Work On Being Attractive

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Not by applying make-up or trying to alrer the outwward.  But rather work on being attractive and bolstering your self esteem by working on the inward part of your self.
1. Listen
Attractive people show a genuine interest and they value our communications. They focus on us exclusively during our interactions.

2. Be positive
Attractive people are totally upbeat. Their conversation topics are uplifting. They don't replay problems or focus on what is wrong with their lives.

3. Practise self-care
Attractive people take excellent care of themselves, nurturing their mind, body and soul. We can't help but admire them.

4. Be intuitive
Attractive people empathise to understand how we feel. We form effortless connections with them.

5. Be appreciative
Attractive people express their gratitude. This make us feel important, valued and appreciated.

6. Be individual
Attractive people are not afraid to create and project their own individuality. We admire their style.

7. Be genuine
Attractive people are trustworthy. We entrust them with our deepest, darkest, secrets.

8. Make things happen
Attractive people are decisive and confident. For them, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities. It is good to know them in times of need.

9. Be interesting
Attractive people fill their lives with the activities and interests they love. They transform their experiences so they are stimulating and interesting.

10. Focus in the now
Attractive people are not trapped in the past or overly focused on the future. They set intentions, and go with flow. They are not perfectionist or attached to outcomes.

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