All afternoon the thick, choking  gray clouds had continued to swallow the weak blue sky outside the small window next to the massive stone fireplace in Leahs isolated log house.  Built three years ago on a large wooded tract of land reasonably far from the nearest community the log structure was too big to be called a cabin and yet retained the sense of intimacy and comfort that she needed.  Walking over to peer out of the window for perhaps the twentieth time in the past two hours Leah thought to herself that Daniel was somewhere out there and she had no idea where.  But that was what she had wanted when she had sent him away.  That was what she wanted wasnt it?


The salty tears in her eyes temporarily obscuring the gray oppression outside Leah turned from the window to sit wearily in her favorite rocking chair close by the warmth radiating  from the fireplace.  It was a warmth that had seeped into every pore of her body before Daniel had appeared,  but not anymore.   Now she felt nothing but an ever-present numbing cold; sometimes she wondered if she would ever feel warm again.   Nothing had  affected her the same since Daniel had brought her a very honest, gentle love and she had sent him away.  Wondering where he could have gone and whom  he might be with on this lonely, dreary afternoon Leah shook her head in annoyance at the turn of her own thoughts.  She wanted Daniel to be happy; she wanted him to love someone else.    Didnt she?


To be absolutely truthful with herself she had to admit that she did not know what she wanted anymore.  She loved Daniel; she wanted him to be happy; she wanted to be with him wherever he was; she wanted to feel his arms around her; she wanted him to love her; she wanted him to know the joy of holding his own child in his arms for the first time; she wanted him to find someone his own age to love.   She wanted so many things, but there seemed to be no way to reconcile all of them.  Her wants and dreams were the mismatched pieces of a huge puzzle and no matter which way she twisted and turned them they just would not lock together into one large beautiful picture.


Rocking slowly in time to the soothing music created when the first huge raindrops began splattering against the glass panes Leah closed her eyes and let her mind drift back once more to the time and place where it was most happy the few weeks that she and Daniel had shared together here in her beloved log house.  He had appeared in her life quite unexpectedly on a quiet late April afternoon just like many others that had come before.  On her hands and knees out front covering  her favorite yellow roses to protect them from the capricious spring snowfall Leah had not heard him approach.  When she became aware of the thoroughly masculine shadow partially blocking the snowflakes she turned and looked into the softest, gentlest brown eyes she had ever seen on a man.  When his smile proved to be equally gentle her heart squeezed in her chest and she knew she was in trouble.






His car had broken down on the road leading into the nearby town and not

exactly sure where he was Daniel had started walking searching  for help and shelter from the stinging snow.  He had been pleased when he rounded a curve in the narrow road and had seen the quaint log structure and even more pleased when the woman wrestling with the old white sheets that were snagging on the thorny rose stems had turned and smiled at him.  She was not as young as he judging by the silver streaks in her hair but the face that tilted up to him was youthful, full of life, warm, friendly, and rather pretty.  Her skin appeared as silky and translucent as a babys, her dark brown eyes danced with mischief, her firm body was curved in exactly the right places; and her slow smile growing into soft laughter on small, well-shaped,  naturally reddened lips  lodged directly in his heart.  And he knew he knew as surely as he knew his own name that his life had just changed forever whether he liked it or not.


Leah thought that she had lost her mind.  The man was a total stranger and she had not only allowed him inside her house but she had also prepared him a simple , hot meal as they watched the progress of the surprise snowfall.  But even as her mind told her she was being foolish every time she stole a look into those gentle eyes her heart told her that everything was as it should be. He had been surprised that she did not have a telephone and at first she had felt embarrassed, but then she decided that he needed to accept her as she really was with no pretense.  She liked her solitude and isolation;  she was here in this place for that reason and that included no telephones. The only line accessing the property was the direct line for her computer which she used not only for communication but as a source of supplemental income from the short stories that she loved to write.


