Where had it all begun?   Taking a very tremulous, deep breath to steady her nerves and perhaps slow the rapid drum of her heart against her ribcage Diane wondered for the one hundred millioneth time exactly when and where had this journey begun that had brought her quaking spirit to this lovely bed and breakfast nestled deep in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.   Raking shaking , slender fingers through her shoulder-length, glossy chestnut hair shot through with veins of silver as pure as any mother lode ever  mined in the High Sierras; Diane looked at the well-cared for furnishings of the soothing room which enveloped her.  Her astute ,warm, dark brown eyes that were accentuated by naturally arched eyebrows and long, curling lashes that were as black as coal,  scanned the contents of the room beginning with the stunning antique cherry highboy flanked by a free-standing chevel mirror in one corner to flit over the enticing oversized rocker nestled by the already crackling fireplace to finally come to rest staring at the enormous king-sized cherry four-poster bed that suddenly seemed to engulf the room.


Sliding the still-shaking tapered fingers that were tipped by neat, unpolished nails down to stroke her silky cheek which would given credence to the belief that her age was no more than forty when in reality it was fifty,  Diane stroked her other hand over her flat abdomen and stared mesmerized by the sight of that huge bed that was to soon answer all of the questions that had been so long unanswered and bedeviling her like splinters in her mind and soul.  Tiny little slivers of torment that would recede from her awareness when she made the effort to occupy her mind so thoroughly that no disquieting, pestering thoughts could break through only to immediately rush to the forefront of her restless mind in the deep, silent darkness that descends just before sleep arrives each night bringing with them all of the pain and irritation that pus-inflamed splinters can bring.


Closing her eyelids as if to shield herself against the self-doubt that she knew would inevitably come with the tormenting questions Diane wondered how in the world could she have lived for fifty years and been married twice and still found herself lying awake each night aching to have the answers to her questions    -------------     what would it feel like to be kissed as passionately and as sensuously as she had read about;   what would it feel like to have a mans head buried between her strong, firm thighs while his tongue and mouth burrowed in , around, and over her sex relishing everything she had to offer;   what would it taste like to have that man kiss her passion-reddened lips afterward with damp, slightly swollen lips of his own that were wet from her own cream;    what would it feel like to have a man slide his hard, erect penis so deep into her starving body that his balls were pressed firmly against her hot flesh after so many long, empty years of abstinence;  what would it feel like to take that engorged shaft deep into her mouth feeling the velvety head throb against the roof of her wet, questing mouth as her tongue danced its way over, down  and around his erection in its timeless waltz of seduction;  what would it feel like to once more have a man pour his thick, milky semen into her too-long ,  near virginal vagina only to have that hot, salty semen flow and ebb against those spasming walls bathing them with life once more;  what would it sound like to hear a man moan in her ear with the  pure unashamed pleasure of an intense orgasm when he emptied his liquid heat inside her;   what would it feel like after so many years of tossing and turning alone in her bed to fall asleep next to this man with her head pressed against that male chest as the ever-slowing drum of his heart lulled her exhausted body to sleep;  and what would it feel like in both her heart and her mind to know that this man was here with her not because of marriage vows or any other strings or ties,  but just simply because he wanted to be here  and nowhere else except with her and with no one else except her on this very special night.  When this night was ended and her contract fulfilled all of her heart-rending, tormenting questions would be answered.


Where had it all begun?  Smiling softly to herself Diane remembered exactly the question that she had answered on the internet message board that had brought about their first encounter.   It was a rocky first encounter as she had bristled at his question,  but as time progressed and they had moved from the occasional exchange on the message board to frequent E-mails they had begun to learn the nuances of each others writing styles although the use of smiley faces and frowns had been known to salvage several conversations.  The written conversations had varied from the religious and philosophical to the personal.  Diane had been astounded to learn that her vague, shadowy correspondent had been born and reared less than one hundred miles from where she lived.  Once a year David made a trip home to visit his siblings and as the date for that annual visit neared the idea for the Contract was born.



