Paint A Thought


Inspirational Slide Presentations
The Pickle Jar
I Drink From My Saucer
The Pretty One
You Are More
Young Souls
Paint A Thought
God's Tapestry
Within Us
At The Window
The Wealthiest Man
Driving Away The Shadows
Standing Still
A Life That Matters
Eternal Instants
The Atheist's Holiday
Exercise Your Soul
The Art of Letting Go
My Quilt
Alone I Am Nothing
Time - Your Greatest Gift
I Hope by Paul Harvey
Refining Silver
Loving God's Way
Overcoming A Broken Heart
When I Am Lonely
Touching Billy
Between You and God
The Wolves Within
The Empty Chair


I want you to paint a picture with these words I to you tell. Paint it with imagination so that it holds you in its spell. Paint these words upon a canvas, the canvas of your mind. Let your thoughts wash through its colours, enjoy the warmth that you will find.

For these words are of the Autumn, of the Browns, the Reds, the Gold, observe the miracle of Nature as the season does unfold. The varied Greens of forest canopies, the trampled edge of a lake land shore. The deer as they stoop to water there, fills ones soul with silent awe.

Paint upon your canvas, that canvas of your mind with the
Orange of a sunset and accompanying hues of myriad kind. Contemplate that picture, take in the serenity, the peace and when under stress recall the scene, feel the tension ebb, then cease.

For control of your emotions is entirely within your grasp, just close your eyes and paint a thought and to your soul that thought enclasp. Let the peace that such thoughts bring you calm the psyche, soothe your mind. Let Nature and its beauty help your tortured soul unwind.





Written by David Burt