Being Thankful


Learning From Fear
Touching Billy
Dusty Shoes
Between You and God
A Brick
The Shadow of Your Cross
The Wolves Within
When Jesus Looks
The Father
The Empty Chair
God Gave.................
Christmas Roses
Being Thankful
Refining Silver
The Smell of Rain
A Mother's Tear
A Walk To School

It's so easy to be thankful
When our barns are brimming o'er,
When earth's harvest fills our table,
Doting friends knock at our door.

It's so easy to be thankful
When our paths are bright and fair,
When we walk in perfect wholeness,
When we have enough to spare.

But how about the barren times
When thick darkness clouds our day--
Do we offer God thanksgiving
For the trials that come our way?

For our earthly tribulations
Are a blessing from God's hand,
And there are lessons to be learned
That adversities demand.

So may I have a thankful heart
That is full of grateful praise;
May I recognize that blessings
Come disguised in diff'rent ways.


 written by Linda J. Stevenson