Anna was becoming accustomed to the jostles of the four wheel drive vehicle navigating the rough, pitted, dirt road that had been carved into the Wyoming plains.  She wasnt adjusting as well to the heat and the endless dry, dusty wind that had battered her head and back for the past three hours.  She had been warned about the lonely landscape, and truth be known, that was one of the reasons she had come. As lonely as she had become since her husbands death she felt as if she belonged in this isolated , desolate place.  She had not been warned about the endless prairie  wind, but in a way it was comforting.







       That said it all about her life she thought.  Alone with a hot, dry wind. She felt so alone that she imagined that if she disappeared absolutely no one would even notice.  That wasnt much to be said for a life spent trying to please everyone around her.  Wiping the tears trickling over her check bones with her fingertips she realized that maybe that had been her mistake trying too hard to please everyone else.  Now Anna had another chance;  and as she straightened her wind-beaten back  she resolved that this time she was going to come first.   She  was determined to fight her natural impulses to spoil and pamper everyone that she knew.  Just for once she wanted to be the one who was nurtured and pampered.                                                                                                        


         Sighing to the depth of her soul Anna thought of all of the sintillating sexual experiences her friends had reveled in telling about that she had missed.  The closeness, the soul-satisfying comfort found in being held in strong arms, even the peace of being financially cared for all of these things she remembered well.  But it astounded her to discover that to have been married most of her adult life she had missed so many of the incredible pleasures  available between a man and a woman.  Her husband had been repressed almost to the point of prudery.  She supposed he had loved her in his way, but what kind of love was it if your husband acted as if your body was nasty?  What kind of love was it if a kiss was merely lips touching lips?  What kind of love was it if your own husband jumped up to wash himself as soon as he withdrew from your body?  What kind of love was it if after caressing  your clitoris with his finger, heaven forbid his tongue, your own husband held his hand away from his body in fear or repulsion of getting your moisture on himself?  Yet this was the kind of love her marriage had brought.   Closing her tired eyes against the bright sun and drying wind Anna vowed to herself that before she died she would have at least one night with a man who would see her as a creature of wonder and her body as an unending dish of delectable, edible delights.   One night would be enough, she breathed to herself, one night  to bring all of her fantasies to life.



             The sudden jolt of the vehicle brought her thoughts quickly back to the painful reality of the present.    Since her husbands death several years ago she had tried just about  everything that had  been suggested to try and build a new life a job, church activities, family, hobbies, working until she was ready to drop.  Nothing had helped.  And she had no one to talk to about the mess. She had tried, but everyone  gave her the same blank look.  They couldnt understand why a fifty year old widow who wasnt destitute couldnt be content to spend the rest of her days babysitting grandchildren and organizing charitable functions.  Anna had given up trying to make anyone understand that her husband was dead but she wasnt.


       Sometimes she felt as if something must be truly wrong with her.  Surely it wasnt normal for a woman her age to ache to feel a mans warm body lying next to hers at night.  Surely it wasnt normal for a woman her age to spend as many hours as she did fantasizing about all the wonders of sex that she had never experienced.  Surely it wasnt normal for a woman her age to even expect a man to want to place his lips on her clitoris even though lips had never caressed her there before.  Surely he would rather bury his face  between younger legs and taste younger flesh.  Did younger , moist  lips sheltering a swollen bud taste any different , any better , than her own older, wet flesh that quivered at the mere thought of a mans lips sliding over it in route to thrusting inside her beckoning vagina?  Normal or not she only knew that she didnt want her life to be defined in the past; her chance to satisfy these longings couldnt be over.  She had to find someone that would give her that one precious night to answer her questions.        



            In desperation she had decided that she wouldnt let any more opportunities pass her by.  She had never been one to give up and now wasnt the time to start.  So here she was;  alone in the hot, dry wind traveling to her new life as the housekeeper for a rancher here  in the wind swept Wyoming plains.  She was scared to go forward but even more scared to go back. No, that was out of the question, she thought.   She could never go back to what she was.  Somewhere someone was waiting for her .  She could feel it in her soul and she didnt want to be late  - couldnt be late for this might truly be her last chance.