Standing to remove her the simple linen jacket that covered her classically elegant matching peach dress Diane glanced at the huge clock wondering if she had misunderstood the time of their meeting.  No, she had the time right; she was sure of that.  There was no way that she would have mistaken something that was as important to her as this weekend was.  The splinters of self-doubt jabbing her painfully Diane wondered if David had decided not to come after all.  Why should he?   Unlike her he already had all of the answers to those sexual questions.  In fact, his rather extensive sexual experience had prevented her from accepting the Contract the first time he had extended it.  The mans  professed knowledge and expertise in erotic matters downright intimidated her.  What in the world would such a man want with a fifty year old woman whose lack of experience and knowledge about carnal matters could only be described as comical and pathetic?  Sad and pathethic.  Shaking her silky hair back from her flushed cheeks Diane grimaced with the awareness  ---  comical, sad, and pathetic ---- that  described her fairly well.


Of course, that was the whole purpose of the Contract, wasnt it??  Once he had learned of her aching need to have those tormenting questions answered he had proposed the Contract.  The contract consisted simply of the offer of one day and one night together during which David had promised to go down on her for at least one hour in various positions bringing her to climax as many times as possible. As  an added enticement he had promised to bring her to orgasm by stimulating her special sweet spot buried in her vaginal walls with his tongue if her body was flexible enough.   Flexible enough???  Diane had done every exercise that she knew of since that inducement was thrown in to ensure her flexibility.  In fact, she would be willing to bet that her flexibility would outflex his flexibility any day of the week!   She sure intended to find out before this weekend was finished.  Having come this far she was determined to not be a passive participant,  but rather to see that the Contract was fulfilled in every conceivable way.  David might be in for a few surprises if he ever appeared at the scene of the crime!


In exchange he had asked that he be permitted to kiss her while his face and tongue were coated with her cream and that when he needed to actually bury his penis in her body it would be flesh to flesh no condoms.  He had frequently joked that he might not make it the entire hour before having to penetrate her willing body ; but he promised that having her sex covered with his own fluids would only increase his pleasure, not diminish it, when he resumed going down on her.  If anything David had teased her unashamedly by often repeating that knowing that her body was soaked with his semen would make him return to his erotic feast as quickly as the last drop had spurted from his body into hers.  Flushing with a rush of heat at the mere thought of having his eyes locked with hers when his tongue first touched her swollen clitoris and at the titillating thought of his lips coated with a mixture of their combined cream moving sensuously over hers,  Diane groaned aloud and stared fearfully at the door as if willing it to open.  Where was he?  Was he canceling the Contract?


The first time he had made the long journey home Diane had spent two of the longest, most bothersome weeks of her life.  Knowing that David was that close and that all she had to do was E-mail him and he would come to her was almost pure agony.  Ever the gentleman he never pressured or badgered her for a chance to fulfill the Contract.  Even though he was roughly one hundred miles away Diane had felt the essence of his presence hovering over and around her the entire two weeks.  An essence that almost overpowered her the evening that the sensuous thunderstorm had rolled over her home.  Knowing full well that the vibrant, angry storm had first lashed out on the town where David was staying before snarling its way to her; and that his ears had heard the same thunder and his eyes had seen the same lightning just a few minutes before hers in some odd, intangible manner seemed to entwine them together.  The bright flashes of lightning seem to draw their minds and their spirits together as surely as if they had been fine chains of the purest gold binding them one to the other.  For her everything changed during that one potent thunderstorm.  From that night onward deep in the secret hollows of her heart she knew that when she finally decided to seek the answers to her questions it would be David who would be providing the answers.


And just as surely,  her heart also knew and wept with the knowledge that this trip was not the right time.  Diane needed to grow;  needed to redefine her own self-worth;  needed to become totally secure with her own personality and sexuality before she sought that very special experience.   Accordingly, for the next agonizingly slow two weeks David continued to mail her from the local town library just as casually as if he were still two thousand miles away; and on the day that he flew home both her heart and her eyes wept with the intense need to bring him back.  But Diane was bolstered by the assurance that he would be returning the next year; and with that assurance came a vowed promise to do whatever she could to have herself ready both physically and emotionally to invoke his Contract when he returned.  Hearing the handle on the door slide slowly as the keycard was extracted Diane turned and held her breath while her heart slammed against her ribcage making enough noise that she was positive that anyone near could have heard the drumbeat.  Next year was suddenly now.


The door briskly swung open and David walked in.  Diane had never met him before ---- had never even heard his voice ------- but all of the words that he had poured onto the computer screen had made him as real to her as anyone she had ever met.  Too scared to look him directly in the eyes at first Diane started at his scuffed Hush Puppies ;  moved her hungry eyes up the long, slender legs that were strong and muscled covered by soft, slightly faded denim jeans lingering ever so slightly at the slight bulge pushing against the fly;  skittered over the hard, flat stomach kept that way by regular work-out sessions at his local gym; lingered on the masculine chest covered first by a layer of creamy white cotton and then by the oh-so-inviting tan brushed leather jacket that hugged his strong arms as securely as she wanted to; and finally locked on the most amazing, penetrating pair of eyes that she had ever seen.