 She had been hurt enough to last a lifetime and she had retreated to the peace and beauty of this isolated area hoping to live the remainder of her days with as little pain and confrontation as possible. She had endured too many years of a poor marriage to a man who thought he could verbally abuse her whenever the notion struck him to do so.  After his death she had had the foolish hopes of starting over,  but with time Leah had to accept that to others she was an invisible woman. They looked at her but never seemed to see her;  they certainly never saw the passions and the dreams and the needs that were locked inside of her.  With the inevitable passing of time she had abandoned the dream of starting  a new life with someone that she could love and respect and that would feel the same for her. With a sad resignation she had left the scurrying of city life and had retreated here to her seclusion and solitude.  It seemed to be the most logical place for an invisible woman to live.  So far she had found what she had been seeking; but suddenly she felt a chill of foreboding that with the arrival of this man amidst the swirling snowflakes all of that serenity and certainty was about to evaporate.




As soon as he and the fascinating woman who seemed to alternate between being wary of him and actually seeming to enjoy his company had finished doing the dishes from their meal Daniel stoked the firewood to ensure a lasting warmth and after scanning the abundant titles in her book collection in the hopes of learning a little more about her had selected one of his favorites and proceeded to settle himself comfortably on the couch opposite the popping fire.  Reminding him somewhat of a young, shy girl the strange woman who was pulling at something deep inside of him in a manner that he could not quite define slipped into the wooden rocking chair and asked him to read aloud from the book which also was one of her well-worn favorites.  More rapidly and peacefully than either realized several hours slipped by with the warm air in the room filled with his low, deep, resonating voice.  Leah felt as if she could have stayed suspended in that moment

of time forever and been satisfied.  But that was not meant to be either.   



 When Daniel next checked the window and pronounced that the snowfall had ceased and was already melting Leah volunteered to drive him into town so that he could attend to his car.  As she drove alone up to her log structure afterward for the first time since moving there she did not want to go in.   She would be there alone again; and suddenly that was a miserable prospect to her.  She was losing her mind.  Daniel had been here only a few hours and now her house did not seem like her home anymore.  It was just an accidental meeting due to the whims of an automobile and the weather and she would never see the man again.  Shaking her head at her foolishness she forced herself to go inside and prepare to go to bed alone -  again.


Daniel could not get the enticing woman out of his mind.  As he had his car towed and walked briskly to the recommended bed and breakfast several miles from the garage her name kept resonating through his mind.   Leah.   And her soft sensuous laughter seemed to wash over him in waves causing an immediate erection which startled him.  He had known many women who were older than he,  but he had never been sexually attracted to one before not even the very attractive ones.  The pull of this woman puzzled him.  She had to be in her late forties, a good ten years older than he, and she was not beautiful by the standards usually applied; but in one short evening she had managed somehow to unnerve him and to get under his skin as very few women of any age had been able to do in his entire life.  Surely with a good nights sleep he would be able to forget her completely.  He knew he would.


After a night of alternating between rolling the bed staring at the ceiling and seeing Leahs  soft skin and flashing brown eyes and waking as hard as a rock and covered with sweat from the erotic dreams of feeling himself thrusting inside of Leahs body Daniel knew he had lost the battle.  He wasnt going to forget her; he doubted he would ever forget her.  With that acceptance he began to formulate his plan to spend more time with her.  It had to be a sound plan because instinctively he knew she would resist him.  She was living alone and



isolated for a reason; he didnt know what the reason was and he really didnt care;  but he was perceptive enough to know that she had arranged that lifestyle deliberately.  All he cared about now was that she let him into her life and into her body and soon.  As the image of her round,  naked breasts  pressed against him filled his mind he felt his erection begin to throb and ache; and Daniel headed for the shower.  It annoyed him that he would have to masturbate to ease the ache when he would much prefer making love to her.  Resting his wet head against the strong arm that was propped palm flat against the shower stall wall he closed his eyes and concentrated on baby-fine translucent skin and incredible brown eyes as his other hand pumped and squeezed his jerking shaft to ease the ache only temporarily.  Grimacing slightly as his hot semen mixed with the hot shower spray he vowed to himself that the next time his semen would be released inside of Leahs slick, pulsing vagina and no where else.


Removing the damp sheets from the top of her roses Leah was startled when the sunshine was blocked by the masculine shadow that her heart knew could only belong to Daniel.  Tilting her head in a parody of the events of the day before her eyes settled on his mouth and the slow, sexy smile that took her breath away.  His  rental car was loaded with tools and supplies; and while she sputtered protests he began unloading them calmly ignoring her while he explained that the log building needed some repairs and that the only way she was going to stop him from doing them was to drive him off.  And so began their three weeks together here in her isolated house.


