Tevis snapped the cell phone shut, took a deep breath, and laid her aching head on the steering wheel.  The hard, driving rain mixed with hail pounded the windshield in time to the pounding in her temples.  By now she should have been sitting in the terminal of the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport instead of waiting for Jimmy in a stranded car in the middle of  Texas on I-35.  If he drove carefully, which she doubted he would do knowing she was stranded in this storm, it should take him at least an hour to reach her.  After last night she thought that all had been said that would ever be said;  and  mourned that something vital to her soul had not been said.  When she left for the airport she had been certain that she  would never be hearing again that deep, teasing voice that made her tummy do belly flops or seeing those incredible eyes that had looked right straight into her soul the first time they met.  But try and run as hard as she had, it seemed as if God had other things in mind.  So here she was; still in Texas instead of Indiana; stuck alone in the middle of one of the worst storms that had hit tornado alley all year; and waiting for the man she loved more than life, the man who scared her beyond belief, the man she was running from.  Glancing once more at the ever darkening skies Tevis corrected herself - she wasnt running from Jimmy; she was running from herself.


       The reality was simple  -  she had panicked  at the thought of attempting to start over again for the third time.  She had panicked with the fear that Jimmy really didnt love her.  After two beginnings already in fifty years of living she had learned that new beginnings always brought new experiences: sometimes pleasure; sometimes pain, but always the unexpected. Starting over with Jimmy would bring something unexpected with it and that along with the fear of being hurt again  was what she was running from.  But she hated cowards and she didnt want to run from the best thing that God had ever given her.  It was time to stop running; it was time to stop being a coward and to trust God and Jimmy.


As the small hail stones shifted direction and snapped against the side window Tevis prayed with all her heart that God took care of Jimmy and brought him safely to her again; vowing in her heart that if she felt those rough, work-calloused hands caressing her once more she would never be very far from their reach again.  It wouldnt  be perfect with Jimmy; nothing was; but he had  loved her body  in a way that no one else ever had.  He made her feel special; he made her feel cherished and nurtured; he made her feel not like just a sex provider, but a woman who he needed to make his life complete.  He made her feel loved.  Surely he did love her.   And together they would find their way through the unexpected .  They both had a lot of pain and mistakes behind them but she loved him anyway.  He  had accepted her mistakes knowing that those same mistakes had molded her into the woman he cherished. All he had asked was that she accept his mistakes with the same assurance that because of them he now had enough sense to appreciate what a loving woman would mean to his life; to accept that he would not expect perfection nor even want it; to accept that he  could want her unconditionally.  Dear God, she had been such a fool. Why hadnt she pressed him for the words?


Jimmy.  Just whispering the name in her mind made a smile dance across her lips and an ache to hold him close pierce her chest.  James MacDowell.  That was the name embroidered on the front of his shirt pocket the first time he had stopped to aid a stranded lady motorist fresh from a job transfer from Valparaiso, Indiana to the regional offices in Mesquite, Texas.  The electricity had been immediate as well as the sense of peace and contentment that he gave her.  With his  sharp wit and amazing smile he had drawn her to him so quickly that she was astounded.  She had left him reluctantly even after that first rescue feeling the sense of loss and loneliness so acutely that it startled and scared her. He had made her feel good about herself and it had been far too long since she had felt that way.


Chuckling to herself now Tevis surmised that if Jimmy had known then how many times he would have to rescue her and her antique, blue 85 Chevy Chevette he would never have stopped and offered his mechanics expertise.   It seemed as if he were forever picking her up from the side of the highway, but he never seemed to mind.  In fact he always seemed glad to see her even though she hated calling him so much.  But she and the Little Blue Goose were doing the best they could.  After her husbands death the job had provided the necessities but little else.  Her son had the resources to help; but she was too proud, too obstinate to ask.  He had been very vocal in his opposition to her dating again or remarrying, but he had finally married and there she was all alone in the world. The job had helped, but when the opportunity for a transfer arose Tevis thought that perhaps totally starting over might be best.  Two marriages the first ended by a divorce decree and the second ended by a death certificate.    She would hate to choose which one had been the most painful.  A third?  To Jimmy?  She knew without a doubt that if she stayed and he would have her she would marry him in a heartbeat.  That possibility was what had sent her running.  Not because she didnt love him, but because she did not think she could survive another ending.  But what had she been throwing away?  Only the kindest, gentlest, funniest, most nurturing, most supportive, not to mention sexiest man she had ever known.  Why hadnt she met him first?  How different her life would have been.