         The vehicle slammed to a sudden stop  swirling the dust and interrupting her thoughts.  She had arrived.  She looked around to see what her new home was like and locked  gazes with the most incredible pair of chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen.  Chocolate eyes surrounded by eyelashes and eyebrows as black as night;  salt and pepper hair that was too long for anyones tastes in her old life;  a hard body that had been shaped by years of hard labor;  and a voice that could easily have come from   Sam Elliot.   The combination of those eyes and that voice had melted her insides to butter and made her mouth as dry as the ever-blowing wind.  Never before had the mere presence of a man made her feel this helpless, weak, nervous, tingly, hot, and sexy all at the same time.  When Anna realized how fast her heart was beating and how wet her crotch was she flushed from her neck all the way to her hair.  Smiling to herself she hoped he would just think she was experiencing a mid-life hot flash. I am crazy, she thought to herself, but ,  god help me,  I want more. I want everything there is to have.  This was why she had come and she wasnt going to run now. She wasnt late after all.


       The deep voice rumbled at her. I was beginning to worry that something had changed your mind.   I am , as you surely know, Robert Rhys, your employer.  Let me help you inside and make you comfortable.  He reached a strong, slender hand up to take her own.  Taking the firm grasp he offered Anna stepped down and squared her shoulders.  She knew that she would never feel  comfortable merely working in this mans home.  She didnt want to be in his home; she wanted to be in his bed helping him bury himself inside  her body.  It was now or never.



       As he helped her up the steps leading to the wide wrap-around  porch surrounding the house on three sides Anna noticed first the wide ,wooden,  porch -swing rocking gently to the  rhythm of the prairie wind and second the slight limp in the stride of the man holding her hand with his own scarred hand.  Somewhere this man had encountered some pain of his own in life.   Entering the front door of the rather elegant, stylish house  Anna relished the cool air that replaced the hot, dry wind.  But the heat coming from the tall man beside her was warming her in an entirely different way and in entirely different places.  She was delighted to find that she was wet between her legs and for once not from her own fantasies.  Taking a deep, shaky breath Anna turned to Robert.


     I am here, Mr.Rhys, but I have changed my mind. I will not work for you. Deep chocolate eyes locked with hers.


     Are you crazy, woman?  You made this long trip and now you decide you wont work for me?  Robert was enraged and puzzled.  The woman looked sane and very attractive, but what in the world was she babbling about?


    Laughing softly , Anna met those chocolate eyes with a yearning gaze. yes, a lot of people think that I am completely crazy; and when I finish my proposal you will definitely agree with them.


    Frowning at those words Robert motioned to a chair where Anna was to sit.  All right.  You have my undivided attention.  What exactly is your crazy proposal?


   Mr.Rhys, I dont want to be your housekeeper.  What I want is one night of your life one night in which you will provide me with all the passion and sexual pleasure that I have missed in my life.  One night in which you will be the lover every woman should have.      


  Sitting heavily in the chair nearest her Robert stared at her lovely face and wondered what in the world had brought this woman to the point where she would ask such a thing from him.  Looking as she did what could she possibly have missed in her love life?  She had been married for over twenty-five years; he knew much about her from the extensive referrals she had sent.  What had her husband failed to do?  Why had she missed anything?  If she had been his wife there was nothing she would have missed. Granted the idea appealed to him; it had been a long time since he had had a woman especially one this attractive. But he was also insulted.


  Let me be sure I understand.  You want me to make love with you, a total stranger, for one night?


  Thats correct.


  You want me to be your whore.


  No, Mr. Rhys,  not my whore.  I dont intend to pay in any way except to give you as much enjoyment as you give me.  As you can see I am not a young woman and not stupid either. I realize the clock is ticking down on me and there are many sexual experiences I have missed in my life. My opportunities for meeting someone that can provide what I need are slipping by as well.


