Don't Open Your Mouth


Being Human
You Are More
Young Souls
What Are You Leaving Your Children?
Paint A Thought
God's Tapestry
Within Us
Moving The Rock
A Comfortable Silence
At The Window
The Wealthiest Man
Driving Away The Shadows
Standing Still
A Life That Matters
Eternal Instants
Slow dance
The Atheist's Holiday
Exercise Your Soul
The Art of Letting Go
My Quilt
Are You Empty Yet?
Living By Faith
The Pillar of Love
Alone I Am Nothing
The Thorn Bouquet
Have Courage
And Think Of Me
Don't be afraid to speak out
What are you building?
Time - Your Greatest Gift
Roots of Change
Don't Open Your Mouth
Never Give Up On Love
I Hope by Paul Harvey
Refining Silver
Loving God's Way
Overcoming A Broken Heart
When I Am Lonely
Serving Where God Places Us
Learning From Fear
Touching Billy
Between You and God
The Wolves Within
The Empty Chair
A Walk To School

1.   In the heat of anger-Proverbs 14:17
2.   When you don't have all the facts-Proverbs  
3.   When you can't verify the story.
4.   If your words will offend a weaker brother.
5.   If your words will be a poor reflection of the
      Lord or your friends or family.
6.   When you are tempted to make light of Holy
7.   When you are tempted to joke about sin.
      Proverbs 14:9
8.   If you would be ashamed of your words later.
      Proverbs 8:8
9.   If your words would convey a wrong   
      immpression.-Proverbs 17:27
10. If the issue is none of your business.
      Proverbs 14:10
11. When you are tempted to tell an outright lie.
      Proverbs 4:24
12. If your words will damage someone's
      reputation.-Proverbs 16:27
13. If your word would destroy a friendship.
      Proverbs 16:28
14. When you are feeling critical.
15. If you can't speak without yelling.
16. When it is time to listen.-Proverbs 13:1
17. If you may have to eat your words later.
      Proverbs 18:21
18. If you've already said it more than one time.
      (Then, it becomes nagging) Proverbs 19:13
19. When you are tempted to flatter a wicked 
      person.-Proverbs 24:24
20. When you are supposed to be working 
      instead.-Proverbs 14:23