Leahs reverie was jerked to a halt as she became aware that the rain had turned into hail pellets that were drumming quite forcefully against her glass window panes drumming as forcefully as Daniel had drummed into her body bringing her climaxes that she had only read about in books.  Brushing her hair back from her face with a shaky hand Leah wondered once more where he was and if he was happy.  She was not happy and never would be again, but that did not matter as long as Daniel was happy wherever he was somewhere out there.  Closing her eyes against the inevitable deep sense of loss and emptiness she constantly felt now Leah thought back to the memory of the best day she had spent in her entire life the day she and Daniel had spent the afternoon making love to each other on the huge blanket that she now kept folded on the foot of her bed under the shade of an enormous red maple tree standing by the side of the lake on her property.


They had already made love, against her better judgment, before that afternoon arrived.  Leah didnt really understand even now how they had come to be lovers because she was not a one-night-stand woman.  She didnt even believe in having sex without being in love and having a commitment or at least the hint of a possible commitment, but she did not seem to have the power over her own mind and body when it came to Daniel.  After several days of hard back-breaking labor on the repairs and several evenings spent deep massaging his sore muscles until



he was relaxed and comfortable enough to hypnotize her by reading from her books with that deep, deep, sensuous voice,  Leah had  found it to be the most natural thing in the world to finally slip off to sleep wrapped in Daniels arms after he had made her feel for the first time in her life that she was truly glad that God had created her a woman instead of a man. She was only sorry that she had had to wait so long to find what she had always felt in her heart could exist for a man and a woman.


That afternoon Leah had decided to surprise Daniel with a picnic lunch.  He had been working hard all morning building a storage facility for her tools and flower supplies on the back of the property near the lake. When she arrived at the lake he was already sitting on the ground in the sparse shade with all his clothes piled next to him except his jeans. He made such an enticing picture there with the

breeze ruffling his sweat-dampened hair that she stood for several minutes just drinking in life to store in her memories because already Leah knew that they

would part.  Daniel was too young, too energetic, too full of life to be wasting time

with her.  As the now familiar pain shot through her chest she reminded herself once more that even though she did not think of herself as old and even though she did not feel old the undeniable truth was that she was too old for Daniel.  He needed to be with a younger woman someone who could give him children of his own to laugh with and tussle with beside the many lakes he would encounter in his life.


As if reading her mind his head shot up and he turned with a pensive expression on his face to gaze at her.  What was she thinking?  He had a feeling that he would not like it judging from the sad expression in her eyes.  Well, he would just have to erase that sadness because he had already made up his mind that he was going to marry Leah and nothing that stubborn woman could do was going to stop him. He had made that decision the first morning after meeting her while he was cursing under his breath with his hand wrapped around his erection in the shower.  But she would try he knew that she would try.  She had already tried quite forcefully as a matter of fact.  


 He winced inwardly at the recollection of the horror reflected in her eyes last night when he had proposed and the sadness that had replaced  it as the hours of darkness had melted into morning as they sat up each trying to dissuade the other of their strong beliefs.  Leah was terrified that some morning he would awaken beside her and suddenly be sorry that he had wasted his life with her.             Wasted.  Such a ridiculous word for living life to the hilt and sharing unbelievable passion with a woman you loved and who loved you in return.  No matter what he had said she had remained unshakable that he needed a woman younger than himself and children of his own to be happy as if fertilizing an egg made a man a man.  He felt strangely insulted by that notion.  What truly made a man a man was standing up under the rigors of life and managing to make your woman, the woman who possesses your soul, feel cherished and happy  and thankful that she


is yours no matter what those rigors might be.  He did not need children to be happy and deep in his heart he felt that he would never need a younger woman as he needed Leah, but he had not convinced her.  What he needed was Leah.  Just Leah.  But she was here and so was he; and no matter what it took he would win this battle because his very life depended on it.  He had no life worth thinking about without Leah.