   What makes you think that I can provide what you are looking for?


  Because of the way you make my body feel, Mr. Rhys, just by looking at me and touching my hand.  I have no doubt as to what you could make me feel if we were naked and exploring each other. Just the thought of the actual experience is overwhelming.  One night of passion one night and then I will leave and you will never see me again.  Pregnancy is impossible so that is not a problem and I have no diseases.  Obviously, after such a night I could never work for you.  Taking another deep breath Anna sat back and searched those incredible eyes for her answer.


      Robert felt as if someone had gut punched him. This woman was crazy.   But she was very attractive.  Even though he knew her to be fifty he would have never placed her past  forty by looking at her.  And her voice.  That deep, sultry voice was the sexiest thing he had ever heard.  Just listening to it for this brief time had given him an unbelievable erection.  Why hadnt her husband answered all of her sexual curiosities?  Although she presented herself as a strong, take charge woman he suspected that she was really quite vulnerable and soft.  Yes, she would be soft and warm and wet in all the right places.  Hell, I am as crazy as she is.  As soon as the thought ran through his mind he knew what his answer was going to be.


     Standing Robert looked the woman in the eyes to be sure she was still intent on her proposal.  All right; you have a deal.  One night of incredible sex for both of us with no strings attached.  We must be clear on that point.  I dont intend to be hurt  by anyone anymore.


   Neither do I, Robert.  Neither do I.


   Do you want anything to eat before we start this little adventure?


    Not food. Right now the only thing I want to eat is you and vice versa.  Where is the bedroom?


    Without being conscious of the maneuvers Anna found herself in a huge, cool bedroom.  The room was on the shaded side of the house and the ever-present wind was lifting the long flowing curtains surrounding the immense floor-to-ceiling- windows beside the enormous brass bed.  She smiled to herself again.  That was a bed made for lovemaking.  Turning around she was amazed to discover that Robert was already completely undressed and quite aroused.  Unable to help herself she stared at his erection.  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.  Rising past horizontal the pulsing male flesh was hard, ruby tipped and already damp, waiting for her.  Was it as hard as it looked?  Staring only at the wonder in front of her Anna stepped forward and slide her hand softly down the entire length of his erection reveling in the beauty she held. With her thumb and forefinger she gently rubbed the sensitive head circling the flare of flesh where the head joined the heated shaft.  At Roberts groan she lightly fingered the ridge running the length of the backside of his manhood.  She drew her fingers around  the hot shaft and began stroking upward and then downward upward and then downward - upward and then downward.  When she saw the pearly white drop of semen topping the ruby head she slipped down to her knees.  Not quite believing what was happening Robert looked downward on the top of her chestnut head and slid his long fingers in her hair.   Leaving one hand on the shaft she moved the other around Roberts side to squeeze his buttock while she slid her tongue sinuously around the ruby head until she reached the tiny slit on the very tip.  As she licked that tiny slit with the tip of her tongue she felt him swell even more signaling that he was ready to come.  Kneading his buttock with her hand she sucked as much of his erection into her mouth as she could.  As she counted his heartbeats in her mouth she began to feel him thrusting forward and spewing his hot, salty fluid into her throat.  Relishing every moment she swallowed every drop he had to give and wished that there were  more.    


     Trembling and wiping the perspiration from his face Robert stared at the woman still kneeling in front of him.  As he had finished emptying his seed into her warm, wet mouth she had softly laid her cheek against his groin and he could feel her gently pressing kisses against his tight , aching testicles.  Just as quickly he was hard and hurting again. That had never happened to him before; his recovery time had always been at least twenty minutes.  Releasing her head he rasped out, My God. I wasnt expecting that.


