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Positive + Thinking - Controlling Your Thoughts

As we continue to analyze our lives, status and value in today's world, we also maintain a lot of negative thinking (habits). Positive+Thinking is more of a way to control our thoughts and actions than it is a habit. Positive+Thinking is about creating a life filled with happiness, fulfillment and love.

Controlling Positive+Thinking means visualizing what you want to achieve and going for it. Being courageous and accepting the changes associated with your positive attitude gives you control of your life.

Control and Commitment help to build self-esteem and promotes Positive+Thinking which in turns challenges you to do more. They also increase your energy and improvement in your performance.

Having personal qualities such as: Responsibilities, Integrity, Sociability and Personal-management lead to complete control.

Answer the following statements by circling true or false.

I believe others cause my feelings. T F

I'm always telling myself I "should" do this or that. T F

I constantly criticize myself. T F

I think I must do everything perfectly or not at all. T F

I'm always apologizing for one thing or another. T F

I feel like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders. T F

I'm really hard on myself when I make mistakes. T F

I bend over backwards to please others. T F

I "scare" myself into action by imagining horrible things that will happen if I don't do something. T F

I tend to look on the negative side of things. My glass of water is always half empty instead of half full. T F

It's hard for me to forgive and forget. If someone hurts me, T F

I tend to cling to that feeling. I often feel helpless. There are so many things in life I can't T F


Give yourself one point for each "True" answer on the test.


1 – 3:

You generally feel good about yourself. Keep up your positive way of thinking!

4 – 6:

The mental miseries may be gaining on you. Take time to renew your positive traits.

7 +:

Challenge yourself to change your way of thinking.

REMEMBER: Some people dream of worthy goals, while others stay awake and make them happen!

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