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Weather Changes
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The rain was pouring down.
It was cold.
It was the type of weather that most would call miserable.
Cars were passing by looking at me.  I could tell by the look on a few startled faces that they were asking themselves,
"What is that fool doing running in the rain?"
I was the object of the imagined question.
I was jogging in pouring rain in nearly freezing weather.
There were two things they didn't realize.
First, it wasn't raining when I started.
Second, I was enjoying myself.
When I started running it was cold but fairly dry. Only a light mist hung in the air.
After 30 minutes, the bottom fell out of the clouds.
The weather is often nice when we start something.
Weather changes.
When you start a business, it's nice.
You are excited.
You have money saved.
You have big dreams.
Then you don't make as much as you thought.
Your money runs out.
The customers don't line up, and the sales don't go up. You had your business plans and they didn't include rain.
Weather changes.
When you get married, it's nice.
You are excited.
You have money saved.
You have big dreams.
You have your life planned and changing diapers at 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. somehow wasn't in the plans. Having more bills than money wasn't in the plans. Sex once a week (on good weeks) wasn't on the plans. The mood swings and differences weren't on the plans. The extra weight in so many areas weren't on the plans.
Weather changes.
When you move to a new city, it's nice.
You are excited.
You have money saved.
You have your life planned and all of the negative stuff of the old town you are leaving behind. You soon are around the same type of people in the new city, on the new job, in the new church, they weren't in your plans.
Weather changes.
"What is that fool doing running in the rain?"
I was smiling.
The rain and cold air felt good.  My lungs were in shape so they weren't burning from the cold air.  The rain washed the sweat away.  It kept me refreshed.  It was like running in the shower. Plus, when the downpour started, I was two miles from home. There was nothing that I could do but keep running.
If they thought I was a fool at first, they should have seen me during the last one-half mile.
I took my shirt off.
I had no choice but to run, whether it was hot or cold, wet or dry, but the choice to smile and fully enjoy the weather,was mine.
If you've got to run, find the good in your weather and smile, even if people do think you are crazy, they don't know your situation or what you're made of inside. You may have no choice but to run in the rain; you do have a choice of the expression on your face
and how much you enjoy it.
Weather changes.