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Subtle ways to be sexy

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Subtle ways to be sexy
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Subtle ways to be sexy every day
By Bobbie Thomas

More than anything else, sexy is a state of mind, and it starts with you! It’s a feeling that’s all about being warm, inviting and approachable, while maintaining a little bit of mystery. But most importantly, it’s about being confident and comfortable in your skin, and your clothing. So put the idea of the "bombshell" aside, ladies. There are plenty of understated ways for you to feel flirty every day.

A lady’s little luxuries
The art of appearing sexy is looking like you didn’t even try. Trust me, there is nothing worse than makeup and stilettos at the beach. It’s the everyday effortless essence of looking good that will help you to feel great, and your most intimate layers and mini makeup tricks will work wonders toward altering your attitude. Hot hosiery and sexy shapewear are items that are meant to make you feel feminine and fierce — and also excite your guy! Hints of red on your nails or lips are likely to stir up flirtatious feelings. After all, red lipstick was created to mimic the look of lips after a sexual encounter. 

And finally, perfume peaks the sense of smell and makes an invisible seductive statement that will linger in a man’s memory. These sexy suggestions aren’t obvious, but they’re sure to set you off on the right track — even before you get dressed!



Soft and sexy
Ditch the dark "don't talk to me" wear, and disarm yourself by dressing in light, delicate colors such as blush and cream. Slip on sensuous-feeling fabrics such as cashmere and silk that conjure up images of cuddling and caressing — something that says sexy in a subtle way!  Sheer peek-a-boo effects with a sleeve or thin overlay, and feminine details such as a flirty slip exposed at the hemline, hint at something to be explored later on.

Simple and sexy
The girl next door is a classic symbol of sex appeal, and this look is easy to accomplish! Think of it as the “make-under,” and sport jeans and a T-shirt as your attire of choice. You don’t have to be poured into a skintight minidress to turn heads. Just consider the way Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz dress — from a guy’s perspective, casual cute clothing equals adorable and approachable. After all, who isn’t drawn to someone who appears to be fun and easygoing!


Sassy and sexy
Channel your inner Beyonce and dare to be bold and bright! Stand out in a crowd with a pop color, and consider a saucy wrap dress, which will show off your most womanly asset — curves. The legendary Sophia Loren says, "Everything I have, I owe to spaghetti." According to a beauty book she wrote back in 1984, colorful jewelry can enhance your allure, but attitude and charm can make anybody beautiful. My two cents (hey, you try to follow advice from an international sex symbol)!: Don’t forget about a deliciously fun pair of heels! My favorites, to this day, are a pair of pink round-toe slingbacks with red suede roses on the toes. They just make me happy every time I look down. Fabulous accents like these will not only make you happy, but believe me, he will notice! 



Strong and sexy
Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie are considered two of the sexiest well-known women, and much of that can be attributed to their classic, no-nonsense wardrobes. Keep in mind, menswear-inspired pieces are empowering, and, as we know — confidence equals sexy! It can be as simple as a man’s button-down shirt wrapped and worn your way with a classic black skirt. Or, try using a tie as a belt for a tricky way to transfer the power from his upper body to your heart-stopping hips!



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