Leah had spread the blanket under the swaying branches of the ancient maple tree that stood father up the hill from the lake. As she spread the food out she wondered what in the world Daniel could be thinking so deeply about.  Whatever it was she knew that their time together was limited and she did not want to lose this afternoon.  Sitting down on the edge of the blanket and gazing out over the lovely serene view of the lake as the cool air brushed her body Leah smiled as Daniel rose to his feet. Fully expecting him to join her she was startled to realize that he was unzipping his jeans and removing them.  Dear God.  He was buck

naked.  And the sight of his naked, totally masculine body took her breath literally away.  Smiling to himself when he saw that Leah was watching him Daniel glanced down at his partial erection and deliberately turned so that she could not help but see it.  He intended to use every weapon available in his arsenal in this war of wills.   As he sensed her gaze caressing his shaft it hardened and lengthened as if in appreciation.  Walking as slowly as he could to the inviting lake in order to prolong the moment he finally dove into the warm, soothing water only to reappear a few short minutes later.


If Leah thought that he was breathtaking before she had no words to describe him now.  With water droplets sliding down his naked body all the way to his fully erect penis to slither across that huge blue-ridged shaft to finally drip enticingly off the ruby tip to drop onto the ground at his feet Leah could only stare in amazement and wish that she could lie on the ground and catch those lucky water droplets with her tongue.  Daniel stood still for a moment at the waters edge eyeing the lovely woman who was gazing at him so intently that he felt as if she could see right into his heart and wondering if her heart was as drawn to his as his was to hers.  Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves Daniel began to walk very slowly and purposefully up the hill toward her. 


Leahs heart slammed against her ribs at the sight of his nakedness  and the effect of  the incredible aphrodisiac that was a mans fully erect penis jutting out in front of his body as he walked. He wasnt a large man in any respects; he was average;  but his air of self confidence and his intelligence blended with a wry sense of humor made him seem to be a giant of a man in Leahs eyes. With her pupils dilating as she watched his silent approach up the hill Leah drank in the beauty of his engorged shaft which was so hard and erect that it never wavered, never moved a bit as the rest of his slim, muscled body moved steadily toward her.  His heavy testicles were drawn so tightly against his body that she knew he had to be in discomfort.





Reaching the blanket Daniel carefully, for he was in discomfort, sat down and rested his back against the rough bark of the maple with his shaft thrusting skyward and picked up a sandwich in silence.   Watching him somewhat in disbelief Leah wondered if he was going to eat his entire lunch in the buff.  While the thought was a novelty for her she found it to be very arousing; and allowing her hungry eyes to roam over the beauty of his nakedness she felt her own nipples harden and her cream begin to slither out of her vagina. Watching her closely as well trying to gauge her responses Daniel leaned over and undid the tie that was holding her white cotton peasant blouse closed and pulled it over her head to expose her swollen breasts to the caress of the warm breeze. Seeing the condition of her nipples he smiled that gentle smile and quietly continued eating his sandwich.




Leah felt entirely out of her depth here.  She did not know what she was supposed to do or say; she only knew what she wanted desperately to do and that was to remove the rest of her clothing and eat her sandwich just as he was eating his.  No, not her sandwich.  Him.  She would much rather eat him.  Did she dare have the nerve?  Did she want to reveal her older body that completely in the midday light?  What would she do if anyone accidentally happened along?   Finally deciding after long moments of staring into Daniels questioning eyes that she was most afraid of losing the opportunity of a lifetime with this man that she loved with every fiber of her being Leah stood and unfastened her full yellow cotton skirt and let it fall onto the blanket with her white cotton panties soon landing on top.  Sitting down cross-legged facing Daniel directly Leah picked up her sandwich and stared wistfully at the man across from her. 



  My God.  Daniel thought that he was going to choke to death on the sandwich finding swallowing nearly impossible as his eyes swept from her dark eyes alive with sexual heat and anticipation,  to her dark red,  smiling lips repeatedly moistened by the tip of her tongue, to linger over swollen white breasts capped by distended,  ruby nipples to the dark,  springy hair veed as if pointing the way to the delicate , dark- pink inner lips of her sex that were already swollen and shiny from the dampness created by her obvious arousal.  Feeling his testicles spasm painfully at the lovely view displayed directly in front of him Daniel realized that the control of the situation had shifted from him to Leah. He had challenged her with his nakedness and she had responded just as she always did for him displaying her beauty in a private viewing for him alone.  He was as aroused and as hard as he could possibly be.   Tossing his sandwich over his shoulder with Leahs soon following Daniel reached for her pulling her very warm, naked body toward him.


