Stifling,  stagnant air; shuffling footsteps; muffled coughs; impatient deep breaths; whispered words.  As he sat patiently in Seat N, Row 7 all of these things registered on Jons brain.  The long flight from Quebec to Atlanta with an even lengthier layover in New York City had tired him considerably.  It was an evil necessity though if he were to ever  have a semblance of a normal life again.  He had been making these trips every few months for the past two years for therapy and training classes.  Two years since he had lost everything in one alcohol-induced car accident.  Two years since he had lost his wife, his son, his job, his self- respect, his eyesight.  Two years of forcing himself to arise every morning and push through another day that offered nothing  of value to him. As far as he was concerned he had been only marking time; and he was weary of marking time.  That fatigue was what had prompted him to make this one last trip to the Atlanta clinic.  This time the doctors were going to evaluate his case for participation in a new experimental laser surgery program that had potential for restoring his sight albeit with a certain amount of risk.  At this point he really wasnt worried about risk;  anything would be better than this empty existence  consumed only by guilt and loneliness.   Slowly closing his eyelids over fatigued eyes that would probably never see anything again except through the memories stored in his minds eye, he settled down in the airplane seat to wait to exit.  He had learned long ago that a blind man using a white cane managed better if he waited until everyone else deplaned before he made the attempt.


     As the moments passed he gradually lost the other sounds surrounding him and that was when the light, sensuous fragrance  captured him.  Focusing on that arresting fragrance he attempted to isolate where it was coming from.  Ever so slowly his brain registered other signals that someone was close by the rustle of silk  cloth, the whisper of nylons as one leg rubbed against another, an occasional brush of hair against shoulder, the tap of a heel against the floor, the glide of a purse strap being slid over a shoulder, and a definitely feminine sigh.  There was no mistaking that.  With that sexy fragrance and all the other signals the sigh had to be female.  And not only female but very, very close.  Instantly he hardened and just as instantly his sightless eyes jerked open.  That had not happened since the accident.  Of course before it was a frequent occurrence whenever he encountered a stunningly attractive woman; but with no visual stimulant, no physical caress, no verbal foreplay it had never happened. He was as hard as a rock and suddenly obsessed with discovering the reason why.   As he braced his hand on the seatback in front of him in preparation to rising he came into contact with a firm, warm shoulder covered with the silky material.  At his touch a head turned brushing equally silky hair over the back of his hand and the sensuous fragrance wafted over him again.


    Christina was hot, tired, irritable, in a rush; and her foot was killing her.  Cursing herself for not changing shoes she jiggled her foot once more to try to relieve the pressure on the huge blister on her heel.  Damn, why hadnt she had enough sense to change into comfortable shoes?  Why hadnt she enough sense to stay home in the first place?  She should know by now that these trips to visit happily married friends did nothing but depress her.  Instantly she felt ashamed. It was wrong to envy the happiness of others; but she had to admit she did.  She realized that if everyone else were as lonely as she had been since her divorce it wouldnt lessen her loneliness or make it disappear. The world would just be full of a lot more people like her, a lot more people just marking time, and that would be a real tragedy.  But nevertheless she did envy the closeness that existed when a man and a woman truly loved one another.  Would she never experience that again? Would the remainder of her life be spent only viewing from the sidelines  what she craved in the lives of friends?   She was so tired of feeling like the proverbial child with his nose pressed against the candy store window.  Sighing with pain and dejection she jolted when strong, hot fingers clasped her shoulder.  A current of electricity shot from those fingers through her body all the way to her throbbing heel. What in the world was happening now?  She had never in all her years felt anything like it.  Quickly turning her head to discover the source of that incredible sensation her jawbone grazed four long,  strong fingers and the electricity shot through her again.


   Startled she stammered, Pardon me. Did you need something?


   At the sound of her deep, throaty voice Jon fleetingly wondered how deep it would sound at the moment of her climax.  Startled by the direction of his thoughts, he was equally startled by the increase in the bulge in the front of his pants.  What in the world was happening?   He knew he was horny as he had not been with a woman since the accident, but he had been horny before and never felt like this.  The skin on the back of his fingers felt tingly where her skin had touched his. He was acutely aware that since losing his sight all of his other senses had gone into overdrive, but never to this degree. Deliberately lifting his forefinger to barely touch the tender skin on her jaw he responded,


        Im sorry. I didnt mean to startle you. I couldnt judge where the seatback was.