Resting her head against the seat she thought of their lovemaking last night.  Lovemaking was the best word; it had not been sex.  Sex was what she had had in both of her marriages.  It was just an appetite like all others; and with a little practice and knowledge it could be satisfied.  But what she and Jimmy had shared last night went far, far beyond that.  It was more a mating of minds and hearts and souls; not just bodies.  How ironic that she had experienced sex with both her husbands but with the one man she had not married she had shared a bonding that would never be broken whether she was in Mesquite, Texas or Valparaiso, Indiana.  She had been married twice, but God had saved the best for last.  She realized this clearly now, but had been as blind as the proverbial bat the night before. Tevis only prayed she got the opportunity to tell Jimmy how wrong she had been.  Glancing restlessly at her watch she let her thoughts jump backward to last night.  And Jimmy. Always Jimmy.


Knowing that she was expecting a long, stressful day of planning sessions Jimmy had  planned dinner.  He was no gourmet chef, but he could do more than microwave.  They would have thick, juicy steaks grilled on the barbecue at the far end of the wide,  wrap around porch that hugged three sides of his home.  Tevis would like that and if she liked it then so did he.  Smiling to himself he thought of her lying in the large wooden swing that hung from the opposite end of the porch facing west.  She had claimed that swing for her own the first time she saw it,  and sitting there with her head on his shoulder while he controlled the gentle sway with his foot had become a nightly ritual as they relished the sunset together in comfortable silence.  As long as he lived he knew that he would never forget those evenings; the feel of her silky hair brushing against his cheek after she removed the clasp that held it at her nape while at work; the smell of her light perfume; the pressure of her body pressing against his; the weight of her arm clasping his chest pulling them closer each night.                                                                                


 Tonight.  Closing his eyes with a twinge of apprehension as he tossed the salad he prayed that tonight he would find the courage to kiss her the way she should be kissed.  Not the chaste little pecks they had had so far, but a kiss that told a sexy woman that the man with her loved her and desired her.  And he had desired her from the moment he gazed into those deep,  dark eyes and saw all the loneliness, fear, and sadness buried in them.  Shaking his head in bewilderment he acknowledged that by the time he had picked her and the Little Blue Goose up the third time his emotions had moved from desire to love.  How he wished he had met her when he was young; how different his life might have been.   Tevis crept in interrupting his musings.  It was a little game they played - she trying to surprise him; he letting her.  Supper quickly dispatched they settled into their accustomed places .  God had provided an even more impressive display of His beauty within this evenings sunset.


As the panorama of Gods palette faded into dusk Jimmy tenderly placed one hand along Teviss chin gently lifting her head from his shoulder so that he could she into her eyes. Seeing only acceptance there he lowered his lips to brush lightly against hers; as lightly as a whisper. Cradling her cheek in his palm he slowly glided his tongue over first her upper lip then the bottom. Using just the tip of his tongue he swiped more firmly across the seam where her two soft, full lips joined.  When her lips opened in response to his touch  he shifted her body until her head was cradled in the crook of his arm as his tongue began to slowly taste and explore the warm, wet, sweet interior of her mouth.  It slid from the tender spot behind her front teeth along the roof of her mouth around the inside of her cheek to slither along her own tongue.  With intense pleasure she joined in the erotic dance and met his tongue stroke for stroke with her own finally taking control of the embrace to suckle the hot masculine tongue that had penetrated her.  Having been aroused from the moment they sat in the swing his shaft was as hard as he could remember it ever being and ruefully he wished it were being sucked instead of his tongue. Both realizing that this was a parody of what they actually longed for they broke contact just long enough to verify in each others eyes that the dance would continue to the last note.  Shifting her weight under both arms Jimmy arose and carried her to the bedroom feathering soft moist kisses at her temples, across her forehead, down her nose, to nip and suckle along her jaw.