 Sexy Eyes.  A slight grin danced across her full lips that had begun as dark pink and had redden more with each upward movement of her thirsting eyes as she remembered the nickname that she had first given him when he had sent her his picture.  His eyes had lept out of that picture and her first thought had been sexy eyes.  And so he had become not only in her mails but in her mind as well  ---- Sexy Eyes.  Those incredible eyes that seem to speak a language understood only by her heart held hers now with an expression that was both puzzled and a little vulnerable at the same time.  Their question although not spoken aloud nevertheless was clearer to her than anything had ever been before.  Was she going to stay and let him fulfill the Contract for them both or was she going to bolt and run?  With a sigh that betrayed all of her wistfulness and longing as it echoed around the suddenly overly warm room Diane moved toward the one man she had been waiting an entire year to see only to find herself enveloped by those strong, sinewy arms;  those sexy eyes boring into hers as his firm, thoroughly male lips met hers for the very first time.


Hers were soft, warm, and slightly timid.  His were firm, hot, and blatantly possessive.  The kiss was sensual, questing, demanding, carnal, and promising.  The kiss was completely his as was she.  She wondered if he knew; somehow she thought that he had known for a long time --- even before she had known herself.  The masculine lips lifted from her hers only to be replaced by the tip of an intensely searching tongue.  As if to imprint the shape and textures of her mouth forever on the neurons of his brain the hot, slick tip slid slowly across her top lip leaving only long enough to flick into the tiny valley between her lips and nose; glided with ever increasing pressure across her full lower lip to finally press against the groove where those already dark- red lips met until her lips parted with the promise of other lips soon to be parting under the same passionate touch of his questing tongue.  With snake-like precision the entire length of that magical tongue penetrated the dark, hot, moist cavern hidden behind those reddened lips.  Alternating thrusts with glides the slithering invader explored every recess, every crevice of that cavern stroking the insides of her cheeks, the tender roof of her mouth lingering there to apply  a firm pressure to the delicate spot directly behind her front teeth, to retreat and slide over those white teeth only to suddenly thrust deeply to entangle with her own seeking tongue.  Pressing her body backward slightly over his supporting arm while slanting his head over hers to ensure a better forage David once more indulged himself in a series of cavern explorations until Diane thought that she could stand no more.  Gasping in a deep breath just before the last exploration assaulted her mouth Diane decided to take an exploration of her own and proceeded to tangle her tongue around his gliding and tasting the delights offered by his mouth in turn until at last she reached up grabbing his rough cheek with her hand and tilting his head slightly so that she could suckle on his probing tongue in the finale to this initial first step of the Contract.  By the time their wet, swollen lips lost contact each was drawing in deep, gasping breaths;  both were trembling slightly with promise;  and Dianes body was more alive than it had ever been.  Her sex was wet, slippery, swollen, and achy;  her breasts were swollen and capped by hard, distended nipples; and her mind was as fuzzy as a childs stuffed toy.  For the first time she knew what the word kiss could really signify.  Question number one was answered.


Releasing her from his arms David chuckled softly as he walked over to peruse that huge inviting bed.  Removing first the now too confining jacket David tossed it carelessly onto the dresser.   Snaring her eyes once more he rapidly dispensed with all of the confining clothing until he got to the faded denims.  Jamming a huge pillow under his head while lying down on the soft sheets that he had miraculously exposed as the pile of clothing grew on top of the dresser David spoke to her for the first time.  For the very first time she heard that deep, whispery moan that was his voice as it caressed her with as much passion and promise as his touch had.


All right.  Were here and from all appearances you want to have the full Contract.  Is that right?


Her throat too constricted to speak Diane nodded her head much like a child being offered its first chocolate ice cream cone would while her heart seemed to stand as still as the whole world obviously had.


