Anna, for heavens sake,  answer this damn phone.   Realizing that he was yelling at a machine Robert took a deep breath that did little to calm and tried again.   Anna, baby, you have to call me back.   I am sorry for the argument and I know what I want and what I need.  But we have to talk about it.  Call me by tonight or Ill be on the next flight out there.  Damn it!  We belong to each other and you are going to give me a chance to straighten all of this out!   Yelling now as loudly as at the beginning Robert slammed the phone down.  That little spitfire had better listen and call by tonight or he would make good his threat.   He was not going to lose the best thing that had ever walked into his life.


And walked out just as abruptly after that one foolish argument.   His spitfire.  Anna.  Rubbing his hand over weary eyes that had seen far too little sleep the last couple of months Robert thought of Anna, the feisty widow that had crossed his doorstep only six months ago and had brought life back to him and lusty passion back to his bed.   No, that wasnt right.  Neither he nor his bed had known passion like hers even existed until she taught them.  Smiling with the memories Robert shook his head in disbelief. 


 She made love like a wildcat.  always wet and ready even in the middle of the night or early in the morning or at lunchtime and willing to try just about any position or type foreplay she was the aggressor as often as he.  At times her fiery temper was a nuisance, but sometimes he provoked her deliberately realizing that her fiery nature was the key to her passion in bed.   If he could get her riled to just the right point and  then overwhelm her with hugs and kisses all the while whispering in her ear in very erotic language just what he was going to do then the sex that followed almost killed him.                                                                 


 Smiling again, he looked over at the rumpled bed and remembered the night she had very bluntly informed him that anal sex was strictly forbidden and then within just a few minutes was kissing and licking his testicles en route to one of the best blow jobs she had given him.  Chuckling out loud now and shaking his head he remembered how relieved he had been to hear her say that.   He did not like anal sex and had been afraid she would ask for it.   He would have tried for her, but she had not made that necessary.  Thank God.  That was his Anna fiery, feisty, sexy, blunt, stubborn, outspoken, tenderhearted, turbulent, and passionate.   He loved her more than he had ever loved anything or anyone; but he had been stupid and had failed to make her believe that.  All right, he had been stupid; but he knew what he wanted now and that was his Anna back home; in his house; in his arms ; in his bed.  And damn it, she was coming home!


Jumping quickly to his feet Robert walked to the rumpled bed and leaned down in the futile hope that after all this time he could still smell the scent that defined Annas passion.  Of course the sheets had been washed, but if he closed his eyes and held his breath the erotic scent would flow from his memories to fill his mind.   He deliberately kept the bed rumpled trying to create the illusion that they had just loved each other until those sheets were damp with a mixture of their  sweat and his come and her cream.  Frowning at the realization that it was just an illusion he stomped out of the room to sit in her porch swing where they had sat entwined in each others arms each evening not speaking but  watching the sunset.  Absently he began the familiar  rocking motion thinking of the guilt that had separated them.


It had been a subconscious thing that guilt.   He had thought he truly loved his late wife, but as he began to appreciate the incredible sensations and emotions that Anna stirred in him emotions and sensations that he had never known existed before he began to feel an oppressive sense of betrayal.   He had felt a gnawing sense of guilt that he was betraying his wife by finding a whole new world in Annas  arms.  His wife had been a good woman, a lovely woman, a woman who deserved to be loved.  And he had always thought that he had  loved her until Anna showed him what love  shared by a man and a woman actually could be.  Then the guilt that came with the acceptance that he had really not loved his wife had driven him to overcompensate by mentioning her name whenever he could  and constantly reliving out loud old memories from their life together.   Anna had said little until that final night.


Robert had asked Anna to marry him and she  had  accepted.  But she still had her home back east to sell and certain business affairs to terminate  first, so she had arranged a trip home.  That final night as they sat absorbing each others heat watching the sunset Anna had asked him to paint the house a gentle cream color with black shutters and add flower boxes to the huge wrap around porch where she spent so much time.  He had stupidly refused stating angrily that his first wife wanted the present colors and he was not changing them.  Anna had finally blown like a volcano erupting.


Closing his eyes in an attempt to block the look of pain he had seen in her eyes and wishing he could block the sound of desolation that he had heard in her voice he remembered her fiery speech before she left the porch to pack.   His fiery Anna.   She had blasted him with her anger that had been bottled up for weeks.  Stating the obvious, Anna had reminded him that she had originally asked for only one night and that if he could not accept her as she was and accept the fact that his first wife was dead she could never marry him.  It would not be fair to either of them.  Like the jackass he was he had said nothing and the next morning Anna had left his life in the same four wheel drive vehicle she had arrived in.  With one big difference; this time she took his heart and soul with her.