Sensing that her offering of her fully revealed body was being accepted Leah

grinned in that special way that always made  Daniel see the young, twenty year old girl that still lived inside of her.  As laughter bubbled from her smile and excitement danced in her large brown eyes Leah dipped her head to enjoy the taste of the feast that was throbbing directly in front of her.  As her mouth drew closer she was flooded with a wash of sensations that could never be adequately described.  Heat. Pulsing heat.  Musk.  A strong, sensual scent of musk that no cologne manufacturer in the world could ever hope to match.   Desire.  A strong  masculine desire that was evidenced by the clear,  shiny secretions that were seeping from that intriguing tiny slit that crowned that gorgeous crimson head with each jerking pulse that it made.  She wanted desperately to feel that heat in her mouth; to taste that musk in her mouth; to blend those masculine secretions with the saliva in her own mouth.  With only that one thought in her head Leah slid her tongue slowly around the crimson head wiping all of the tears from that one tiny slit before drawing the entire glans into her mouth.  Running her flat palms over Daniels  sides Leah feasted on his erection savoring the feel and taste of holding him in her mouth and running her eager tongue over the silky flesh to the very top where she pressed the tip of her tongue as deeply into his tiny slit as possible.


 Knowing that he could withstand no more without coming in her mouth Daniel quickly grabbed her face with both hands.  Heaven knows he enjoyed coming in her mouth but that was for later when she had changed that stubborn mind of hers.  Right now he had to make her feel everything that a woman could feel.  He had to make her understand and see that regardless of their ages they could not continue without one another.  Gently pulling her off of his shaft with every bit of will power that he possessed Daniel pressed a tender kissed on lips that tasted only of him.


Come onto me, Leah.  Take me inside you where I belong.


Still feeling shy and vulnerable Leah straddled Daniels body holding herself slightly above his reaching sex.  With a gleam in her eye that belied her shyness or inhibitions Leah positioned her slick channel directly over the crimson glans of Daniels  shaft.  Thrusting her hips ever so slowly Leah slid her creamed valley over the tip of his jerking shaft from the back to her swelling clit emerging from its hood directly in the front and back again.  On the third pass though the ever expanding valley Leah stopped, positioning her beckoning opening directly over Daniels aching glans.  Looking directly into her eyes Daniel thought that his heart had stopped as well.  Never breaking eye contact Leah began to lower her body drawing his erection only a small way into her body only to rise quickly again almost to the point of coming off of him altogether only to slither back downward at the last moment.  Daniel thought that the constant friction that her short strokes were making against his glans was going to kill him.  He had never felt anything like it before in his life.  How in the world had she learned to do that?  He did not know and he did not care; he was just thankful that she was





sharing the extreme pleasure with him.  After a few moments of the amazing sensation though Daniel was getting desperate.


God, Leah.  Youre killing me.  Take all of me inside you, baby.  Take all of me.


Delighted with the knowledge that she was pleasing the man she loved Leah slid all the way upon him closing her eyes as her own pleasure washed over her only to be replaced by an even greater mix of sensation and emotion as Daniel began massaging both of her aching breasts as he thrust his own hips upward in movements as sensuous as her own.


 Open your eyes, Leah.  Look at me.  Look at me when we come and know that this is where we both belong for the rest of our lives.  Feel it and know it in your heart.


With eyes locked once more both damp bodies began moving and joining in the mating dance that man and woman had been created to enjoy together since time began.  Suckling one nipple while thumbing the other as the locked bodies swayed ever faster Daniel gritted his teeth at the intensity with which her spasming vagina finally gripped his throbbing penis . As he savored the last receding flutters of her slick walls in the aftermath of her orgasm  he slid his hand down to grip her firm hips and thrust himself into her as deeply as he could spraying his hot semen deeply into her followed by another spurting thrust and then another.  Finally weak and gasping for air Daniel pulled Leah down onto his sweaty chest being careful not to dislodge himself from her body.  For long minutes they sat there listening to each others heart beats and the rustle of the maple leaves above them as the cool breeze dried their naked bodies.


