The Shadow of Your Cross


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The Shadow of Your Cross

I'm proud to be a child of the Lamb.
Throughout the ages for You I will stand.
I'll carry Your banner and battle the foe.
On any mission for You I will go.

Today, outside forces have driven me to a new low,
And back to the foot of Your Cross I must go.
Many a trip have I made to this place,
For spiritual healing, forgiveness and grace.

This time, My Lord, my need is so great.
These fiery darts cause my poor heart to ache.
I know that soon from here I must rise.
For I must return and continue the fight.

Lord, just this once, just for today,
Would you mind if I just continued to pray,
Until I am ready to continue the cause,
Let me rest in the shadow of Your Cross.

R Humphress