You Are More


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Even the most intense experience is only an experience you are having. It is not you, and you are not it.

You are more than your problems, more than your possessions, more than the pains and pleasures. You are more than the frustrations that sometimes feel so overwhelming.

Too often, out of fear, you cling tightly to things that don't really matter. Imagine the freedom that can come from letting go and stepping back.

What if your most agonizing worries no longer had the power to worry you? What if your most burdensome difficulties no longer had the power to trouble you?

Step back from them, and it is all possible. It's not a matter of running away, but of putting the world in perspective.

The real person you are, is not defined or limited by the passing circumstances, no matter how intense they may be. Always remember that you are more.

-- Ralph Marston