Glancing at the small table next to the swing Robert noticed the worn journal that Anna often wrote in.  Picking it up he caught the sheet of paper that floated out and began reading the poem typed there.  Alone In The Wind.  It had been Annas favorite poem and when she had read it aloud to him the first time she had explained that it perfectly  described how she had felt when she first decided to come to Wyoming.   As tears of desperation filled his chocolate brown eyes Robert realized that he was now the one who was alone in the wind; and he had no one to blame except himself.   As if to mock him the dry prairie wind danced across the porch whispering Annas name.


His Anna.  Since her departure he had spent thousands of dollars and worked himself from dawn until dark trying to fix everything just the way she had wanted it.  This wasnt his home anymore; it was their home.  And he didnt care if the walls were purple if only Anna would marry him and make him glad that he was a man every night again.  He had painted the outside in her color scheme;  added flower boxes to the porch; taken down the heavy old-fashioned drapes to open the interior to the sunlight;  added a huge bay window in the family room; and he had even planted a rose garden out back.  Yellow roses were her favorites and they grew in abundance  now near the bedroom where their sweet fragrance could drift over the two of them while they lay wrapped in each others arms.   If his Anna would come home.



Cradling his aching head in both hands he sighed with the longing to feel his hard shaft thrusting deep inside of her hot, tight body again; hearing again the soft moans she uttered when he sucked her nipples until they were as crimson and engorged as his penis became when she sucked it.  He would gladly trade years off of his life if he could just have one more opportunity to go down on her feeling her warm thighs tremble against his cheeks as his mouth and tongue slid and slithered over her creamy inner lips and clit until she arched upward with her climax pushing her pelvis and the soft hair covering it against his forehead.   At the erotic images his penis began to swell and harden as his head throbbed even more with the fear that he would never have another chance.


Alone in the wind.   He would never be able to live that way; didnt want to live that way.  His heart was back east with Anna.  He had been amazed at Annas passion; her mixture of vulnerability and sensuality that had shown him how to really  feel alive.  She had been equally delighted to make love on the living room floor or here outside at midnight in this same swing.  And the weekends they had spent with no clothes touching them from Friday night until Monday morning; eating their meals wherever they pleased entirely naked and stopping mid-meal to eat each other.  And the baths in the small bath tub next to the bedroom that had followed the sweaty lovemaking in his bed; baths that had left both of them so weak from climaxes that they had often fallen asleep right there in the tub.  That was the first thing he had replaced after she left.  He had installed a huge whirlpool tub big enough for both of them to have the room necessary to get to the body parts that needed touching, and licking, and kissing, and finally washing. 


 As the  sexy memories made both his heart and his erect penis ache with equal fervor Robert heard the phone ring.   Moaning slightly as he pinched his tightly drawn testicles in his rush to get to the phone Robert threw a prayer upward to the heavens that that was his Anna and that she would hear his explanation and his pleas and his desperation and his need and his desire.   Damn it!  She would hear it; all of it!  She had to.


An hour later Robert feeling as weak and shaky as he did after loving Anna for several hours flopped down in her swing and rejoiced as the relief washed over him in waves that were as refreshing as the cooling winds that now brushed the pitch black porch.  Scrunching down to rest his weary head on the back of the swing Robert stared up at the splendor that the stars were painting on the clear, cold Wyoming sky.  As he sat in silence with only the white stars for company the tears began to trickle down his face to quickly become a torrent.  Anna had believed his explanation; Anna still loved him; Anna still wanted him.  His Anna was coming home.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow he would be able to hold her so tight against his body that it would be hard to tell where she ended and he began. Tomorrow he could kiss her until she opened and let his tongue in to taste and feel and caress; and he didnt care who was watching.  Sobbing  as he had never before Robert was determined that never again would he or his Anna ever feel alone again.  His Anna was coming home !


Standing silent in the airport terminal the next day Robert was torn between a desire to just stand there forever and soak in the beauty that was hers and hers alone and a desire to thrust his body as deeply into hers as he could and stay there forever.  Torn between a desire to stand there forever basking in the knowledge that Anna was his; she loved him; she would never leave him again or hurt him; and a mans driving desire to make love to his woman, to make sure that she knew that she belonged to him; to feel her body come fully alive as only a womans can at her mans touch.   Finally Roberts passion won and he bundled Anna into his arms kissing her with enough lust to draw quite a few stares from passers by.  She looked tired and had lost weight, but so had he.  Clasping her hand firmly knowing that he would have to be touching her somewhere all the way home he tucked her into his vehicle and began the long drive home.