     As that one fingertip slowly traced circles on her jaw Christina studied the owner.  He was impeccably dressed tasteful charcoal suit, starched white dress shirt with French cuffs stabbed by  elegant gold cufflinks and clutched in his other hand an accessory not usually seen in GQ, a white cane.  A white cane used by a blind person.  As awareness sank in she darted her gaze to his face where she started at the top of a dark blond head and followed the wide,  white ,  raised scar from his hairline down a very masculine cheek over a square jaw line and down the smooth-shaven neck  to disappear under the stiff white collar.  Wishing she could open that shirt and see where that scar led her Christina skipped her gaze back up to his eyes.  Although somewhat off - focus those eyes were the most amazing shade of gray she had ever seen and were caressed by eyelashes the exact same color of his suit.  Fleetingly she wondered if the suit had been selected for its color.  The man may be blind, but he did have style.  Losing all track of time she studied that fascinating face before her while delighting in the recurrent darts of electricity zinging from that one fingertip to stop at her nipples before continuing on to  zap her clitoris until her entire sex was swollen and wet.  Laughing inwardly she thought to herself that she was indeed wet enough to conduct electricity quite well.


    Excuse me, but is something wrong?  Or do you find my scar to be that mesmerizing?  Jon had hoped that this woman would be different from everyone else and was more than a little annoyed when she remained silent so long.  Obviously she like many others assumed that because he couldnt see that the rest of him didnt function also.  When his erection jerked slightly he thought how surprised she would be if she knew the truth.  In his  annoyance he was half tempted to grab her hand and press it over his crotch so that she could feel how alive he was for herself.


    Flustered that she had been staring and that he obviously realized it,  Christina stood suddenly wincing at the pain she felt in her heel.  Deciding that facing the truth head on was best she took another deep breath.  I am sorry,  Mr. .


  Jon. My name is Jean-Michel Emmanuelle Bouchette.  But I prefer to be called Jon.  Hearing the embarrassment in her voice he softened his own.


  All right, Jon it is;  although that is one of the most beautiful , lyrical names I have ever heard. Are you French?


   No.  Im French-Canadian.  And my mother would be pleased to know someone liked the name. She put a lot of thought into it when I was born,  and  I dont think I have ever properly appreciated it.


   Christina , aware that he was relaxing somewhat, laughed.  You will appreciate it when you meet the right woman.  It is a sensual name that does funny things to a womans stomach.  Perhaps that is why your mother picked it.  Mothers are women too, you know.  Anyway, I am still sorry.  I was staring, but not because of your blindness.  You have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen and your choice of that suit does nothing but enhance them.  I would think that all of the women have been staring at you ever since you left .?


   Quebec.  I  live in Quebec.  However, if any women have been staring at me I never noticed until you; and since all my other senses work in hyperdrive, I think I would have.  And your name would be  Jon slowly stood turning slightly in the hopes that the woman would not see the tight bulge in his pants.   Since she had stood he had lost that delightful electrical current and he wanted to get it back.   Quickly.


  As the plane was empty by this time Christina began to edge down the aisle;  the pain from her heel slowing her normal pace.  My name is Christina Walsh.  Before I annoy you again, let me explain that I am not walking this slowly on your behalf.  I was stupid enough to buy a new pair of shoes for this trip and I am paying the price with a  whopper of a blister on my heel. I think the fool thing has ruptured.


 He knew it was wrong to be glad that someone else was in pain, but Jon was glad for a legitimate excuse to prolong  their conversation.  It has been several years since I have been able to assist a lady in distress, he smiled, but I would be delighted. You take my left arm since I guide myself with this cane in my right hand and together we will make our way to the moving sidewalk and out of this place.


Noticing that Jon was moving much better than she Christina gratefully looped her arm through his and instantly the electricity was arcing  once more through them both.  They progressed down the moving sidewalk across the open atrium that served as the hub for the hallways that tentacled off in all directions to waiting planes exchanging  their respective life stories; each feeling  with empathy the pain in the other.   All the while Christina was impressed with the confidence and competence of the man with her.  There was nothing in this man to be pitied; and whether he realized it or not women were staring at him everywhere they went.    He was not extremely tall,  but as his bent arm pressed perfectly in alignment with her right breast she couldnt help but think that the remaining body parts would align as well should the need ever arise.  In spite of the emotional turmoil brought about by this stranger next to her and the increasing pain in her heel Christina commented upon his apparent skills.