Bathed in the delicate moonlight streaming through the open French doors leading to the wide porch Jimmy quickly removed all their clothing stopping  every little while to stroke her warm flesh or place a kiss on her smiling lips or lick an especially appealing place.  Only once did he show any true hesitation and that was when he first stood upright, totally nude and erect in front of her.  He was suddenly acutely aware of every one of his fifty-four years.  They had been hard years and had taken a toll on not only his heart but his body as well.  The alcohol, the drugs, the empty, mindless sex with women he didnt even know that he had used to suffocate the intense pain he had felt when his first wife had died and when his second wife had divorced him had all left their mark.   The lines on his face, the wariness in his eyes, the scars on his body from barroom brawls, even his very lean physique bespoke of years of abuse to his body when he had not even eaten properly.  At times he had not even cared if he lived or died he was so tired and beaten down.  Then he had come upon a small blue Chevette with a broken radiator hose,  and the feisty, fiery woman driving it had touched his soul and given him a desire to live and feel again.  But what would this same woman see when she looked at his body?  Would she see anything worth having?


Sensing the hesitation in Jimmy just as she sensed all of the changes in him, even the smallest, Tevis leaned forward and kissed his hard abdomen pressing soft, trembling lips against the largest of several scars showing there.  She knew the about the marriages  that had contributed to the presence of those scars and wished with all her heart that she could make the scars disappear along with the pain that had led to them.  But knowing that that wasnt possible she prayed that she could make him understand that she understood and accepted him - all of him -  the goodness and caring along with the darkness and mistakes.  As hurtful as it had been for him she knew that without those mistakes and the resulting anguish and guilt  he felt  Jimmy would not be the sensitive, kind, giving, caring man that she loved.  Aching to convey her feelings and desire for him alone, Tevis wrapped  her hand along his rigid erection and  began to slide her fingers upward squeezing gently as she stroked the hard, hot length watching as it increased in girth and length at her caress. When she heard his soft curse she moved her lips downward from the scar to lick the wetness that had seeped from the crimson head taking special care to press the very tip of her tongue into the tiny slit crowning his glans.   When he jerked at the tiny penetration of her tongue she locked eyes with him and breathed,  I love you, Jimmy, and I have never wanted anyone as much in my entire life.  Would you make love to me?


Unable to believe that he was actually hearing those words from her Jimmy realized that tears were slowly rolling down his face.  But for the first time in his life he wasnt embarrassed by tears.  He knew that this woman knew him better than anyone ever had and she would not see them as tears of weakness but tears of joy.  As Tevis slowly wiped the tears from his cheeks to place the salty wetness on her own lips Jimmy lowered her onto the bed spreading her legs apart and pushed her knees upward against his chest as he settled himself on the bed between her legs.  With a desperation he had never felt before he wanted to see her sex , to taste her, to feast upon her until both of them were covered with her sweet juices.  Placing a shaking palm on each knee he insistently pushed her thighs wide apart as he lifted her legs to drape them over his shoulders.  Gazing down at the beauty that belonged to Tevis and Tevis alone, he made no effort to stop the tears from sliding down his cheeks once more to drop upon her swollen, red inner lips and pulsing clitoris that was already thrusting upward from its hood as if seeking his tongue.  Burying his head rapidly between her thighs he licked his own tears from her clitoris feeling it pulse and throb at his touch.  Breathing deeply of her musky, aroused scent he slid his eager lips downward over her engorged wet lips to thrust his tongue quickly into the entrance to her vagina.  Massaging his tongue against the erectile tissue he knew to be there he felt pure delight when she grabbed his hair and tugged upward moaning,  Jimmy,  lick me; lick me; now, please, now.  With the flat of his tongue he did as asked licking her clit firmly until he felt her arch against his face; then and then only, he softened the pressure and continued to lick her clit with longer, slower strokes until he began to feel her shudders subside.




Removing her legs from his shoulders he stretched out along the bed pressing his body against the entire length of hers.  There wasnt a place along her entire side where they werent in contact; his shaft pulsing against her hip.   As he wiped the damp hair back from her cheeks and her salty-sweet emissions from his face with a trembling hand he realized that now she was the one crying. 


