Alone I Am Nothing


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Dear God, forgive me for being critical of others
Who do things that I cannot do.
I know that they must answer to you, Dear Lord,
Let me remember it's not me but you.
Don't let me be jealous and get out of sorts,
Just help me be faithful and true.
And if there's a way you want me to witness to them,
Then lead me that thing to do.
Perhaps what they're doing doesn't bother you at all,
The problem may not be with them but with me.
I'm glad you didn't appoint me to be the world's judge,
And so thankful that your grace sets me free.
If you see me straying away from your fold,
Or getting close to or crossing the line,
Bring me up short and correct me I pray-
No excuses because the wandering is mine.
I love you, I trust you, I praise and I thank you
For temporal and eternal life,
And that you are my leader and friend,
And that you've saved me from sin and its strife.
Alone I am nothing but with you by my side
I have a glorious future secure.
You've forgiven me and cleansed me and you're leading me home
To Heaven so peaceful and pure.

Bob Hefner 7-7-03