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When a relationship ends, often many other things go with it – flowers, leisurely moonlight strolls, sensual candlelight bubble baths.  But what rule states that all that has to go out of your life without a relationship? Mourning the end of a relationship is enough without creating a void of romantic icons with it. As a single woman, you should not deny yourself the treasures you typically associate with being in love. Treat yourself to these simple pleasures, because you cherish yourself.

If you love flowers, buy yourself some flowers. They don't have to be expensive florist shop flowers. You can pick up a few flowers in some of your favorite colors at the grocery store. Why look wistfully at flowers and with they were sitting in a vase on your desk or on your dining room table, when you can fill that void and make it happen for yourself? In fact, you may get more flowers when you are single than in a relationship!

What about perfume? You can buy new perfume that pleases and uplifts your moods without concerning yourself with what his favorite perfume is on you. Perhaps you have been wearing a certain perfume for years because he likes it, but you are so used to it, you barely notice it anymore. Enjoy a perfume shopping spree and find something new just to your liking. The same goes with new perfumed soaps, bath oils, etc. If these things make you feel beautiful or feminine, then indulge yourself.

How about primping? You don't have to miss the excitement of getting ready for a hot date. When you get ready to go out, whether it is with your friends, or taking your self out to dinner or whatever, plan that extra time for yourself. Doesn't it make you feel good to put the extra time into your hair, nails, makeup, scented body lotion, and such? Give yourself the attention to detail that you would before a very big date. You'll feel just as great.

Don’t forget your home. If you enjoy candles, and pretty throw pillows, fine wine, and soft music, give your home those special touches that get you in touch with your romantic or sensual side. Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean that side of you has to be dormant. Romantic or sensual energy is part of your life-force. It is that part of you that make you glow, and makes you feel alive. It also increases your powers of attraction. Did you ever notice how you seem to attract more attention from others when you are in love? Part of that is due to the aura you are giving off. That part of you does not have to shut down when you are alone.

Some women allow themselves to become reclusive when they are not dating someone. They may go out with friends, but may tend to stay home when they don’t have plans. There are so many things you can do alone. Granted, a woman doesn’t feel comfortable bellying up to the bar for a drink alone, but there are a lot of functions that you can feel at ease doing all by yourself. Here are a few suggestions:

Try the local coffeehouses. Sometimes they have poetry slams or folk music. A coffeehouse is a great place to sit and take in the smells, the sights, and the sounds, and the perfect place if you’re a people-watcher.

Visit the local museum. A walk through the local art museum is a great opportunity to relax and reflect. It can stimulate your creative side, or soothe the soul. You’ll probably find you aren’t the only one perusing the museum alone, particularly in a larger city. The science museums are wonderful too, but sometimes not as quiet and soothing. You may be more likely to be trampled by the local scout troop in a science museum, but the energy of inquisitive young minds may be part of the fun of it for you also.

Bask in the sun at an outdoor café. This is another great opportunity for people watching, enjoying great food, and enjoying the weather. Some outdoor cafes have the quaintest atmosphere, and make you feel like you’ve stepped into another place or time.

Take a class. Have you always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, or how to paint, or learn a foreign language? Then take a class. Besides community colleges, a lot of community centers offer classes, and they often have daycare to make it easier for the single parent.

Whatever your interests or passions  live a life that satisfies your heart and your spirit. That is the essence of the romantic life.

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When I meet a woman whose life is clearly filled with the fruit of kindness, I see a beautiful person regardless of her outward appearance.  The kindness she shows to the world is really the Holy Spirit at work making the world a more beautiful place, showing forth the presence of God.
~~Harriet Crosby~~
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