Whats wrong, baby? Didnt you like it?


Reaching up to hold one beloved cheek in her hand while tracing the lines around his mouth with  her fingertip, Tevis whispered,  I loved it, Jimmy.  You are the first man who ever wanted to see me or taste me there.  I had fantasized about it, but honey, the fantasies could not come close to what you made me feel.


Part of Jimmy was sad at her admission because she had missed this pleasure for so much of her life, but part of him was thrilled that he had been the first man the only man to taste her.    And if he could help it he vowed that the only head she would ever remember being buried between those legs would be his.  Smiling down at her face flushed with the passion he had stirred he slid his attention to her breasts.  Breasts that were made to be suckled by a mans hungry lips.  Cupping one round ,full, firm breast in his hand he lovingly began to slide his wet tongue around and around and around her large, dusky pink aureole until the tip of her nipple hardened into a beckoning nub.  Quickly pulling that nub into his seeking mouth he suckled her greedily drawing strength and hope from her while he reverently massaged her swelling breast.  Satisfied with that morsel he continued to tantalize the peaked nipple with his thumb while he suckled the other breast in much the same manner.  As her breathing became more ragged Jimmy slipped his hand between her thighs to her sex.  One calloused finger found her clitoris; one penetrated her vagina to expertly stroke her point of arousal on the front wall of her vagina while the third finger slowly traced circles around her sensitive anus.  After only a few minutes of the exquisite torment Tevis climaxed again.  As before Jimmy continued all of  his movements until the last flutter had died within her.


Knowing full well that he had gone about as far as possible he rose over her and slowly entered her swollen, hot, slippery vagina as far as possible.  For once in his life he was glad that he was not any bigger than average when erect.  It was unexplainable but he wanted to be able to bury himself completely in her to the point that he could feel his testicles pressing against her.  Flexing his erection to better feel the slick walls of the vagina that was giving him new life he was thankful that he had practiced all of those ridiculous kegel exercises.  It was his greatest desire to be able to thrust and stroke her with his hard penis until she climaxed around him, squeezing him at least twice more.  Reaching down to spread her inner lips fully and ensure that her clit made complete contact with his shaft he slowly withdrew until just the tip remained and then just as agonizingly slowly he penetrated her again. And again. And again.  When he saw her arch her neck backward he levered himself higher over her body and increased the rhythym of his thrusts as he suckled one precious nipple again. As she climaxed and he felt his erection being squeezed by the strong spasms of her encircling vagina he realized that he was a goner. Pulling his head back and closing his eyes to better appreciate the pleasure he pumped rapidly into her filling her with more semen than he had ever ejected before.  Smiling inwardly he thought that he wasnt the only one who had been doing kegels;  maybe next time he would survive long enough, but not tonight.  As weak as a newborn he lay half on top of her with his head nestled in the warm fragrant place where her neck and shoulder met.  If he had his way he would find his head in that place every night for the rest of his life.  Finally he came to his senses enough to ask if she were all right.


All right?  My, goodness, Jimmy.  A person would have to die and go to heaven to be any more all right than I am at this moment!   Hearing his sigh of contentment Tevis rubbed her hand up and down his arm and shoulder until his deep breathing told her he was asleep.  He had rocked her world.  This unbelievable, funny, tender man had shone her wonders that she had never thought to ever see.  He was the first man to go down on her and he was the first man to bring her to orgasm vaginally.  It had always been one of her greatest disappointments that she had never climaxed with a lovers penis buried in her and one of her biggest secrets.  He had fulfilled her deepest fantasies without even knowing what they were.  She never wanted to leave the warmth and strength she felt while being held in his arms.  She never wanted to return to her empty life and her cold, empty bed; but she was scared.  She didnt want to be hurt again either.  She had been hurt enough already and Jimmy,  for all the joy  he had given her, had never said he loved her.  She had said the words and they didnt come easily from her lips.  But Jimmy hadnt.  He had made love to her, but he never said he loved her.  Had she misread him?  Did he see her as just a quick roll in the sack?  Did he intend to drop her now that he had had her?  Maybe he didnt enjoy her as much as she thought.  She wasnt very experienced for her fifty years; the only men she had slept with had been her husbands and they had never loved her as he had.  They had never made her feel as he had.  Knowing that she couldnt face the prospect of a future where Jimmy didnt love her or want her Tevis resolved in her heart to go home back to Valparaiso the next day.   She didnt dare ask him if he loved her because she couldnt bear the wrong answer.  With silent tears of another sort flowing down her cheeks she stroked his hair and pressed urgent kisses against his forehead as he slept .