Chuckling softly again at her bewilderment David slowly stoked her passions by sliding his very masculine hand down and across his bare chest to finally linger in circling, sweeping motions upon his hard, flat stomach just above the still fastened snap to his jeans.  Watching her eyes widen even more than he thought possible while her cheeks flushed an entrancing shade of sunset red David finally popped the snap and pushed the zipper halfway down on the taut jeans. Staring with every fiber of her consciousness at the enlarging bulge just barely covered by the blue denim Diane watched with fascination as his dark pubic hair that was laced with its own silver peeped out of confinement first to be rapidly thrust aside by the hard pulsing flesh of his erection as it attempted to break free of the restraint.  Suddenly a male hand covered that pulsing flesh and readjusted it back down under the concealing flap of denim.  Feeling a stab of disappointment such as she had never felt before Diane protested in a soft, quivery voice,


Why did you do that?


Not yet, sweetheart.  Not yet.  There is much to be said for anticipation and as part of the Contract you are going to learn exactly how much.  Its your turn first.  I want you to remove all of your clothes very slowly while I lie here and watch.  And as you remove each individual piece keep in mind that my level of desire and my anticipation at the final naked result will be constantly growing as will this.  With the words his own hand closed around the ever-enlarging bulge, and he gently squeezed and massaged himself while those sexy eyes watched as her lips parted and the tip of her tongue glided slowly over her lower lip.


You want me to strip while you watch?


No, sweetheart, I want you to slowly remove all your clothes until you are as naked as a baby while we both watch.  Ill be watching that gorgeous body that you are going to give to me being unveiled and you are going to watch my eyes to see the depths of my appreciation and my hunger for what I am seeing.  From now on we do nothing separately.  Everything that will be done will be done together as one body --- one flesh.  Everything that is mine will be yours and everything that is yours will be mine.  Nothing can be held back.  As that resonant voice washed through her again the male hand continued to alternately caress that fascinating bulge with firm squeezes and  lingering strokes.  Feeling as if her own hand were doing the caressing instead of Davids Diane sensed her own body coming alive in a way unknown to her before.  Her cream actually dribbled out of her and soaked her cotton panties; her nipples were so erect and sensitive that the soft cloth of her bra was suddenly uncomfortable; and her clit astounded her by pulsing forcefully as if answering the pulse of his flesh.  My goodness.  If this continued she was going to come without his even touching her and before she even removed her clothes.  She had not even had a question for this, but she sure had an answer.


Kicking off her black pumps her response was to bend over slowly allowing him enough time to see the round fullness of her breasts as they were revealed by the gaping oval neck of the peach shift.  As she continued to bend at her slender waist her gaped dress came just about to eye level with his own widening sexy eyes.  Lifting her eyes in order to view his Diane purposefully rocked her shoulders until her firm, white breasts jiggled within their own confining white, lacy bra cups.  The mounds were so swollen with desire and need that the dark, rosy nipples were almost ready to pop out of the lacy cups.  Almost ---- but not quite.   Smiling slowly to herself as she heard his quick, involuntary intake of air Diane felt an intense rush of excitement at the knowledge that she could have the same effect upon him as he did upon her.  Two could play this game of seducing anticipation.  Grasping the hem of the linen shift she came suddenly upright pulling it off over her head tousling the silky chestnut strands in one continuous motion.   Diane stood before him dressed only in her white lacy bra that was dangerously close to losing its contents entirely; matching white lace trimmed panties; and pantyhose that were nude from waist to toe.


The sounds of deep, ragged indrawn breaths filling the room Diane locked her own sexy chocolate brown eyes upon the sexy eyes that were staring unblinking at her and sliding the tip of her forefinger under her left bra strap she pushed it gracefully down her left arm until it fell into her elbow.  Carefully she repeated the movements with the right bra strap until her white, smooth breasts were totally uncovered and the top half of the circular, darkened aureoles were visible to a mans appreciative gaze for the first time in seven years.  The delicate white, lace bra was suspended tauntingly from the hard , pointed tips of her nipples which were jabbing through the tiny openings in the lace.  His sexy eyes glued to the unfolding sight before him David almost swore that he could see each hard point jerk in rhythym to the now painful jerk of the hard shaft that he had to forcefully keep lowered by the pressure of his hand.  Gracefully two feminine hands reached up and unfastened the front clasp holding the wisp of lace together and with a sigh it dropped to the floor.