     I told you I was hungry for you, Anna sighed. 


      if that was hungry then, lady, Im starved for you. As quickly as he had disposed of his own clothing Robert did away with hers.  His breath caught in his throat when he looked at her breasts. They were firm and up-thrusting like a much younger woman and crowned with large dusky-red nipples that were already swollen and beckoning him. Quickly just in case this was all an elaborate illusion that was likely to evaporate he bent his head and slid his tongue around one nipple.  Annas whole body jerked in response.  Feeling her need he slipped one hand up to feather across the other nipple while he sucked this one into his mouth.  Gently at first and then ever stronger he suckled her.  He suckled her  nipple as if somehow he could draw part of her inside himself to never leave.


  With her moans echoing in his ears he slid his hot slick tongue slowly down her belly tracing the long scar left by her hysterectomy from many years ago and into her navel where he thrusted his tongue in a minuet of what would come. Now Robert was the one on his knees in front of her dark feminine curls.  Without being conscious of what she was doing Anna parted her legs slightly and quickly Robert darted his tongue over the lips shielding her clitoris finding them swollen.  With the very tip of his tongue he gently licked her with soft , quick strokes all the while inhaling the luscious scent that could be defined only as Anna.  When he became drunk on the taste and the scent of Anna he abruptly stood and scooped her in his arms and placed her on the big brass bed.


    Suddenly Anna was terrified.  Why had he stopped?  Dear God, Why had he stopped?  He was the first man to even come close to tasting her; why had he stopped?  Didnt she taste good?  Had she done something wrong? Or had she not done something she was supposed to do?   Glancing up Robert saw the fear  and the doubt in her eyes.  Quickly he leaned forward and brushed the tenderest of kisses almost like a butterflys kiss on her lips.  In spite of herself Annas voice shook, Why in the world did you stop?


   I didnt stop, Anna.  I want it all.  I want to see all of you, taste all of you, feast on all of you.  Lie back and spread your legs for me, Anna.  Offer to me what  you have to give.  It is so much sweeter if you give freely ,Anna, rather than me taking.  I wont hurt you, baby.  I would never hurt you.  Breathing deeply Anna lay back as Robert slid his arms under her thighs and draped her legs over her his shoulders.  Cupping her firm buttocks in his suddenly shaky hands he spread her thighs as wide as he could and gazed in awe at the beauty that was Anna. Her inner lips were swollen, pulsing much as he had pulsed, and glistening with the transparent, fragrant moisture that had seeped from within her.  Unable to resist he dipped his head as close as possible and breathed in the scent that was Anna again.  Closing his eyes now in order to concentrate  only on the sensations Robert slowly, tortuously slowly ,slid his tongue down the outside crease of her lips and back again only to gently suck the fluttering edge of one lip between his own lips. Like a rose opening for the kiss of the sun her inner lips opened before his mouth. Delicately he slid his tongue into the slick, creamy valley and then darted downward into her vagina .  Anna moaned as only a starving person who has been given manna could and clutched handfuls of salt-and-pepper hair.  As the sweat ran down the side of his face Robert suddenly felt an urgency to give Anna all that she had been denied.  Rapidly he began thrusting his tongue deeply in and out of her vagina only to slow just as suddenly and swirl the tip of his tongue around the sensitive entrance to her portal. Feeling the sleek feminine muscles surrounding his tongue begin to quiver, he slid that wicked tongue back the path it had come to the swollen, beckoning clitoris at the crest of her mound.                                                                                                            



 Glancing upward Robert beheld Anna with her face flushed, breathing in gasps, and her engorged nipples thrusting upward with each gasp.  Her flexing fingers pulled at his hair and he smiled knowing that she wanted this as much as he did.  It meant nothing to him if she did not enjoy it as much as he did.  Once more his head dipped downward and gently cradling her clitoris between his lips he sucked her bud until she arched her entire body upward in climax and then fell shakily back to the bed.


