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It is a helpful tool
That is used as a dangerous weapon

It is so light
Yet we fail to hold it

Instead of using it as a magic wand
To tap a bit of encouragement upon ones heart
Or a smile upon ones face
We use it as a sword to cut people down
Leaving their hearts broken
And their self-esteem low

Instead of using it
To turn ourselves into little angels
Placing blessings upon ones life
We use it to turn ourselves
Into fire-breathing dragons
Who insists on ones life being taken

We use it to curse others
Not realizing we are really cursing ourselves
We must learn to hold this dangerous weapon
Before we kill others as well as ourselves

We must learn to watch the words
That we allow to roll off of it

We must allow it to be known
As a piece of gold from heaven
Instead of the flames from hell.

written by Christina Bronner, Age 17



There are words in life to inspire us,
Words that bring comfort and care;
Encouraging words to a friend
When they're in the depth of despair.

There are words between two lovers
Declaring their love for each other;
But sometimes we speak harsh words
Inflicting pain on another.

Words that are chosen wisely
Which we speak in a gentle tone,
Are those that come from our heart
And with them true kindness is shown

Copyright Marian Jones 2003


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