Lying there trying to memorize his feature in the moonlight Tevis realized that she could never abandon this incredible man without giving him a fraction of the joy he had given her.  Tenderly rolling him to his back she began at his forehead and lightly planted caressing lips down his rough cheek sliding over to suckle his earlobe then pressing more firmly on the creased flesh of his neck across his shoulder to the pulse at the base of his throat.  When she looked up his startled eyes were on her.


What in the world are you doing?


Sighing softly she breathed against his male nipple, I am feasting on your beautiful body.   At her words his nipples hardened just as hers had done earlier.  She decided being a copy cat might not be a bad idea so as one nipple was massaged with her fingertip her mouth suckled on the other.  As his hands found her shoulders and slid across them she slowly licked and kissed and nipped her way down his hard, flat abdomen until she came to the true treasure she was seeking.    She could feel the heat radiating from his fully erect penis before she even touched him.  Encircling that heavy hardness with her small fingers she breathed in the same musky scent of arousal that he had.  Content to just enjoy staring at this masculine prize she was delighted when he nudged her head closer.  Smiling again she swirled her hot greedy tongue around the dark red head before drawing it into her mouth.  Being careful to place her lips just below the sensitive ridge of his glans Tevis began suckling gently as her other hand slipped down to cup his heavy testicles.  At his sharply indrawn breath she suckled his jerking head harder and rubbed his hot, throbbing testicles until they drew up tight against his body.  She knew he was close to climax so she pulled her head up long enough to beg,  Spread your legs, honey, please for me.


Fighting to keep from spilling everything in him Jimmy gasped,  I thought that was my line!


Not this time, sweetheart.  Next time.  Spread your legs.


As soon as he drew those long hairy legs apart Tevis rapidly sucked his wet, glistening tip into her mouth once more while moving the hand on his shaft to the tender spot between his legs behind his testicles.  He was so hard and jutting straight upward that she could suckle his erection easily without holding it.  Feeling his penis begin to swell and jerk she stroked the soft flesh between his legs to finally press there firmly with her fingertips as she felt his hot, salty semen explode in her mouth.  Greedier than she had ever been in her life she drank down every drop as fast as he released it and then sucked for more.  Never ever had anything tasted so good.   His shaking hands pulled her upward to tuck her head against his chest once more as he silently thanked God for sending her into his life.  This passionate spitfire had rocked his world and  he planned on enjoying her until he died.   Once again Tevis lay in the moonlight listening to the music of Jimmys heart beat and his deep, even breathing  while huge tears of sadness rolled down her face .  Jimmy still hadnt said the words;  he hadnt said he loved her.  Her heart couldnt survive being close to him if this love was only one sided.  If he loved her wouldnt he have said so after the night they had shared?  With pain and doubt knifing through her chest she knew she would still have to go home tomorrow.  But with her she would take the memory of this sensitive, sexy Texan who had brought wonder and exquisite pleasure into her life. 




Rousing herself from her memories of the night before Tevis glanced anxiously at her watch again.  Where in the world could he be?   Raw, cold fear grabbed the pit of her stomach.  Silently she pleaded with God to bring him safely to her again and cursed her own cowardice and foolishness for placing them in this situation in the first place.  Why hadnt she been brave enough to shake Jimmy awake and ask him what he felt for her? Oh, if only she could go back to last night.  Wiping the condensation from the windshield she peered at the black sky and visibly shook when she comprehended that the only thing good and pure and worthwhile in her life could be lying dead already in a car somewhere up the road toward Mesquite.  Knowing Jimmy as she did she knew that once he was aware that she needed him he would not stop for anything trying to get to her; not a thunderstorm, not a hailstorm; not a tornado; not anything.  One thing she knew for sure if God ever allowed her to see that wonderful face and feel those strong arms around her again she was going to face the future and find out exactly what her Texan felt for her.  Dear God, please take care of him and give me one more chance.