  Thank you.  My proficiency in the blind world is about all I have to show for the last two years of my life.  Its odd.  But most people like to treat me as if I were totally incompetent.  They assume that if my eyes dont work then nothing else works either, Jon observed wryly. 


Glancing over at the ever- present bulge in the front of his pants that Christina had noticed as soon as he stood she thought to herself that those people couldnt be more wrong.  Wishing that she could squeeze him just a little to see if he was as hard as he looked she just replied,  Obviously they were wrong.


  Noticing the slight movement of her head before her comment Jon had to wonder exactly what she thought worked  on him.  He just hoped it was the same thing that had caused him so much discomfort since meeting her,  not to mention his suit pants.  It was a wonder that they hadnt burst by now.  It was a wonder that his erection hadnt burst by now; he sure didnt know what was stopping it.  All he knew was that is was the most wonderful pain he had ever felt and he was going to prolong it as long as possible.  For the first time in two years he felt as if there was more in his world than darkness.  In a matter of minutes under Jons guidance they had collected luggage,  made their way slowly through the parking garage laughing at Christinas  gimpy walk, and were now heading away from town in Christinas car.  Both were suddenly quiet lost in private thoughts.  Christina was listening to the tiny little voice inside her that was warning her not to let this man disappear from her life.  One thing she had learned over the years was to listen to this little voice.   Her home was rather large and occasionally she rented a room to others.  Did she dare  make the offer to Jon? Would he assume she was offering sex?  While there was no doubt this man stirred her she was not one to indulge in one night stands or casual sex.  Breathing deeply again she broached the subject.


    Jon, where are you staying?


    I dont know yet.  This trip came up rather unexpectedly.  Just drop me at the usual hotel, I guess.  Surely they can come up with something.


    Would you be interested in staying at my home?  Stammering nervously Christina rushed on.  My home is too big for me and I really dont like staying there by myself.  I frequently rent a room to someone that I like.  I enjoy the company, you know, platonic company.  It might be a little more comfortable than a hotel room.


   Jon wasnt too sure about the wisdom of this idea because his thoughts were definitely not platonic, but he only knew that he had to grasp at any connection that could be maintained with this incredible woman.  That sounds like a refreshing change to me.  And ,believe it or not, I can cook once I learn the kitchen.  Chocolate mousse is my specialty.  I am housebroken and very well behaved.  So, homeward, James!  While trying to appear casual on the outside he was praying that this turn of events would give him the necessary time to make Christina see something in him other than his blindness.


   One week later they had settled into a rather regular routine.  Christina left for work first; then Jon to the daily evaluation sessions with the doctors.  Arriving home first he usually had dinner almost finished when Christina arrived.  The evenings were spent with Jon sprawled on the rug in front of the huge fireplace while Christina sitting in her huge rocker read aloud from a favorite novel.  As ever the longer he listened to her voice and smelled her scent up close the harder he got.  Neither was sleeping much .  Even though they remained in their separate rooms their thoughts were always with the other wishing that things were different.  Yet these thoughts were never spoken aloud.  Jon had finally reached the point where he thought he had better leave; his penis was going to fall off if he didnt do something and ice cold showers were not  sufficing. Thinking of what he really wanted to be doing he drifted off in a restless sleep.


     Jon stood naked in front of the mirrored walls;  his  blond hair tousled; his gray eyes sparkling; his scar-free face glistening with sweat; his  hard, heavily veined erection jutting toward the mirrors, straining just as his ears were straining.  He heard the sultry voice before he saw the firm, curvaceous body.  It was Christina.  She looked just as she had felt.  Totally naked; totally unselfconscious she stepped in front of him pressing her back against his chest.  Constantly maintaining eye contact with each other in the mirrors they moved sensuously in an erotic dance rubbing and caressing as they positioned their bodies.  Jon feathered wet, playful kisses along her cheek and neck as his right hand cupped her breast searching for the already erect nipple. At the same time his left hand slithered along her satiny stomach to the treasure buried between her white thighs parted by his strong leg.  As their height difference was minimal his throbbing erection slid perfectly along her wet sex to emerge just below the curls covering her mons.  Pressing her hot buttocks more tightly against his groin Jon was able to see the glistening ripe tip of his penis as it lay just below her clitoris.  Smiling in delight she slowly began rubbing just the ruby tip with the fingertips of her left hand as simultaneously Jon began massaging her clitoris marveling as it swelled and ripened in color.  Matching friction for friction and rhythym for rhythym   their hands joined in a pursuit of pleasure. When Christina arched against him Jon knew that he had won his reward. Turning her swiftly in his arms he slid both hands under her cream -  dampened buttocks lifting her upward until the throbbing tip of his penis barely kissed the sensitive opening to her wet vagina.  Rocking his hips forward slowly he slid his erection into her tight vagina an inch at a time until he was fully buried.  For just a moment he stood perfectly still savoring the heat, the tightness, the small flutters licking at his swelling penis, her scent, the reflection in the mirror.  When  Christina threw her head backward thrusting her nipples in his face Jon obliged by sucking the tight buds  in time to the slow but emphatic plunges of his erection into her body.  When her spasms began he abandoned all restraint and pounded with hard, jackhammer thrusts into her until they both quaked with their release. As he stood still staring at the reflection of her round, firm buttocks braced by gorgeous legs wrapped around his waist he noticed his come slowly sliding out of her vagina onto his fingers and onto his testicles to trace a path down his thigh.  He knew he had gushed , but not that much.                                                                                                                   