    Before she could even breathe he slid his throbbing erection inside her still pulsing vagina and propped himself on his elbows above her. Robert held himself as still as possible in order to enjoy the delicate flutters caressing his erection.   He intended to stay buried inside her as long as possible because with this woman being inside, being one with her flesh had become more important to him than a mere orgasm.  Gazing down at her flushed face he suddenly realized that tears were rolling silently  down her cheeks.  He became frightened as he never had before.  Whats wrong, baby?  Did I hurt you?  Are you disappointed?


    Anna opened her eyes in disbelief and once again locked gazes with chocolate brown eyes filled with concern.  What was she going to do when she had to walk away from those eyes?  Disappointed?  How could I be disappointed when you have just given me what I have been aching for all my life?  Tears arent always tears of sadness, you know.  She was so overwhelmed by the beauty that this wonderful man had shown her that she knew she could never express herself well enough to make him understand.  But she was wrong. Looking into her  eyes Robert saw all that she was trying to say; probably because he was feeling the same in his own heart. What was he going to do when she left him as he had demanded she do?


  Leaning forward he pressed his chest against her amazing nipples and slowly traced the outline of her mouth with his tongue.  As she marveled at her own taste on his lips Anna opened her mouth and greedily pulled his tongue inside.  Their tongues darted, danced, and teased each other until Robert felt Anna take control and not too gently suckle  his tongue.  At the same precise moment he began to thrust his manhood slowly within her body. My God, Anna moaned pushing his head downward again, suck my nipples.  Suck them hard.  Matching the rhythm that he suckled her nipples with the rhythm that he thrust into her vagina, Robert soon felt the smooth, wet muscles in the walls of her body begin to contract and squeeze around him.  His own orgasm was gathering at the base of his spine like a thunderstorm about to split the sky.  No, he thought, not yet. Not yet.  It cant be over yet.  Even though neither of them were virgins he knew in his heart that the first time they came together would be something very special to savor and be recalled to memory many more times.


Anna, baby, dont move; whatever you do dont move!  I need to be inside you as long as possible; dont move and give me a little more time, please!   Slowly swirling his tongue around first one nipple and then the other to keep her level of arousal high, he concentrated on taking deep breaths and willing his own body to obey.  Anna tried , but  the swirl of his tongue was pulling all the way from her nipples to her clitoris which was pulsing again.  Without realizing what she was doing Anna thrust her entire body upward.  When Robert felt the pressure of her soft body along the entire length of his own he knew he was lost.  Thrusting almost wildly inside her vagina  with the muscles in his buttocks flexing with each deep thrust he did nothing to stop the release he knew was coming.  His only concern was that he would last until she came as well. When he felt her muscles clench his penis almost forcefully and heard her cries he began plunging faster and faster until he felt the hot semen begin to spurt from him.  With each hard, deep thrust he felt more of his seed gush into her body one, two, three, four gushes. 


   Robert carefully moved to the side to lever his weight off Anna, but he remained inside her.  He had to. He was desperate to be buried inside her.  He couldnt believe it, but he was still hard. Never before had that happened to him.  He always had deflated rather quickly. Flexing his hard shaft inside her just to make sure he  was still erect he closed his eyes in disbelief.  He had heard of multiple orgasms in men but never had he ever expected to experience one.  Anna wasnt the only one experiencing new pleasures this night.  Almost afraid to move he breathed in her ear, Anna, baby, turn over for me.


  Realizing that he was still erect Anna silently rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her buttocks up in the air while pulling one of the large bed pillows under her head.  Afraid that something, anything,  would break the spell of the moment Robert silently as well moved behind her and grasped her hips .  Once again he found himself on his knees staring at her swollen, red lips sheltering that wet, wet entrance to her vagina.  No, that wasnt right.  It wasnt hers anymore.  It was his; she was his; and he wasnt about  to let her go.


