twenties you could go out confidently with foundation, lipstick and mascara, but anyone over 35 needs to add concealer to their ‘must-get' list. And that's not all shy; in general, as you get older your skin gets drier, and dry skin is thirsty skin. If it's not moisturized enough it's going to suck up all the moisturizing ingredients in your make- up, and you'll find your make-up will last half as long as it used to. You need to give your skin a good spritz of mineral water before applying your make-up and perhaps even opt for creamier formulations. Invest in the best magnifying mirror you can get your hands on shy; precision application can make all the difference. Then line up your make-up and prepare to experiment…



Eye make-up

Common mistakes:

Black eyeliner and lashings of mascara shy; ‘50s glam is not the look for a ‘50s dame.
Dark eye shadow makes eyes look small and accentuates wrinkles.
Dark circles around the eyes are made worse by smudged eye shadow.

Top tips:

Charcoal, heather or light earth tones are best for shading the sockets and edges of the eyes. Avoid really dark shades on the eyelids.
Lining just the top lashes opens the eyes and a sweep of white eyeliner on the lower inner rim will also make eyes look more alive.
Avoid smudges under the eye by applying loose powder beneath your eyes before you blend your eye shadow. Then simply use a wide make-up brush to dust off powder particles.

To minimise droopy eyelids, dot a deep brown or grey shade on the sagging bits shy; usually in the crease or outer corner of the eyes shy; but make sure you are looking directly into a well-lit mirror when you do this.

Eye drops and an eyelash curler work wonders to open up tired-looking eyes.

For night-time eyes, intensify shadow tones by wetting the applicator shy;this will make the shadow bolder for evening impact.


Common mistake
Black, black and more black mascara!

Top tips

As you get older you may find that black mascara looks too harsh. Choose your mascara colour depending on your eye colour: deep-brown mascara for brown eyes, mauve or navy mascara for blue eyes and brown mascara for green eyes.



Common mistake
Thinking concealers are only for young bods with pimples.


Top tips

Choose a liquid concealer that is one tone lighter than your skin tone. Gently dab it on and around the eye area using your ring finger (the weakest, gentlest finger). Concealer can also be used to cover pigmentation marks.




Common mistakes
Colour-matching foundation to what you think your skin tone is -shy; your complexion changes as you get older. Incorrect consistency that is either absorbed too quickly, or doesn't feed the skin with the nutrients it needs.


Top tips

Don't just buy your regular foundation: look at your skin colour and foundation tone with fresh eyes. Ask an assistant to recommend a few shades she thinks will match your skin tone. Dab them on your jaw line, then head outside into natural light to check which one ‘disappears' against your skin. That's your correct foundation colour. Make sure you have plenty of time to choose shy; you don't want to be forced into making a rash decision. Creamy formulations are better suited to older skin. You'll find they cover well and conceal fine lines.
Look for light-diffusing ingredients -shy; special pigments that reflect light, creating an optical illusion that minimises lines and wrinkles.




Common mistake
A clownlike effect from harsh blush application and bright blush colour.

Top tips

As you get older both your blusher application technique and colour choice have to change. Opt for peach or dirty-rose tones that will suit your new look.

Swirl the blusher onto the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, then simply extend the line up along your cheekbone to the middle of your ear.

Cream blush suits dry or sun-damaged skin shy; it slides over the surface of the skin and wonąt settle into fine lines and wrinkles.





Common mistakes
Dark liner filled in with a lighter lipstick colour. Wearing frosted lipsticks from the ‘80s.

Top tips

Choose one basic lipliner that's one tone darker than your lips and use it under all your lipsticks.

Line your lips with lipliner, soften the edge with your finger and fill in with your chosen lipstick, being careful not to apply it past the lipliner edge. Lipliner not only adds definition to the mouth, but also stops lipstick from bleeding.

Your lips get thinner as you grow older and dark lipstick colours make lips look even smaller, so choose paler tones to make your lips appear fuller.

Avoid lipstick on your teeth by applying your lipstick and then sucking on your index finger shy; this will remove any excess lipstick that's too close to the teeth.

 by Caro Verster

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