Within Us
Honesty and Integrity
The Butterfly Dance
Beginning Today
Moving The Rock
A Comfortable Silence
At The Window
The Wealthiest Man
Three Trees
Stress Therapy
Let Go
Driving Away The Shadows
I Know Who I Am
The Necklace
To Realize
Standing Still
The Balance Sheet of Life
A Life That Matters
The Good Bye Kiss
The Story of Your Life
Eternal Instants
Slow dance
The Piano Lesson
Your Fence
The Bicycle Ride
The Atheist's Holiday
How Do YOU Walk?
Exercise Your Soul
Make him take his bags
I Am Thankful
The Art of Letting Go
My Quilt
A Penny Blessing
Buzzards, Bats, and Bumblebees
Are You Empty Yet?
Living By Faith
The Living Water
Installing Love
If Only
God Said....................
God Will Provide
The Pillar of Love
Alone I Am Nothing
The Greatest Love Song
We Danced
The Thorn Bouquet
Let It Go!
Have Courage
The Sandpiper
A Survival Kit
And Think Of Me
Don't be afraid to speak out
The Guiding Light
What are you building?
An Old Shoebox
What Friends Do
Mr. Belser
Time - Your Greatest Gift
Peace Garden
Roots of Change
Morning Prayer
Don't Open Your Mouth
Blue Ribbons
My Heart
Never Give Up On Love
Shining Light
Do You?
Weather Changes
Just For Today
Somebody Said
I Hope by Paul Harvey
Push On
Refining Silver
My Cup
The Cleaning Lady
Loving God's Way
Overcoming A Broken Heart
Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans
What's Left?
The Rented Room
When I Am Lonely
Serving Where God Places Us
Running Through The Rain
Clay Balls
God Is
The Smell of Rain
The Oak Tree
Learning From Fear
The Heart of the Soul
The Emperor
Touching Billy
Dusty Shoes
Between You and God
A Brick
The Shadow of Your Cross
Angels Among Us
The Wolves Within
When Jesus Looks
The Father
The Empty Chair
God Gave.................
Christmas Roses
God Knows
A Mother's Tear
A Walk To School

When you're lost in a sea of indifference,
When you're drowning but nobody cares,
When it seems all is lost, though you've paid the high cost,
And you can't pierce the ceiling with prayers ...

When you're standing for right, but alone in your fight,
When your heart is breaking in two,
Dear friend, just recall the sparrows that fall.
He really does care for you.

Sometimes, in losing, we win more
And sometimes the battle's not o'er.
Sometimes the struggle brings forth the strength
To raise us up where eagles soar.

When we have reached the high places
And we gaze at the valley below,
The tapestry woven will look, from above,
Like it never could from here, below.

God does have a plan and a purpose
And things never happen by chance.
What you see through the lens, with study,
Is not just the same as a glance.

So, when troubles and trials beset you,
Hold on and study with care
And you'll find the trace of His finger.
You'll know He is answering prayer!

It is not just the present and past He can see
And it's not just the loss or the win.
But, He sees beyond and He sees results.
He knows how the twig turns and bends.

I like to think that each twist and turn,
In this gnarled old bark of mine,
Drove my roots deeper still, seeking guidance
Until they're forever entwined in Thine!