Driving like the demons of hell were chasing him Jimmy cursed everything he could think of.   What in the world was going on?   What was Tevis doing out here in the middle of nowhere when she was supposed to be at work?   What had gone wrong?  Had she been disappointed with his lovemaking?   She had seemed to enjoy their time together.   More importantly, what had he done wrong?   Why would she be leaving him?   He racked his mind trying to remember anything that he could have said or done wrong.   He had often wondered why God had created him and now he knew.  He had been put here to love this one woman, to protect her from the harshness of this world, to keep a light of happiness and joy in her eyes.  He had been married twice already - two difficult marriages but he knew without a doubt that God had saved the best woman for last.   When he thought he could stand no more he flipped the radio on.  He had to keep himself together until he found her and knew she was all right.  If she wasnt .   Trying to block his thoughts he concentrated on the song filling the car.  Garths voice moaned out the words to Shameless.    Shameless.   How appropriate.  That described perfectly  how he felt about Tevis and he thought she felt the same.  What had he missed?


Was it his past?  Was she afraid that he would drink again or do drugs?  Was it the women?  Damn.  Damn it to hell.  He wished he had never told her about the foolish mistakes he had made; mistakes made when he had lost all hope of any happiness.  No. No, that would not have been right either.  She had a right to know what he had been.  He would never be able to have any peace unless he knew she loved him without any reservations in full knowledge of his past.  But she had said she loved him; surely she meant it.  Was it the children and grandchildren?   She had a son of her own so he never imagined that his kids could be a problem.  Surely she knew that she would always come first even though he loved his children fiercely.  Surely she knew that he would never let them mistreat her or hurt her.  Frowning at the thought he realized that he had never actually told her these things in words.  Oh, God, what else had he forgot to tell her?  There had to be something he was missing.  After their amazing lovemaking she had said she loved him.  She would not have said it if she had not meant it.  What was he missing?


The darker the skies became and the stronger the winds blew the madder Jimmy became.  Hell, if he ever found that woman in one piece he was going to give her a piece of his mind she would never forget.  Checking the time as well as the skies for the hundreth  time Jimmy pressed the gas pedal on his treasured 57 Chevy until the speedometer showed ninety.  He was absolutely going to kill her if he found her!   He had never been as scared in his entire life.  Cursing under his breath while wiping perspiration from his forehead with one shaky hand he thought he glimpsed the shape of a tiny blue compact car up ahead.  Straining to see better when the wipers afforded him a clearer view he cursed again this time with relief when he recognized the Little Blue Goose.   Pulling the large Chevy over in front of the compact he took a deep breath trying to calm the fear in the pit of his stomach.  But, damn, the crazy woman had scared him to death! 


Smiles broke over Tevis face as bright as any daybreak when she saw her Texan climb out of his pride and joy, his restored turquoise green  57 Chevy.  And now it was being pelted by hail and it was her fault.  That was something that she would have to make up to Jimmy.  Thrilled to see him Tevis bounded out of her car mindless of the hard driving rain and increasing hailstones.   When she focused on his face and saw the scowl there she stopped in her tracks.  Jimmy stomped directly up to her, jerked his already soaked jacket off and dropped it over her head fuming,   What in the hell is wrong with you,  woman?  Why are you out in this damn storm in that crappy car?   I swear, the first thing I am going to do when we get home is get you a better car.  And what in the hell were you doing going to the airport anyway?  Get your rear in the car before we both drown!


At first Tevis was startled by his anger and then it occurred to her that that might be a good sign.  Perhaps he was angry because he cared.  One thing she knew for sure; this time  she was not moving until she heard the words.  Standing rigidly still in the driving rain and pulling his jacket from her head she yelled,  Jimmy, why did you drive so fast to get here and why did you bring your Chevy?  Now, its going to have hail dents!


The woman had lost her mind.  Standing a few feet away soaked to the bones by the cold downpour Jimmy wondered what she was talking about.  Woman, I dont give a damn about that car!  It can be fixed; you wont fix so easily.  Quit acting so silly and get in the car before we both catch pneumonia!