   Grasping his pulsing erection in his hand Robert rubbed the tip slowly up and down the creamy valley between her inner lips.  Finally coming to the red, flared opening to Annas vagina he inserted his penis just barely past the tip. With short, swift strokes he teased the very sensitive ring of tissue encircling her entrance.  As her creamy moisture slid out of her and dribbled down his aching shaft to drip onto the sheet below Robert grasped her hips once again and tilted her at the angle he needed.  Anna, baby,  I want you to help me find your special spot. I need to stroke it; I need to make you feel fireworks.  Help me, baby.  It will be all the sweeter if we do it together.   When Anna didnt answer he became alarmed.  Anna.  Talk to me.  Am I hurting you? Am I doing something you dont like?


  Grimacing in the most unbelievable pleasure she had ever known Anna frowned.  What was that crazy man talking about?  Pain?  Hardly.  Who wouldnt like the sensations he was creating in her?  Rasping in a hoarse voice she barely recognized as her own Anna answered,  good lord, Robert, What is wrong with you? Quit teasing me and thrust that thing as deep as you can.  Smiling in spite of himself Robert did as requested.  As he withdrew to thrust again the bulbous portion of his ruby head grazed against that special spot he was searching for and Anna immediately shimmied her buttocks against him in delight.  There. Robert.  Oh, my God! Right there.  Rub me there!


 When her buttocks shimmied against his groin pulling him as deep inside her as he could go Robert fought to keep from losing his cream again.  As sweat dripped as freely from his face as her fluid dripped onto the sheet below their joined bodies Robert began to thrust forcefully with sort jabs to ensure contact with her special spot. His testicles were pressed tightly against her sex and the creamy wetness from her body flowed over them. In response Anna began grinding her buttocks against his groin in rhythm to his thrusts. Gasping now in a hoarse voice of his own Robert groaned, Please, Anna, dont stop.  Thats the way, baby. Grind against me, Anna.  God, yes.  Thats the way, baby.  Milk me, Anna, Milk every drop Ive got. Its all yours. All yours, baby.


  Way beyond talking, able only to concentrate on the amazing sensations that this amazing man was creating in her and upon the delightful feel of his testicles bumping against her sensitive flesh,  Anna ground her buttocks faster and faster until she felt the spasms begin within her.  Feeling the same spasms Robert threw his head backward and with one hard thrust lodged himself as deeply as he could as his body released the last of his semen into  Anna. This time he was the one with tears running down his cheeks.


  As weak as newborns they both slid down onto the wet sheet cradling each other spoon-wise.  Wiping the damp hair from her cheeks with one hand while he wiped the tears from his cheeks with the other hand Robert realized that this incredible woman who had drifted into his life that afternoon had changed it forever. This wondrous, brave woman who had asked him to show her unknown things had in turn shown him delights that he had never thought possible.  She had indeed given as much pleasure as she had received.  Vowing to keep her as close for the rest of his life  as she was at this moment Robert drifted to sleep listening to Annas slow, relaxed breathing.



  Hours later Anna awoke still cradled next to the man who had given her everything she had asked for and a whole lot more.  The sun was beginning to slip through the still billowing curtains  as she attempted to slip out of the bed without disturbing him.  It was the last thing she wanted to do , but she had asked for only one night and she had no right  to expect any more.  She should be thankful that he had given her that one special night. What if she had died without that night?  It was too horrible a prospect for her to even think about.  Robert stirred as soon as her warmth withdrew from his body.


 And just exactly where do you think you are going?


 Its daylight, Robert.  Its time for me to leave.


 Leave?  Hell, woman, dont you ever think about leaving me!


 Robert, I asked for one night and you gave me that .  I wont ask for more.


 Stretching  like a big cat in the sunlight that was invading the room and smiling with those chocolate brown eyes he gazed at her.  One Night. Yeah, I remember agreeing to one night.  Get back in bed, baby, and Ill try my best to make the rest of your life  nothing but one long, long night.


Thrilled beyond speech Anna did as he asked knowing that during the rest of her life, during the rest of her one long, long  night she would continue to do whatever he asked with thankfulness and love.