For a moment only,  Diane stood perfectly still allowing him to absorb the beauty that were her breasts. While she was definitely lacking in self-confidence in many areas she knew that her breasts were outstanding for a woman her age who had given birth to a child.  They  were still very firm, round,  and thrusted proudly forward without the lift of a Wonder Bra.  But she was a fast learner and she already knew that part of the beauty of the anticipation of seduction was to leave him wishing for more; so quickly she turned her upper body slightly sideways in order that he could get the best angle of just how firm and up-thrusting her breasts really were;  and slowly began to descend once more.   Beginning at her waist her hands began rolling her pantyhose that were now also soaked with her juices as her upper body rolled slowly forward.  Due to the tilt of her upper body each undulating ripple of her quivering breast thrust her largest breast prominently forward with its erect nipple pointing directly at his mouth as the pantyhose were finally pulled off her feet and tossed on top of the white lace.  Bending completely from the waist to prove her flexibility to him Diane grasped each slender ankle and gradually began to upright herself sliding one hand up each calf, over each thigh, over each curvy hip, brushing her fingertips over each rib and across her flat stomach until she hid them from view within the top of the lace-covered elastic waist of the panties.  Stopping once more to allow him only the briefest of moments for appreciation Diane unexpectedly turned around.


David thought that his heart had stopped.  What was she doing?  Why had she turned around? The only thing remaining now was those darn panties.  Surely, she could not be changing her mind now?  Could she?  No. Dear God, No.  Just as he was about to jump from the bed Diane slid her hands to the sides of her waist and shoved her fingers almost all the way inside the panties.  Carefully spreading her legs she began to shove the panties down over her hips at the same time as she started bending forward again.  By the time the white panties were sliding their way down her long legs to the floor Diane was bent over in readiness to scoop them up and add them to the pile with her buttocks thrust into the air and her red, swollen sex fully exposed to those sexy eyes.  While somewhere in the fringes of his mind David was cognizant that her fingers were tossing the panties onto the other clothes his conscious mind was focused solely on the unbelievable beauty of her wet, swollen inner lips and the fully- expanded yawning opening of her vagina that was thrust within inches of his face.  Not only could he see the slickness of her cream covering every part of her, he could feel her heat radiating out to him and smell the distinctly musky scent of her arousal.  Anticipation, hell.  He had to taste her and he had to taste her now.  And from all signs he knew about she needed to be tasted just as badly.


Sliding to the edge of the bed before she could move away.  David grabbed her hips firmly with both of his hands and pulled her the remainder of the way to him.  As quick as a rattler his tongue flicked out to lick and slide over her up-turned buttocks stopping only to allow his teeth to nip and his lips to suck tiny circles on her tender flesh.  Moaning in thankfulness Diane bent forward even more and grasped both knees with her hands and very unself-consciously thrust her now sweat-dampened buttocks towards his face.  As he realized what she was silently asking for David threw all of his well laid plans for her seduction out the proverbial window and pulled her wet sex right up against his face.  With his flushed hair-roughened cheeks pressed against her own hot cheeks he paused to breathe deeply of her musky scent before thrusting his tongue as deeply into her as he could.  He would find her sweet spot later; right now he sensed that she did not need that special touch.  She was so near climax that with just a few hard, rapid thrusts of his hot, slick tongue she began shimmying those firm buttocks against his face as the spasming walls of her vagina clasped and massaged his eager tongue while she climaxed.  As her climax gripped both of them  the taste; smell; and essence of her unique cream flowed freely down his tongue and out over his cheeks.   David had to draw in deep lung-filling drafts of air and  pull his face back quickly from her body to keep from coming in his pants.  Glancing downward at his lap he saw that the front of his jeans were soaked with his pre-cum and that the pressure exerted by his enormous erection had pushed the zipper all the way down.  His shaft was standing proudly erect just as if he were sixteen again -----  throbbing, pulsing, aching;  and covered with the white , creamy drops of semen that had managed to escape in spite of his best efforts.


Turning quickly around to see why he had pulled back from her body Diane also glanced down and observed first the hard shaft reaching up for the comfort of her body, second the passion and need in those sexy eyes, and third his crimson , slightly swollen lips and cheeks that were slathered in her own cream.  With tears glistening her eyes she cupped both of his cheeks with her shaky palms and leaned forward to suckle at his lips, to lick the precious fluids from his cheeks and to tangle her tongue with his once more.  While the tears flowed freely down her cheeks to drip off of her jaw Diane pressed gentle, tender kisses onto his lips as together they pulled his jeans off and tumbled backward onto the comfortable warm sheets together.  They went backward together a movement symbolic of the many moments of being together that lay before them before the Contract was fulfilled.   Question three had been answered, but question two still had unanswered parts.  But if the rest of the answers were as wonderful as the ones she had already received Diane was more than willing to spend the rest of the night obtaining them.


