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That's how Just Erotic Romance Reviews describes Christina Rhys work. It also says her unique blend of romantic erotic "will make you want to fall in love all over again."


It was refreshing to see this angle in a romantic/erotic story line. Kudo's to the author for bucking the traditional 20-30 something heroines and delving into this less explored avenue of romance.

Reviewer: Torie West, Reviewer for Sensual Romance







The 40 and 50-ish lovers in Never Too Late are not young or perfect looking. They are realistic men and women whose bodies reflect their age. They've lived life and have suffered disappointment and loneliness, which makes it all the more sweet when they find each other and fall in love. Even better, they share sex hot enough to put young, perfect-looking couples to shame!

Christina Rhys does an excellent job at really developing her characters, not an easy feat in short story format. The reader immediately wants to see them find happiness.


Fallen Angels Reviews

Never Too Late is a refreshing collection of erotic stories that those of us who have been around a while can relate to. That's not to say there is nothing for younger readers. These tales are so well done that erotic romance fans of all ages will thoroughly enjoy them.



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FROM Just Erotic Romance:

Before I started reading this novel, I was worried that the characters' ages might indicate a lack of heat in the tale, or a good portion of the plot would be spent on the woes that come with old age. Instead, this novella surprised me by being  

  true erotic romance! The story was fully devoted to Alicia and Sean's romance, including the sex. I think this is the first romance, and erotic romance, I've read that had a couple with Alicia and Sean's ages, and it was delightful.








 From Just Erotic Romance Review:

Ms. Rhys has offered an interesting take on unrequited love and second chances. At once touching and evocative of all the fears we have of being loved as we grow older,
After All This Time also proves being past 50 doesn’t mean we’re sexually past our prime, because these two steam the sheets, the living room rug and every other surface they can hoist themselves on as they try to make up for 25 years apart. Both Nicky and Livy come into the relationship with baggage, but the author turns a fine hand to showing them working their way through it.  Ms. Rhys has a good read here and I’d be interested in seeing what else she has to offer.

P. Grant
Just Erotic Romance Reviews






Fallen Angels Review:

Others interference put an end to Nick and Livy’s romance before they could explore their love and they each had to make new lives for themselves without the other. Twenty-five years later, it seems like the connection is still there and their feelings haven’t changed. Livy’s independence and Nick’s uncompromising nature clashes but to be together, they’ll have to learn the art of compromising. Will they finally realize that their love is worth any sacrifices and there is nothing they won’t pay for a second chance at finding true love?

I love the sex scenes. In fact, there was just enough to keep me hot throughout the entire story. Nick is strong, loving and to die for. Livy is feisty, willful and courageous which makes for good reading and hero material. I felt conflicting emotions while reading this book I didn’t like how they rushed into reconciliation and a relationship only to break up later over some silliness and their own stubbornness. When they finally worked through everything and have the happily-ever-after, it was all I wished for.
Anyone who likes romance will absolutely adore this book.

Reviewed by: Evena






From Just Erotic Romance :

Nory Douglas is finally free; her unfaithful husband has died of cancer. After years of doing what she was supposed to do for everyone else, Nory heads to Michigan to see who she is as “Just Nory.” Lee Lowry has retreated to the backwoods of Michigan in order to protect himself from the taunts and jeers of people who don't understand why his speech is so bizarre. Handicapped by a cruel twist of fate, Lee does not imagine that any woman could ever love him-until he meets Nory. Can these two unhappy, middle-aged people find true love together at last?

At Last is a story of two people who have lived most of their lives in pain and unhappiness. This is not a young sexy couple; Nory and Lee have lived and lost. Nory's character could have been me. I felt close to her in her struggles to do what was expected of her and now in her fifties, she is trying to find herself. Lee had lost his proper speech after an operation and now feels like a freak who no one could ever love.  Caught in the deep snows of Michigan in winter, and falling in love, Nory and Lee have erotic sex rivaling that of any younger couple. I wish that my sex life was as fulfilling! They work together to fight the weather and learn about each other and they make a truly inspiring couple.

Marcy Arbitman
Just Erotic Romance Reviews




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