Combing his long fingers through her damp hair Daniel drew her head gently backward in order to begin a trail of tender, baby kisses starting at her temple and continuing downward to her ear where his slick tongue glided over the rim of her ear to finally suck softly at the white skin below it. Upon hearing her deep sighs and feeling her hot breath whispering over his cheek he gently lowered her onto the blanket being careful again that they remain locked together. He wanted her mind to get adjusted to the idea that they would and should be locked together. Finding his resting position between her legs the place that he now considered home -  he braced his weight on his elbows and lowered his head devoting his entire attention to her fascinating breasts.  


He was as astounded this time as he had been the first time he had suckled them at their firmness and shape.  The woman had given birth but her breasts were firmer than women half her age.  As lazily as a cat licking cream he slowly slid the flat of his tongue over first one large red nipple and then the other.  Feeling the tiny pebbling under his tongue he increased the speed of the swirling circles his



tongue was making. As Leah began arching upward in search of even more of his

mouth Daniel withdrew it entirely to lick and nip his way down her abdomen to the shield of dark hair that held the scent of passion his passion her passion where he buried his nose in the softness and inhaled deeply.


It was a scent unique now in the universe because it was no longer hers or his but theirs.  Just as the taste would be theirs a combination of passion ignited juices that could not be duplicated.  Sliding his body downward on the blanket Daniel reconciled himself to leaving the warmth of her body in order that he might memorize that unique taste.  Nuzzling her thighs apart with his cheeks Daniel lowered his head between her legs and inhaled deeply before sliding the tip of his tongue from her anus slowly to swirl gently around her sensitive clitoris.  The combination of their scent and their taste had the same effect upon his brain as the bouquet and flavor of a fine aged wine.  Turning his head to feather teasing kisses full of promise along her tender inner thighs he returned once more to her enlarging bud when he heard her moan softly.  Swirling his tongue around it in the manner that he knew she liked best he marveled at how large it grew when fully engorged and relished that enlargement as a signal that her climax was very near.   Just as he felt her hands reaching for his head he rose up over her once more; ordinarily he would have given her that climax with his tongue.  But not this time.  This climax needed to come with his sex firmly imbedded inside of her body.  He had to reinforce that need the need to be filled by his body upon her brain.



Daniel smiled into her face flushed with passion as he slid his hands under her round damp buttocks lifting her slightly toward him. Rocking his hips he buried the wet, pulsing head of his erection into the engorged opening to her vagina where he stroked just the glans against her erectile tissue in much the same teasing fashion as she had done him.  Finally, he began the descent into her tight, wet, gripping vagina until he could go no farther. For the first time in his life he was glad that he was not a huge man because Leah had had a hysterectomy and with the removal of her cervix her vagina was shortened.  Since he was average in length he could penetrate her deeply enough that he could feel his testicles bathe in the cream on her sex and still be certain that he was not hurting her.  Dear God, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her in any way.




For just a moment he closed his eyes relishing the feel of being enveloped completely by the hot, creamy,  welcoming body of the woman who held his heart and soul.  It was a feeling that he never wanted to forget. He had never felt this joined or connected to a woman before and he never expected to again.  Finally he was overcome with the need to move and thrust inside of her  - a primal need




that could barely be controlled. Withdrawing almost completely he thrust into her fully only to repeat the action setting a steady but persistent rhythm.  He

fully intended to continue at this pace for as long as he could withhold his own orgasm which was already building at the base of his spine because he wanted

Leah to have as much pleasure as possible. Taking deep breaths to control his own body Daniel thrusted relentlessly until he knew that Leah had climaxed twice.  With sweat dropping from his face onto her breasts Daniel finally gave

into the needs and desires of his own body.  Throwing his head back and gasping in deep draughts of air he began pumping his hips as rapidly as his tired body

would permit until his shaft swelled  impossibly more and jerked as he poured his semen into her.  Feeling the hot thick cream flowing from his body into hers Leah had one brief flash of regret.  In  her heart she knew that that precious fluid contained life and that it should not be wasted in her body but should be fulfilling its purpose by combining with the egg in a younger womans body to produce a replica of Daniel.  She had no right to cheat him of that regardless of how much she loved and needed him.  As they rolled onto their sides in exhaustion to allow the delightful afternoon breeze to cool their flushed overheated skin Leah cupped Danielss face with her hand; pressed kisses on his chest;  and slid her tongue lazily over his nipples knowing that this would be the last time they would lie like this.