David recovered much quicker than she did, but then he had not climaxed, had he?  Rolling over on his side he propped his head upon one arm and leaned over to look deep into her eyes.


That was an unforgettable beginning, but as I remember the most important part of the Contract has not been fulfilled yet.  With those sexy eyes sparkling his hands and strong fingers were already at work caressing her body.  As one hand reached across her to cup and firmly massage one breast back into aching awareness David bent his head and began sliding his tongue around the dusky aureole that was nearest to him.  Around and around and around.  The tongue slid around one nipple as the fingers rasped around the other nipple flicking the tip as the circle was completed.  When Diane arched her back upward to meet him David quickly switched nipples and continued the delightful pleasure until Diane begged him to suck those crimson, distended nipples.   Ever ready to please he sucked one hard bud into his mouth to begin suckling gently at first and then increasingly stronger as his desire for her grew more intense.  Suddenly with one lithe movement of his muscular body that bespoke of a man in his thirties rather than one in his fifties,  David positioned himself at the foot of the huge bed and urgently spread Dianes legs apart. Her inner lips were crimson, swollen with her passion, and shining with the cream that had already dripped from within her to cover his cheeks and lips.  Gazing down at the sexual beauty open before him David realized that this part of the Contract was as much, if not more, for his benefit as hers.  He had always enjoyed sex the sights , the smells, the sounds but especially treasured in his memories were the moments spent going down on a womans aroused, engorged sex.  And somehow, quite instinctively, he already knew that going down on this woman would create memories unlike any others that he had.


Making every effort to keep the Contract just as he had proposed it to be David locked eyes with Diane as he slid his arms under her thighs to drape her legs over his shoulders.  Eyes locked and head lowered David stared at her face as for the first time in her entire life a mans tongue his tongue - touched her swollen clit.  Instantaneously Diane arched upward at the touch breaking the eye contact but not the press of tongue to clit.  As delicately as a cat licking its paw David repeatedly licked the swollen bud until it became as hard as his shaft.  Trying to concentrate on her taste and smell David slid his tongue down the outside of her delicate lips and back up again until like an orchid in new bloom those delicate inner lips opened and blossomed under the touch of his mouth.  Delicately he slid his tongue into the slick, creamy valley that was waiting for him there to travel downward to flick inside the opening to her vagina swirling around the opening in circular whorls only to begin the glide through the valley once more.  His head bobbing up and down keeping time to the glides that his tongue were making, David continued the torment until Diane could tolerate it no longer.  Finally in utter desperation she wrapped her hands around his head and tugged upward.


Please, David, please.  Torture my clit with that devilish tongue of yours until I come.  I NEED to come. As soon as the words were out of her mouth Diane noticed the agonized expression on his face.


Diane, sweetheart, I dont think I can hold back any longer.  My aching shaft and  poor balls feel as if they are going to fall off if I dont let go and come.  Give me some tissues and Ill come in those. I promised you that Id go down on you for at least an hour and, damn it, Im not going to come inside of you without keeping that promise.  Give me the damn tissues!  As his arm stretched across her reaching toward the tissue box Diane caught his hand and brought it up to her mouth where she placed a sucking kiss on each fingertip smiling the entire time.


Oh, I want you to keep the Contract, honey, but no tissues for you.   Raise your self on up here and let me go down on you.  If you have to come youre going to pour all of that delicious semen into my mouth and nowhere else.  And until the hour is finished if you need to come again you just remember where your salty cream is supposed to flow and you pop that astoundingly gorgeous erection of yours right into my eager mouth.


As obedient as any five year old David gingerly straddled her sweaty abdomen and watched in fascinated  amazement as Diane reached out with one hand to firmly encircle the base of his erection while her other hand slipped downward to cup and fondle his throbbing balls.  Placing tender kisses on and around the hot, velvety glans before the tip of her tongue rocked in the tiny slit on the very top while her fingertips alternately raked and soothed those quivering balls,  Diane sensed that his eruption was very near.


My God, sweetheart.  Take me into your mouth now.  Take me in now before I spew this cum all over your pretty face.