He still hadnt said the words.  And she was determined to hear the words before she budged an inch.  Jimmy, I wont get in that car or go anywhere with you until I know exactly how you feel about me.


What in the world was she talking about now?  She knew how he felt about her!  Didnt she?  Surely he had told her.  He must have!  Thinking back though he couldnt remember ever saying specifically that he loved her.  Dear God, was that what this was all about?  She didnt think he loved her?  Closing the distance between them Jimmy shook the dripping water from his face and grabbed her chin with one hand.  Tilting her head to look directly into her frightened eyes he took a calming breath and deliberately lowered his voice,  Tevis, I love you.  Do you hear me?  I love you.  Now get in the damn car.


With her heart slamming against her ribs Tevis let Jimmy bundle her into the warm interior of the large Chevy; and as soon as he was inside she scooted across the large bench seat and wrapping both arms around his neck she laughingly kissed him on his mouth, his chin, his nose, his cheeks, interrupting the assault only long enough to say,    I love you too, Jimmy.  I love you.   As she felt him relax she immediately began removing the assortment of cold, wet clothing.


What are you doing now?  You could get us arrested for indecent exposure.


I dont think so, Jimmy, besides we are the only ones crazy enough to be out here in this storm; and you were the one worried about pneumonia.  This is an awfully nice bench seat you have here and I dont intend to let it go to waste.  Help me out here and take your pants off.   By the time her words were spoken Tevis was completely naked ; her nipples were peaked and hard; and her sex wet from more than the rain.  When Jimmy wriggled out of his soaked pants, socks and shoes, and her eyes sought his sex she chuckled ,   It looks like Im going to have to warm you up first!  Scoot over away from that steering wheel, Texan.   At his compliance she cupped his entire sex, penis and testicles, into both her cupped hands and began to blow her warm, soft breath on them.  Between the caress of her breath and the sight of her head bent over him Jimmy warmed rather quickly.  Watching him lengthen Tevis was pleased that he could respond so quickly to her touch knowing how cold he had been.  But respond he had.  The soft blue head of his small penis was no longer soft or blue or small.  Sucking the large crimson head into her mouth she swirled her tongue around it just the way he liked as she began caressing the hardening shaft by gliding her fingertips up and down the sensitive seam on the back side.  As he became fully erect she moved those same fingers to encircle his penis and begin pumping the shaft while her lips drew on the throbbing head.


As his breathing became faster and harsher Tevis released his erection and straddled him to place her hand around the shaft once more.  Gripping him carefully she ever so slowly began to slide just the tip up and down the slippery slide that was her sex stopping ever so slightly as she passed the entrance to her vagina.  Each time she slowed at the blossoming opening Jimmy stopped breathing hoping that she would take him inside.  When he thought that he could truly take no more Tevis felt the jerking and stopped to watch as tiny drops of semen spurted from him.  Gritting his teeth Jimmy thought that finally those kegels were going to pay off.  Looking up at him with the most mischievous  grin   Tevis inserted just the first two inches inside her and began to slowly draw her  vagina upward until he was almost outside of her to slowly slide back downward again.  On each glide she took a tiny bit more of him inside her.  He believed it must have been the most exquisite torture ever devised by man or woman.  Finally he was imbedded in her as far as possible.


Placing both hands flat on his heaving chest Tevis assaulted his hard nipples with her fingertips while locking eyes she began to grind her hips and pelvis against his.  Staring at her intense eyes Jimmy remained still treasuring the ripples of pleasure her grinding motions were stirring in him until he could remain still no longer.  Grasping her hips he began to rock his hips forward sending his erection into her with short swift jabs.  The cumulative effect was finally too much for both of them.  Feeling her intense spasms clutching his shaft and hearing her cries he abandoned all  restraint and with one last forceful thrust gushed his semen inside her.  Gasping for air in the now scorching car Tevis clasped Jimmys neck and collapsed against him.


Licking the salt from his neck she whispered,  Hey, Texan,  why in the world did Detroit stop making these front bench seats anyway?


I dont know, baby, I dont know.  But one thing I do know as long as we live we are always going to own a car with a bench seat in front!