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There are always times when waiting is necessary---
in a long grocery store line, in a restaurant, in a bank line,
in a doctor's office, even while a slow web page is loading.

Life gives us delays.

Most of those times people fuss and complain about the delay.

One of the measures of the growth of your spirit, is patience.

Learn to do this: If you can't speed it up, shut up.

Shut up, relax, read a book, whistle a tune, or softly sing to
yourself (yes, people will look at you strangely but your peace
will calm them).

My late father was a very busy and successful man.  He worked hard but understood the great value of peace and managed to find a slice of it whenever he could.

When he found an opportunity (or when the opportunity found him) to be quietly still, he took it.

In such a busy and hectic world he told me this,

"Son, with all of the things that you do, learn to grab peace
and rest whenever you can, never stand up if you can sit down and never sit down if you can lay down."

That was good advice.  I now understand he was speaking more spiritually than physically but it applies to both realms.

Do you have a song to sing or whistle, or a book to read the
next time a peaceful opportunity of delay finds you?

Wait in Peace.