As soon as the words were spoken she sucked the entire masculine head into her blistering,  welcoming mouth.  Positioning her fingertips over the sensitive seam running down the backside of his shaft her mouth began suckling him urgently while the hand cupping his balls stilled with only the thumb sensuously moving over them in a slow rotating manner.  Feeling her fingertips faintly brushing him in a sweeping up and down stroke that almost matched the pull of her lips on his glans was more than David could endure.  Thrusting his hips forward once he emptied more semen into her mouth than he would have believed.  But the womans urgent demands did not stop.  As the sucking and stroking continued he felt another burst of his salty cream begin to move from the base of his spine outward to pour in to her puckered lips with a forceful  jerk of his erection that pushed the very sensitive tip of his glans against the roof of her mouth.  A groan of the most intense pleasure left his diaphragm and lept from his mouth on an agonized rush of air.  Locking eyes once more and seeing only intense pleasure and excitement in her dark brown ones  he watched intently as his now flaccid manhood slipped from between her glistening lips while her slender fingers lingered caressing the still-jerking length.  Questions five and seven had been answered.


Letting his flaccid length slid down between her breasts across her creamy abdomen that was rising and falling with her passion,  David resumed his previous position between her outspread thighs with her legs draped lovingly over his shoulders.  As quickly as he could locate her still-throbbing clit he began stroking it with firm, steady stabs of his tongue increasing the speed until he felt the release of her juices upon his cheeks once more with her climax.  It amazed Diane that even in the heat of his own desire he had not forgotten how close she had been to climax when he had left the comfortable nest created by her thighs and that he had returned to fulfill her needs as soon as possible.  The man was incredible. But there was one thing that he had not done that he knew was very important to her --- he had not given her an orgasm by stimulating that most precious sweet spot on her vaginal wall with his tongue. Knowing that she was too weak by now to protest even if she had wanted to, which he seriously doubted,  David shifted her legs until her knees were spread as far apart as possible and her legs were pressed backward until they were almost touching her chest; her heels resting lightly on his shoulders.  Positioning both of his hands under her sweaty buttocks he lifted her upward slightly giving her sex the best possible angle for his determined assault.  Pausing only long enough to run the tip of his nose over and around the enticing sight fully displayed to his eyes once more in order to deeply inhale the purely erotic scent of passion that emanated from her,  David finally eased the tip of his rolled tongue barely inside of her opening.  The erectile tissue found there was already red and well-lubricated with her cream and for brief minutes that seemed like an eternity for Diane he stroked that responsive erectile tissue with short  thrusts of his tongue.  Gradually the seeking thrusts became longer, deeper, and faster as with each penetration the now unfurled tongue repeatedly rasped against her sweet spot with a friction and an urgency that quickly had her fighting to arch her self upward and thrust her pelvis and hips with a need that she had never felt before.  Feeling her cream gushing and sliding over and down his tongue as her pelvis jerked upward pressing against his forehead with a steady pressure David clasped her hips even more firmly to ensure that his tongue would not lose contact with the center of their world until he felt her come.   After several minutes of endurance and expectation on both their parts Davids patience and persistence were rewarded when his tiring tongue was finally gripped and massaged by the succession of spasms that rolled through her.  Wanting to prolong the intense pleasure for as long as possible for himself more than Diane at this point,  David continued to slowly and soothingly thrust his weary tongue into her quivering vagina digging his fingers into her buttocks as the cream flowed freely from her body onto his face to finally drip off his chin. 


For the next hour he fulfilled the Contract just as he had promised bringing her to orgasm repeatedly with the caresses and thrusts of his tongue and lips until Diane was so weak that she thought she could never move again.  Questions number two and five were fully answered over and over again as her never-ending secretions soaked her, him and the sheets on the bed while her mind reeled from the absolute ecstasy she found in repeatedly taking him into her mouth and milking his jerking manhood until the salty stream flowed down her throat.  Each time the same thought trailed through her brain ----  she had never, ever eaten or swallowed anything that tasted even half as good as this and she never expected to again.  The promised hour had eventually stretched into two before David realized that he was nearing exhaustion.  But once more to his complete amazement his shaft was hard and demanding;  but this time he was mentally aching with the need to be deeply imbedded inside her body as far as possible.  He had to be joined with her  - bodies locked together as only man and woman can and soon.  This was a desire more of the soul than of the flesh and in many ways much, much stronger.