During the drive home Anna was beside herself with joy over the new turn of events; she kept replaying their phone conversation over in her mind.  In spite of what she believed Robert had convinced her that he loved and wanted her and no one else.  Glancing at his profile she knew she could wait no longer to devour this wonderful man.  Leaning across the console she shyly raised her lips upward to lick and suckle his earlobe.  When he made no objection she slowly slid her wet tongue down his neck to suck at the pulse beating in the hollow of his neck all the while unbuttoning his shirt.  Gazing at the beauty of his bared chest she moved her lips to lick his hard flat nipple while her hands busied themselves undoing his bulging  pants.   Feeling the heat even before seeing the source she lovingly lifted his erect shaft and heavy testicles from the confinements of the pants.


Gently tilting his aroused shaft toward his flat stomach Anna began to caress his penis with feather touches following the sensitive seam on the back side from the base to the top and back downward again.   Mesmerized as always by the beauty of his hardening and lengthening at her touch she slid her fingers around him to begin a gentle yet firm pumping motion from just below his ridge all the way down his shaft to his balls.  Finding them already drawn tightly against his body she leaned down to moisten both them and his glans with the tip of her tongue while the erotic pumping continued.  Gently rolling his balls in the palm of her hand she stopped pumping when she saw several pearly white drops of semen spout from his engorged head.  Gasping for air Robert whispered, Woman, are you trying to cause a wreck here or just kill me with loving?


Smiling Anna sighed  pressing her red lips against his quivering testicles once more,   neither sweetheart.  But I am going to enjoy you until we get home.  Can you make it and drive the car?


Are you going to let me come or just continue this wonderful torture?


Im going to bring you right up to coming and then back off; and then start all over again until we get home.  You cant come until you are inside me and we come together.  Youll make it and enjoy every minute if you can drive the car. Noticing the increased throbbing of his penis she stopped once more.  Can you drive?


Hell, yes, I can drive; but we will probably break some speed limits.  And break speed limits they did with Robert coming so close to erupting his cum on her several times that he was arching his pelvis uncontrollably and cursing at the immense pleasure.   But she always managed to stop the stimulation just in time proving how well she knew her man and his body. Slamming to a halt in front of their house Robert grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the vehicle urging her up the porch steps without even bothering to try to arrange his sex and clothing.  Seeing the lovely cream siding accented with myriad overflowing flower boxes Anna abruptly stopped.


My goodness, Robert!  You fixed it all the way I asked.  What a wonderful thing to do!


Not now, for heavens sake, Anna!  There are more wonderful things we need to do right now.    Scooping a laughing Anna up in his arms Robert carried her into the bedroom where  as if by magic the clothes that he had come to dislike disappeared.  Lifting her slightly he placed her on the edge of the bed with her buttocks flush with the edge.  With a mixture of urgency and care he lowered her back down to the rumpled sheets and lifted her legs to hook her feet over his already sweaty shoulders.  With her own breathing quickly becoming shallow and rapid Anna watched his immense pulsing erection jerk as he stood there gazing at her wet sex that was totally exposed to his sight.  Seeing the expression in his eyes as he soaked in the beauty of her swollen engorged inner lips, her vagina yawning open inviting entrance ; and her crimson throbbing clitoris Anna had never felt more desirable or beautiful.


Standing beside the bed mesmerized by the beauty of his woman Robert slid his hands down her legs to the backs of her thighs spreading them even wider.   Seeing her pearly cream glistening on her inner lips he inserted just the tip of his rock hard shaft into her and began rocking with short thrusts.


You like teasing, well, now is payback time, baby.   Starting slowly he gradually increased the speed of the short thrusts watching Annas nipples swell, redden and harden until suddenly he was the one who could tolerate no more and he buried his shaft to the hilt in her slick warmth.   Getting his breath in deep gasps Robert stood there massaging her thighs savoring the incredible sensations of being locked inside his Anna again.  Feeling his orgasm  tugging at the base of his spine he withdrew slowly and just as slowly taking great care to rub her sweet button on her vaginal wall  with his glans he began hard , deep thrusts into her welcoming body.


Overcome with the strength of her need for him Anna began lifting her hips and matching her gentler thrusts and grinds   to his pounding ones.  Oh my God, Robert.  You feel so much better than I remembered.  I dont want to be empty anymore. Please  fill me up. Fill me with your come.    As the words were leaving her lips her vagina began its intense contractions that pumped his erection in almost unbearable waves until he spurted enough semen into her body that it was already oozing back out around his shaft and her lips  even before he began to withdraw.  As his erection began its retreat her vagina contracted once more squeezing him with more passion than  any fingers as if to hold him there forever.   If only that were possible.


Telling Anna to slide upward onto the bed Robert lay beside her memorizing the  amazing sight of her immediately after responding to his lovemaking her tousled hair damp with sweat, her shining eyes, her red, swollen lips, her flushed skin,  and her nipples still red and hard inviting more suckling.   Smiling down at the woman who owned his heart Robert touched just the tip of his tongue to her damp stomach sliding downward to her navel to swirl and thrust the small depression.


baby,  Im going to clean up all this cum.