 Jon awoke with the realization that his come actually was dripping down his thigh and that he had just had his first wet dream since he had been a teenager. What in the world would Christina think if she saw her bed?  Thank goodness he had located the linen closet already. That would be the first order of business after Christina left for work.  Rubbing a shaky palm over his forehead Jon reflected on the difficult day ahead. Today the doctors would be discussing the viability of his having surgery.  Knowing that further sleep was impossible Jon crept from the bedroom to the huge bathroom on the other side of the house.  That marble bathtub with those magical whirlpool jets seemed to be beckoning him.


A few hours later Jon was back in the house where the day had begun, but this time in the kitchen.  The decision was not going to be an easy one and preparing his favorite chocolate mousse helped him to relax.  He was so deep in thought that he never even heard Christina enter the room.  She stood silently observing him; amazed at his abilities even though blind; realizing that with his acute hearing that if he hadnt heard her he must be mulling over the doctors decision.  Dinner was eaten in relative silence with Christina becoming more and more apprehensive.  By the time they were ready for the mousse she was terrified.  They must have rejected him.  They had condemned him to a future of darkness.  Why else would he be so quiet?  Why wouldnt he tell her?


Jon wasnt surprised by the choices he had before him, but now due to his feelings for Christina making the proper choice would be more difficult.  As he began to spoon up the mousse suddenly it occurred to him that it wouldnt really be that difficult after all.  Christinas feelings for him or lack thereof would make the final decision.  At the thought his heart began hammering and his hands were shaking so badly that the serving spoon slipped from his trembling fingers splashing mousse over him and the table.  Silently watching him Christinas sense of dread accelerated.  Her heart broke to think of the pain he must be feeling.  Leaning toward him she gently cupped his trembling hand in her own.  Almost in slow motion she brought that large, masculine hand to her lips.  With just the tip of her tongue she tenderly began to lick the mousse from his fingers.  At the first sensation of her wet, warm tongue sliding over his flesh his heart literally seemed to stop.  Without thinking he slid his other hand into her silky hair to alternately massage her scalp and comb his long fingers through the fragrant strands.  Her insistent tongue slithered over each finger in turn thrusting at the tender flesh connecting finger and palm only to dart upward to draw each fingertip into her warm mouth where it was suckled by hot, slick, demanding lips.  Lost in the assault on his senses Jon dreaded the moment when the last fingertip was clean knowing that for him chocolate mousse would never be the same.


As Christina became hazily aware of her hard, puckered nipples and the wet, aching flesh between her thighs and felt the strong fingers kneading her scalp she suddenly panicked .  Dear God, what was she doing?  What sort of signals was she sending this man?  She couldnt  possibly want to make love with this man. As soon as the thought pierced her heart so did the answer. Whether right or wrong, yes, she wanted this man as she had never wanted any other.  But what of him? He couldnt possibly feel the same.  He was surely just responding out of the blatant sexual stimulation and his own emotional pain.  Suddenly embarrassed she jerked upright thankful that he couldnt see the tears glistening in her eyes and in a husky voice whispered,  I am sorry.  I dont know what made me do that.  Jon, please tell me what the doctors said today.


Reluctantly releasing her Jon replied, All right.  But lets talk in the other room by the fireplace.  Ill sit in the rocker and you can sit in my lap.


