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Title:  Just As I Am

Author:  Christina Rhys

Publisher:  Renaissance E Books

Publisher URL:

ISBN:  1-58873-291-4

Reviewer:  Oleta M Blaylock





Marking Time

Rating:  4 Stars 

Heat level: S


Jon is heading to Atlanta to consultant with surgeons about an experimental surgery that will restore his sight.  Jon lost his eyesight in an accident that killed his wife and son.  While waiting to exit the plane he meets Christina, a lonely divorced women who thinks life is passing her by.


Marking Time is a well-written story of two lonely and hurt people.  Each is willing to overlook the scars, mental and/or physical, because of the powerful attraction they each feel.  This is a passionate story that shows that even the less than perfect can find true love.






One More Day

Rating:  4 Stars 

Heat level: H


Kasey is having tests run to determine if she will need a new valve for her heart.  She had survived rheumatic fever at the cost of the damaged valve.  Mac is trying to find the courage to approach Kasey who has become the woman of his dreams.  When Mac finally approaches her they realize that there is something strong and binding between them.


Both Kasey and Mac are physically scared and emotionally wounded.  Together they find that they can heal those scars and become strong.  This is a wonderful story of two people willing to risk their hearts for the hope of love.  The love scenes between these two will leave you panting and the developing relationship will leave you wanting more.







Somewhere Out There

Rating:  4 Stars 

Heat level: S


Leah has moved to a remote community to recover from a marriage to an abusive husband.  She has been happy with her life until Daniel showed up.  Daniel is ten years younger that Leah, but he knows he loves her and will do whatever it takes to make her his.


Somewhere Out There will make you believe that an older woman and a younger man can find happiness.  Daniel is the perfect hero; average in height and build, he is willing to do physical labor and has the stamina to make you breathless.  Leah and Daniel burn up the pages with their passion.







The Best For Last

Rating:  5 Stars 

Heat level: S


Tevis moved to Texas to start a new life.  She meets Jimmy when her car breaks down and he stops to help.  She has been married twice before and is afraid of losing another husband.  Jimmy also has his problems, but he wants Tevis and is going to do whatever it takes to make her his forever.


The Best For Last shows that you dont have to be twenty years old to find love.  Ms. Rhys has written a story about two older people finally finding their soul mate.  The love scenes between these two scorch the pages.  Its a lovely story that will make you want to fall in love again.








Empty Spaces

Rating:  5 Stars 

Heat level: S


This story never uses names for the hero and heroine.  They are two lonely people that have conducted business over the phone for years.  As their business relationship grows so does their friendship.  Each longs to meet the other and find out if the attraction they feel will last.


Empty Spaces will pull you in and hold you until the end.  This is the best of the five stories.  You feel the vulnerability that surrounds both of them.  You know their insecurities and fears.  When the relationship moves to the next level you cheer because two very lonely people have found love.




Oleta M Blaylock

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