Robert, honey, I dont want to move to go to the bathroom.


You dont have to move one inch.  My tongue is good for a lot of things and I want to taste you again.  I know what you taste like, but I want to know what your cream tastes like mixed with my cum.    As he finished speaking he lowered his head and nuzzled her thighs as far apart as possible.  With delicacy he slid his flat tongue slowly over her entire sex the clit, down one inner lip, up the other inner lip, burrowing into the valley that contained her opening and back to her clitoris again.  When Anna began moaning and arching upward signaling her release he suddenly stopped and whispered, You taste much better with my cum on you, but you are all clean now.


Laughter spilled from Anna in waves as she tugged at his hair.  No, Robert, you missed a spot.


Flicking his tongue over her clitoris he smiled,  Is it there?


No, Robert, Not there.


Flicking his tongue over her inner  lips he asked,  Is it there?


No, Robert, not there.


sinking his rolled tongue into her vagina he groaned, Is it there?


No, Robert, not there.


Suddenly the light dawned.     Rising quickly Robert straddled her waist and thrust his hips forward pointing his once again erect penis at her face.  Stuffing pillows under her head Anna smiled as she began wiping his crimson head with her own tongue.   Now you get the idea.  This spot needed cleaning, but that is my job.    Sliding her hungry tongue around his ridge down his rigid length to carefully  swirl and clean every part of his huge testicles Anna was delighted to see him lengthen and swell even more  at her caress. Watching enraptured at the uninhibited Anna that he had come to love Robert suddenly withdrew his pulsing shaft from her mouth.  Turning carefully without saying a word Robert repositioned himself above her placing both knees on each side of her shoulders with his penis that was now dripping tiny pearly drops of semen pointing straight downward over her face.  Propping both arms on the elbows beside her hips he placed his hands on her thighs drawing them as far apart as possible and lowered his head to her swollen sex that was itself shining with pearly cream.  Being a woman to catch on quickly Anna realized to Roberts delight what she was to do.  Lifting her head slightly she once more drew that huge, gorgeous, masculine crimson head into her hot wet mouth and began suckling as if to draw the very life out of him.  Aware that his Anna was responding as usual he quickly began stroking her raised, red, quivering clit with short strokes of his tongue.  For all his good intentions though Robert felt himself coming first and stopped stroking her to concentrate on the flow of his semen from deep within him to find itself deep in her throat.  His arms now quivering from his climax he quickly resumed flicking her clitoris until she thrust her pubic hair against his face once more.  Before leaving Robert took the time to inhale deeply of the scent of his Annas passion.   The passion that would always belong to him now and no one else.  It was a scent that no rose or other flower could ever hope to duplicate. 


Seeing that it was near sunset Robert arose from Annas touch and insisted that they go out to the porch swing  to watch the sunset as usual except this time in the nude.  With the scent of Annas   passion still flowing up his nostrils Robert became again as aroused as a man could be.   With his penis jutting ahead of him as rigid and hard as it had ever been he led her to the swing where he sat down in his accustomed place.    Firmly he grasped Anna by the waist and turning her to face away from him he pulled her onto his lap with her legs draped over his thighs.  While  Suckling her earlobe he  began massaging  her breasts simultaneously with both large hands  until they began to swell again.  Placing the fingertips of each hand on her nipples he worked the sensitive dark red circles until they hardened.  Upon feeling her increasing arousal he lifted her hips and brought them back down again with his shaft buried deep inside of her.


As the sun sat and the prairie wind blew the scent of blossoming  yellow roses over their aroused bodies he began the glide of the swing once more.  With each glide upward his erection thrust into her and with each glide downward his shaft was drawn back downward rubbing his ridge repeatedly against her internal spot of arousal.   As he felt her cream increasing he moved  one hand to her clitoris and the other to one nipple massing both in rhythym to his thrusts.


Come for me, baby.  Let your cream flow all down and around me.  Come for me.  Squeeze me hard when you come.


As soon as her contractions began milking him he spewed his hot semen in to her again.  When they had both spiraled back to normal Robert lifted Anna and turned her around on his lap folding her knees up and cuddling her close against his body.  Her head lay on his shoulder close to his mouth. 


My body is yours , Anna,  and yours is mine.   I think that from now  on  we  are going to change the name of that poem from

 Alone In The Wind  to Naked In The Wind.     We are not ever going to be alone anymore but we will be naked a lot.


Rubbing her cheek against his warm shoulder and smelling the scent that would forever be his Anna smiled and nodded her agreement.