Lying still and lazily observing the wind flicked ripples on the surface of the lake Daniel slowly rubbed small circles on Leahs back as he listened to her steady breathing and wondered if he had convinced her.  She had said nothing out loud but her body had spoke volumns to him.  Glancing down at her still damp hair sticking to her forehead his eyes suddenly lit with a bit of  mischieviousness.  Leah loved to laugh and he did intend to use every weapon at his disposal.  Laughter was a very good one.  Rolling quickly to his feet he brought her up with him and while her mouth was still trying to form the question he slung her over his shoulder much as if she were a burlap sack of potatoes and started for the lake.



Daniel.  DANIEL!  What are you doing?


You are too hot, woman, and need to be cooled off.


Daniel, you put me down right now.  You know I cant swim!


Yeah, it amazes me that a seventy-five year old woman could live that long and not know how to swim.




Laughing out loud at the sputters of indignation mixed with genuine laughter coming from Leah Daniel reached the edge of the lake where he rather unceremoniously slung her out into the deeper part of the lake to follow himself quickly enough to come up beside her in the swirling water.  For the next hour the two played and splashed and teased as Daniel tried to teach her to swim and to trust and to love.


A blinding stab of lightening swiftly followed by a banging smack of thunder brought Leah back to the present where she realized that tears were rolling down her face just the same as they had that evening when she and Daniel had argued for the final time. They were still the same two people with the same opposing attitudes and arguments; and no matter what was said the final result was always  the same.  Neither would change their positions.  So with her heart dying inside of her Leah had finally asked Daniel to leave her home and never come back.  She would never forget the mixed look of anger, pain, frustration, and despair that she had seen on his face.  It haunted her in her sleep and often rose up in front of her eyes in the broad daylight when she least expected it.  And always her tears fell in response.  Forcing him away was killing her in a slow tortuous way but even that would be preferable to hearing him say sometime in the future that he had fallen in love with a younger woman.


Wiping the tear trails from her cheeks Leah walked over to peer out of the main window that faced the front of her property becoming alarmed at the darkening of the sky and the wail of the increasing winds.  As she strained to see if any tree limbs had come down Leah saw the vague image of a man with his head lowered walking up the narrow road toward her home.  For an instant her heart literally stopped beating.  Daniel.  It was Daniel.  Then reality hit her like a fist.  No, it could not possibly be Daniel.  In her loneliness and pain her mind had to be playing tricks on her --- trying to project the image that she wanted most to see

out of her window.  Daniel was not here.   He was somewhere out there with someone else and that was what she wanted.  Maybe if she repeated it to herself every minute of the day someday she would actually believe it.  And yet still as the drenched figure drew ever closer her heart recognized what her mind was afraid to see. It was Daniel.  Daniel was here.  And with the speed of quicksilver all of Leahs logical, practical, well-intentioned plans flew out the window to sail away on the swift winds of a drenching thunderstorm.



Reacting purely on emotion and nothing else Leah found herself running down the slippery, muddy road leading to her log home.  How she had gotten on that road she had no idea and more importantly she did not care.  She only cared about one thing.   Daniel, her beloved Daniel, was coming and she needed to hold him and be held by him.  Nothing else mattered.  Hearing the footsteps splash in the water puddles Daniel stopped and looked up to see a miracle backlighted by a blaze of white lightning coming flying toward him.  He had expected Leah to chew him out and shoo him away again; but there was no way in hell he was going to sit in that bed and breakfast and worry about his woman being hurt in



this storm.  For the past two weeks while he paced the his rented room his mind had told him to give up and leave, but every time he started to his heart had screamed at him to not give up on something so rare and precious.  All he understood was that he needed to be near her and near her he would stay.  As the thoughts flitted quickly through his mind Daniel opened his arms and scooped up  the woman sobbing his name over and over wrapping her shaky legs around his waist, tucking her soaked head under his chin,  and grasping her warm body as close as possible to his all in one rapid motion. With a solemn determination Daniel began walking the final steps to the house.  This time he wasnt going anywhere and the woman hugging him with such ferocity and planting kisses on every available inch of his face and neck had better get used to the idea once and for all.


