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Shining Light
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The other day a little girl near me, sang a rousing rendition of the old song, "This Little Light of Mine". She's more off-key than on-key when she sings, but in-tune or out-of-tune, there's something incredibly special about a child singing that particular tune.

It moves the air with kindness and compassion, goodness and mercy,
integrity, character and the vision of blazing a life course that
warms the lives of others. It fills the room with joy and hope and a
promise to be all you can be - all God intended you to be - all the
days of your life.

As children, countless adults sang, "This little light of mine, I'm
gonna' let it shine". How many of us kept the promise?

I see more people hiding their light than shining it, or copying
someone else's light - which is the same thing. Somewhere along the
way from childhood to adulthood, the promise faded and the flame
flickered. Being one's self - with all the unique and quirky
qualities endowed by our Creator - became less important than
conforming to an image demanded by the world. Doing the right
things, for the right reasons, in the right places, at the right
times, became less important than being a person who is well-liked,
who doesn't make waves, who doesn't rock the boat. Ownership of the
things the world has to offer became more important than offering
one's self in service to the betterment of humankind.

The pressures of the world come to bear and we take them on. Layer
by layer, we try to fit in 'here' and hope to be accepted 'there'
and try to look like 'this' person or try to be like 'that' person.
After a while, the weight of the world gets heavy.

This little light of mine and that little light of yours, never goes
out - completely. It's never to late to throw off the layers of who
you are 'not' and reclaim the promise of being the person you were
meant to be.

You don't have to be a carbon copy of someone else or a hollow copy
of yourself. God didn't rescind or tear up His plan for you. The
blueprint lines the inside of your heart and He gave you a light to
read it.

Tear the veil that separates your light from the world. Be strong.
Be truthful. Be of good faith. Take YOUR light and let it shine.