Slanting him a curios look Christina wondered what sort of mood this was.  I dont think so!  You take the rocker and Ill take the floor in front of the fire.   Moving into the adjoining room and assuming the designated seats Jon quickly related to her  the news.  He could leave well enough alone and remain blind or he could undergo the surgery and risk possible brain damage or even death with no assurances that the surgery would even work.  While listening  Christina laid her cheek against his thigh and watched as the bulge in his crotch gradually increased in size.  Throwing caution aside she placed her small hand over the large bulge and began to gently squeeze the hardness. When the imprint of his testicles became evident she dropped her fingers and carefully began to trace circles over the huge twin balls supporting his erection. Rising to her knees she leaned forward and starting at the hairline she slid her flattened tongue down the wide, angry scar leaving behind a glistening trail of saliva, all the while fondling his testicles which had drawn so tight against him Jon was afraid they would disappear inside. Her free hand unbuttoned his shirt, slipped inside and began to caress his nipple until it too was hard and  distended.   He was afraid to breathe; afraid to move; afraid to open his eyes.  He knew this had to be another dream.


When the aching in his testicles became unbearable Jon sucked in a deep breath for control and whispered, What are you doing?


I want to see your penis and take each of your balls in my mouth.  I want to taste you.  So if you have no objection unzip those pants and let me have at it!


As quickly as the words were spoken Christina had what she asked for. His rock hard  erection was jutting upward, the large blue veins engorged with blood creating hills and valleys over his shaft;   his swollen testicles seemed to quiver as she stared;  his hands gripped the arms of the chair;  his scar appearing even whiter against the flush on his face.  Placing her hands over his she leaned forward and softly rubbed her cheek first up one side of his penis and then down the other stopping only long enough to curl the tip of her tongue over the pulsing crimson crest.  Coming to those quivering balls she oh so gently slipped one into her mouth and applied the faintest sucking pressure.  As Jon moaned in delight she released the testicle sliding her tongue in a swirling motion around it and began removing her blouse.  Saying nothing so that he could concentrate on the sensations only,  she wound her hand around his manhood and raising upward she began to rub his ruby tip which was already wet with his own emissions against  each of her nipples.  Slowly around first the right aureole and then the left. Moving back to the right nipple she fanned his glans rapidly over the turgid tip only to repeat on the crest of the left nipple.  Christina knew he was enjoying her body when she saw the drops of semen dribbling from the jerking  head.  Smiling to herself she spread the milky fluid over her nipples reveling in her own wash of pleasure.  Jon felt as if he were drowning in the sensations flowing through his groin.  How could a nipple be so soft and so hard at the same time? The glans of his penis swelled even larger as he realized that in all of his life no one had ever tried to give him as much unselfish pleasure as this amazing woman.  When he felt his orgasm begin to build at the base of his spine he gasped,  Christina, baby, stop.  Im going to come if you dont stop and I dont want to yet.  I want to come inside you.


In the blink of an eye both were stretched in front of the glowing fire.  Christina, honey, are you possibly wet?


Are you kidding me?  I have been sucking on your gorgeous balls and watching your red glans kiss my nipples for the last ten minutes.   Of course Im wet!


Thank God.  Baby, I want to feel you. I want to feel your wet sex and your clitoris sliding over my skin.  Straddle my abdomen; lean forward a little so that I can massage your breasts; and slide your clit over me until you come. Will you do that for me?  Delighted to oblige, Christina carefully mounted him positioning her buttocks in front of his vertical penis and wickedly spreading her inner lips with one hand so that her clit made direct contact with the warm, damp skin on his stomach.  In order to provide him as much sensation as possible she began moving very slowly, slipping and sliding her wet, pulsing clitoris over his hot stomach making sure to bump the cleft of her firm buttocks against his jerking shaft with each glide.  True to his word Jon found each of her swollen breasts and gently massaged the mounds and palmed the nipples enjoying feeling them harden under his fingers.  Taking great delight in watching the vast array of changing expressions on his face Christina gradually increased both the speed and pressure of her movements until she felt her own spasms begin.  Never in his life had Jon imagined feeling anything like this.  The heat, the slickness, the actual swelling and hardening of the clitoris pressing against him.  Never before had he been so aware of the unique, musky scent signaling a womans  arousal; and the soft gasps  she uttered were the most beautiful music imaginable.  Vaguely the thought drifted across his mind that maybe being blind wasnt without benefits;  before he had been so focused on the visual that he had missed these amazing sensations. Sensing that she was about to orgasm Jon began thumbing her engorged nipples vigorously.  When her cries began he swiftly lifted her buttocks and thrust into her.  Pumping as rapidly as he could Jon poured as much semen into her pulsing vagina as he had released the night before.  Gasping for air Christina collapsed on top of Jon and lay there for some time listening as his breathing turned from ragged to slow and deep.  Rubbing his hands down her sweat-slicked  back to massage her buttocks once more he chuckled, Lets go to the bathroom. That enormous whirlpool tub is calling me again.  This time Im not going to soak alone. We both need a bath and right now I can think of nothing I want to do more than bathe you.



