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Please, do not compromise yourself, your talents and skills for anyone. Do not be silenced or made "smaller"; rendered without a voice. It is never worth it.
There is no cause, no relationship, worth your silence.
There is no person of any rank, no spouse, boss or spiritual leader deserving of your playing down who and what you are.
It is those with dark motives who seek for you to be minimised, diminished or silenced. Walk away from such small-mindedness even if it is costly to do so.

Loving, good people will celebrate your strength, encourage your freedom and admire your talent. Stick with such people.
Stay with those who enlarge your world, not restrict or contain it. I am wary of people who hold others captive, especially in the name of love; of spiritual leaders who are afraid of gifted people; of bosses who silence the talented lest their own inadequacies be revealed.
If you live above and beyond the damaging jealousies that surround you, you will stimulate the dreams of everyone in your circle of influence and make your own dreams come true before your eyes.

from Delene Pakkiri