Shifting his body until he was once more lying above Diane resting his weight upon shaky arms that were braced with elbows digging into the mattress beside her while his hips were cradled again between her damp thighs,  David slowly slid his shaft into her until his tightly drawn balls kissed her sex where they pressed against her.  She was so relaxed and so open from the previous lovemaking that he slid into her effortlessly; but perhaps that was how their joining was intended to be effortlessly- his flesh surrounded and consumed by her flesh until there was only their flesh and the creation totally effortless. As his eyes gazed down upon her quiet face flushed with passion he stroked the damp hair back away from her face with the fingertips of one hand while the other once more worked the nipple of one breast until it was jutting and hard.  Very deliberately he began to rock within her cradle gliding his erection slowly in and out of her.  He could not fathom how tight she was; obviously the woman had not lied when she had told him that she had not been with a man in over seven years.  When the first incredible sensation washed over her as he began his penetration Diane opened passion glazed eyes to lock onto sexy eyes once more.


Have you died?  The sensuous masculine voice teased her.


Yes, I do believe that I have died and gone to heaven.  Dianes voice was whispery soft as she smiled her answer to him.


Sighing with a deep sense of contentment David pressed a light kiss to her forehead.   Nope. No way, lady.  I havent died yet, and Im right here buried inside you;  so that means you havent died yet either.  I do believe though that the promised hour has passed already.   The tortuous rocking glide continued.


Oh, maybe the time limit has passed, big boy,  but you have not fulfilled all of the contract yet.  And youll have no peace until you do.  As a devilish glint lit her eyes Diane raised her legs and locked them tightly around his waist using her heels to press on his lower back thus embedding him even deeper into her body.  Sliding her arms around his chest she began a counter-rock of her own that set into motion a perfect bonding of flesh.  When his hips pushed downward her cradle rocked back into the mattress; when his hips pulled upward her cradle thrust forward grinding in a circular motion with her heels holding their bodies so tightly together that his balls never broke their kiss with her sex. 


Sweetheart, the only kind of piece I want right now is that hot one you are grinding into me.  Even thought the tone in his voice was light and teasing the expression in those sexy eyes had become serious and quite intent as suddenly the rocking glide picked up both speed and intensity.  Cradling her head between his hands David locked eyes with her once more.  As the sexual glide firestormed into an unbelievable surge of two impassioned bodies trying to meld and join in an orgasmic frenzy the sweat poured, the groans and moans reverberated, the breaths gasped, the bed creaked its protests, the creamy flesh smacked until finally David felt the telltale final swelling of his shaft that signaled that his orgasm was near.  For the first and only time since the Contract had begun he was not aware of how close Diane was to coming.  He had finally gone past all point of either control or caring and very seldom had that ever occurred in his life.  Thrusting deep and hard into her David held himself perfectly still relishing the most intense orgasm he could remember as his cum burst from the tiny slit on his glans that her tongue had plundered so often in the previous hours.  As he moaned unconsciously and gasped for air suspended above her Diane was rocked by an equally powerful orgasm as soon as she felt that white hot semen splashing against the walls of her vagina.   That creamy fluid felt comforting, soothing, and caressing to the hot walls of her vagina as it slithered and swirled over the fluttering, spasming tissue.  Sliding her fingers into the valley between his buttocks Diane bunched and kneaded both hard, male mounds with her hands forcefully pushing his pelvis as close to her body as possible holding him tightly in place as she felt the warm semen slide out of her coating his balls that were still kissing her sex.   Questions four and six were answered.  They remained as still as frozen statues as long as David could keep his arms in place  with their eyes locked --- sexy eyes with dazed chocolate ones.  For some inexplicable reason neither wanted the moment to end. 


But as all things must do the moment ended and David slid off of her and lay down on the bed beside her shaking and as weak as any of Count Draculas victims could ever have been.  Her eyes were already closed; her breathing slowed; and by the time he had positioned her limp body next to his she was fast asleep.  Smiling down at the image of her damp head resting with her ear directly over his heart, her arm draped  across his chest to wrap around his side, and her leg drawn up over the top of his thigh he knew that she would be pleased if she knew how she was sleeping.  He trusted that in her dreams she would see the answers to her remaining questions.  Pressing his cheek against her head David stared into the space in front of him eyes unseeing.  The Contract had been fulfilled and her questions which in the beginning had seemed to be rather mundane to him had been answered.  Tomorrow he would be flying home, and in his heart he knew that he would be taking his own set of newly-discovered questions with him.