God Gave.................


Learning From Fear
Touching Billy
Dusty Shoes
Between You and God
A Brick
The Shadow of Your Cross
The Wolves Within
When Jesus Looks
The Father
The Empty Chair
God Gave.................
Christmas Roses
Being Thankful
Refining Silver
The Smell of Rain
A Mother's Tear
A Walk To School

God gave burdens, also shoulders. 
--Yiddish Proverb
Some days we wake up, and we know we can't get out of bed. We lie 
there, trying to force ourselves, but none of the usual motivations
work.  We may be depressed, we may be grieving, or we may simply be
tired. It's hard to resist the temptation to believe that everyone else
is functioning with ease.  "They all show up for work. What's
wrong with me?" The more frantic we become, the more likely we may 
lapse into the old ways of thinking and behaving in order to get
If we feel we cant get out of bed, there's usually a good reason why. 
We can give ourselves permission to discover it. By being honest, we
will discover how to take care of ourselves. Maybe it's a day to stop
and nurture ourselves, not force ourselves to keep going. Only we know
what we really need. We do not have to compare ourselves to others or
apologize for what we are going through. Instead, we can be gentle,
giving our bodies, emotions, and spirits what they require.  We can
turn the day over to God's will. 
I pray for the willingness to make this a day of healing. I will be 
part of my own renewal.