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Peace Garden
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I'm planning my garden already. Most other years I just planted a few tomato plants, a pepper plant or two, and maybe zucchini.
But my garden will have a greater purpose this year.

I'm going to plant a "Peace Garden."

In my garden I will have a variety of plants, each of them offering something different. A mix of color and texture. Tall plants and short ones. Some for eating, some for decoration, but each will serve a purpose.

The taller plants will offer shade for smaller plants that cannot grow in the sun too long. The smaller plants will protect the roots of the tall ones and prevent the ground from drying out too soon.

Some will blossom into beautiful flowers before producing their fruit, making the "Peace Garden" a fragrant, glorious site to behold. Others never blossom into fragrant flowers but are useful just the way they are.

Some plants will appear to be of little use. Their value and worth is not in what it produces above the soil but in the strength of its

Some will grow quickly, while others will take time. Some will begin growing in early spring against all odds, lasting only for a month or so and yet, fulfilling its purpose.

Others will bloom later in the season, but will stay strong and hearty until the first frost of Autumn.

I see it all in my mind. It is already there before I even turn the
soil. A place of harmony and perfection. One plant supporting
 the other. Each serving a greater purpose. None of greater value than the other.

It is the way it should be in life. Perhaps the way God saw Earth
before He created it.

"This garden is a beautiful example of God's work," a passerby said to the gardener.

But he had worked long and hard creating this masterpiece in his yard. Tired of hearing such comments the gardener replied, "Yes, but you should have seen what it looked like before I took over."

The world is God's garden. We are not only His creation, we are His gardeners.

Let's choose to grow a "Peace Garden"  with the people that we know.