Minutes later they were both immersed in the warm swirling water.  Jon lay flat on his back and positioned Christina on top of him with her cheek lying next to his, her breasts arcing upward, and her legs draped over his thighs.  They were facing one of the many water jets and the sensation of the warm water pulsing against her exposed sex was one of the most incredible things she had ever known.  Lathering his hands with the soap which carried her familiar fragrance Jon began at her throat and slowly, teasingly slowly,  spread the lather over her hardened nipples, down her smooth abdomen, and over her swollen sex. Lingering there to glide his lathered fingers over her clitoris and down the sweet valley to her vagina, Jon began nibbling on Christinas ear lobe while whispering all the precious words her heart had been aching to hear. When she began to thrust against his hand he rolled her over sloshing the warm water all over the floor in the process , and  spreading her thighs as wide as possible over his jerking penis he entered her once more. Searching for her nipples with his mouth he suckled her as hungrily as any baby would and aided by the buoyancy of the warm water he rocked his body into hers.  For one all too brief moment in time they were one as only a man and a woman can be as they climaxed at the same instant.  Feeling as if every muscle in her body were jelly Christina slumped against his chest and neck once more while he clutched her to him whispering over and over in her ear, I love you, Christina. I love you, baby.


They remained in that magical tub until both lost all track of time.  Jon knew without a doubt that he would be content to spend the rest of his life lying in this marble tub feeling the press of Christinas breasts against his own hard nipples; running his trembling fingers down her satiny back to squeeze her buttocks ; feeling his still-hard erection twitch inside her body;  listening to every minute inflection in her breathing as the warm, pulsing water flowed over and around them both. Christina dozing contentedly with the strong body pressed against her was roused abruptly when Jon groaned loudly in her ear.  Much to his disappointment he had softened enough to slide out of her.   Reluctantly Christina remembered where they had started and hesitantly asked, Jon, have you made your decision?


Christina, we need to talk, but not here.  Wriggling out of the marble tub Jon rapidly toweled them both dry.  Stay here for just a minute.  It will be worth your wait, I promise,  Jon smiled as he rapidly exited the room.


Christina shivering as the cool air chilled her skin listened with curiosity to the sound of the dryer in the laundry room.  Just as she was about to investigate Jon returned carrying a wadded blanket.  Quickly he enveloped them both in the deliciously warm blanket that had been heated in the dryer and rapidly carried her to the huge rocking chair.  Now we will talk and this time you will sit on my lap.  Even as he spoke he put his words into action seating himself and settling Christina on his lap bundling her close to him under the folds of the warm cocoon as he tucked her head against his scarred neck. Slowly the familiar rocker which would never be the same for either of them began its glide.  Sighing to answered prayers and reveling in the incredible warmth flowing to her from both the man and the blanket Christina pressed her lips against the pulse beating rapidly in the base of his throat.  Although unwilling to disturb the amazing world of sensation that Jon had immersed her in Christina knew her question had to be answered.


Jon, please, have you made a decision?




No, baby, I didnt make it. You did.   The rocker continued its glide.


I did? Jon, how in the world could I have made the decision?


Laughing he kissed her ear. You made it when you gave yourself to me, honey.  There is no way that I will do anything to risk what we have together.  Tomorrow I will tell the doctors that there will be no surgery.  From now on I wont be just marking time;  Ill be making time with my woman.


  Jean-Michel Emanuelle Bouchette ,  I love you as much as a woman can love  a man, but are you sure?    The rocker halted its glide as Jon realized what she had said.  And she was right; his name had never sounded so beautiful before.   You are sentencing yourself   to a lifetime of blindness?  Are you absolutely sure?   Christina was scared and thrilled all at the same time.


Baby, I wont be blind.  I can see your love better than most people see everything else.


Feeling his shaft throbbing against her stomach once more it was Christinas turn to laugh.  Reaching down to caress his swelling erection she sighed, I think you need to make some more mousse and this is the first thing I am going to dip into it.


Dip away, honey, just as long as you promise to lick it clean.