Kicking the partially opened door wide open with his foot Daniel caring for nothing except that Leah was back in his arms marched into the room grasping Leah even closer with the fear that she would suddenly want distance between them and bumped the door shut with his heel.  Preparing himself for a full retreat by this stubborn woman Daniel was momentarily stunned when Leah stopped painting his face with kisses to raise her dripping head and snare his eyes with hers long enough to plead, I need to feel you inside me, Daniel. Please. I need you inside me.


Afraid to utter a word lest he break whatever magic the thunderstorm had weaved over her Daniel slid one strong arm under Leahs buttocks to support her weight while he removed or shoved aside whatever clothing necessary in order to fulfill her request. Wet, soggy clothing was ripped and opened with a speed that astonished Leah; and all with one hand.  She smiled to think what the man could

do with two as she continued to lick away the raindrops that fell from his hair onto his face.  Daniel gritted his teeth again in frustration at the resistance that the denim of his new jeans gave his now trembling hand.  Whoever said that all the quality was gone from new clothing was an idiot.  At last the snap popped and the zipper was shoved down so roughly that it hung in several spots earning it even harder jerks. But those jerks in no way compared to the jerks of the erection behind that zipper that was desperately seeking the warmth and comfort that only Leahs body could provide. Shoving the jeans down as far as his arm would reach Daniel raised the diligent hand upward to seek the soaked white cotton panties clinging to Leahs spread buttocks.  He knew without looking that they would be white cotton panties as that was what she always wore;  and the thought that he knew without looking was very comforting to him.  She was his and he was hers.  They knew each other in every way that a man and woman should and could  and that comforted him.




Slipping his fingers under the edge of the cotton panties Daniel gave several determined  tugs until the fabric tore and the panties fell to the floor in several unidentifiable pieces.  He didnt care; he would buy her a gross of cotton panties if she would marry him.  Sliding his fingers over her smooth skin he impatiently sought her cleft and shut his eyes at the intense pleasure of sliding one finger deep inside that cleft to find the opening to her vagina wet and slippery with not rainwater but the cream that only her desire for him could produce.  Using the arm that was still supporting her weight to push her clitoris against his erect penis Daniel inserted that one finger inside her heated vagina to stroke firmly on the exact spot on the front wall that brought her such intense pleasure.  Thrusting his hips forward slightly he combined the strokes of his fingertip with the friction of his shaft rubbing her swollen clit until he felt the cream begin to slid down his finger to pool in the palm of his cupped hand.  Hearing Leah moan softly in his ear Daniel slid his finger out of her depths spreading her cream over one tensed buttock; and shifting his supporting arm grasped each buttock with a large hand moving their bodies slightly apart until Leahs sex was positioned directly above his seeking erection.


Look at me, Leah.  Look me straight in the eyes. This time there will be no going back; no changing minds; no arguing.  This time is for keeps.  I always knew you were somewhere out there waiting - I just didnt know where that somewhere was.  Now that I know we are staying together.  You are marrying me.   Do you understand me?


Leah just smiled that astoundingly sexy smile that said that she understood and let her rich laughter bubble over him as her arms clasped his neck as if to never let go.   Daniel felt his heart spasm as strongly as his testicles and erection were spasming when he finally understood clearly that she was finally going to be his

in his life, in his heart, in his bed -  for the rest of his life.  Bracing his forehead against hers he thrust upward burying himself as deeply into her as he could. With a strength that he didnt even know he possessed he lifted her buttocks up and down with clutching hands while his hips beat an urgent rhythm driving his shaft in and out of her body.   Outside the log house that had suddenly transformed into a home the thunder rumbled and the lightning danced around the two passionately entwined people who had finally unraveled the great mystery of their lives.  Their somewhere was here and their time was now.